10 Best Beaches in Texas for Your Bucket List

by | Last updated Mar 9, 2022

Would you like to steep your feet in the sand, with the sun soothing your skin and a seashore view that will relax you? The second-largest state of the United States will offer you not one, not two but several such beaches that would let your dreams come true.

Best Beaches in Texas for Your Bucket List

Texas comprises approximately 350 miles of shoreline, and hence, it is a hub of beach resorts. In our guide, we will explore the most beautiful beaches of Texas that have many entertainments options & quality services to enjoy with your family.

1.San Jose Island

San Jose Island is a private beach in Texas that’s quiet and not too crowded. It is a small beach area that needs a short ferryboat drive to reach and is located right across from another beach named ‘Port Aransas Beach.’ This connection to another beach makes San Jose Island reachable to visitors. This Island is far from the city noise, houses, and even cars. This distance from the city makes it a special place for visitors to enjoy peace, tranquillity, and a flat, almost untouched sand area.

 The unspoiled sand area stretches across nearly 21 miles. The beautiful beach area consists of rare and stunning shells, a scenic feel with birds chirping, and the waves splashing sounds will make it a complete calming experience. Once you have had a delightful nature experience at San Jose Island, you will have to take the ferry ride back to your hotel for nourishment and entertainment. Some of the hotels that you can find near the Island are:

  • Plantation Suites and Conference centre
  • Hampton Suites and Suites Port Aransas
  • The Place at Port Aransas

2.South Packery Channel Beach

One of Texas’s best beaches in the South Packery Channel Beach, which is also known as the South Packery Jetty Beach. This beach is also less crowded and is an excellent choice for vacationing with family and children. Take along that huge towel and a comfortable beach chair to enjoy the surroundings’ pretty feeling. The Island is located in the mid of other Islands, and many fine hotels nearby. Swimming with your loved ones will be a treat here.

The Island is best known for fishing. Many fishes are found, but the topmost caught here are the kingfish, tarpon, and grouper. As not many people would be around, you will enjoy like home. Scuba diving is a great activity that the South Packery Channel beach offers. At the same time, it is a once in a lifetime experience and would be worth it. As mentioned before, the beach is located in the middle of other beaches. Hence, there are many hotel and resort options that the place offers:

  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
  • Hyatt Place Corpus Christi
  • Hampton Inn and Suites
  • TownePlace Suites

3.South Padre Island

South Padre Island is located in the southernmost area of Texas. At the same time, its coastline is stretched for about 34 miles and offers one of the most breathtaking views of sparkling waters. This Island consists of many activities and reasons that make it the most visited Island.

It is the hot spot for all vacationers, especially in spring. Apparently, due to the spring crowd at the Island, it is also known as Spring Break Island. This place is a go-to place for everyone as it offers something for everyone’s interest. If you like to go fishing, your sister is into swimming, and your brother feels like parasailing, you know where you need to take your family.

This Island is the hub for wildlife scenes. Tourists have experienced some astonishing scenes of dolphins, different species of birds, and giant sea turtles. It has been said that almost three hundred kinds of birds are heard here in different seasons. This place is best for parties, entertainment, and new experiences. Below are the hotels you need to book if you are planning to visit South Padre Island;

  • La Copa Inn Beach Hotel
  • Best Western Beachside Inn
  • Isla Grand Beach Resort
  • Pearl South Padre Island Resort and Spa

Quick note: in Texas, all Gulf Coast Beaches are open for public access, protecting Texans’ rights to access any beach against resorts & hotels.

4.Mustang Island State Park

Do you feel like taking your pet to the beach too? Mustang Island State Park permits you to have your pet at the beach. Therefore, you can spend some quality time with it. This Island is known as a very happening spot for vacationers.

Thousands of birds chirp around the skies of Mustang Island, which makes it feel like a bewildering scenario. The Island gives you an experience of a lifetime with different shells and fossils around your feet and the open chirping sky on your head. The Island also specifies having a campfire near the coast, attracting many visitors. Some of the hotels to be picked if you plan to visit Mustang Island State Park are:

  • Hampton Inn and Suites
  • Red Roof Inn
  • Best Western
  • Tropic Island Resort

5.Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is situated at the Bolivar Peninsula, whereas it stretches through 7 miles. The beach gets its name from the crystal-clear water waves and beautiful scenic views; it is also not too crowded and not too quiet. It is an excellent choice for the families to sit together and have a decent time together at the beach. The beach is connected to Galveston, which combines a ferryboat to and from it all around the clock.

The place also permits the visitors to have their campfire at the beach. Additionally, beach cabins and many water activities like swimming, surfing, crabbing are provided for the beachgoers. There are many seafood restaurants and cafes near Crystal Beach, allowing people to have a good time at the beach and go for a great food treat afterward. Below are some of the nearby hotels of Crystal Beach:

  • Alister Square Inn
  • Pioneer RV Beach Resort
  • Americas Best Value Inn
  • Amelia’s Landing hotel
best beaches in Texas to visit

6.Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is not too far from Houston City. The beach location allows the Houstonites to pause their rush life and visit the beach for a calm weekend. It is one of the cleanest beaches in the area with less crowd. Surfside Beach’s lush waters give visitors several opportunities to enjoy different water activities.

The authority also allows the beach people to have a bonfire. One of the many reasons why nearby residents love coming to Surfside Beach is that you can go straight to the beach with your vehicle, and no special routes are needed. The fabulous sunshine, unique accommodation, and fantastic shoreline eateries make the visitors come here repeatedly. Let us see which of the hotels touch the zone of Surfside Beach:

  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
  • Quaint Cottage
  • Surfside RV and Resort
  • The Beach Lodge

7.Matagorda Beach

Matagorda city stretches its coastline to almost 58 miles, whereas 23 out of the 58 miles is reachable. The other part is west of the Colorado River and can only be visited by particular watercraft. The beach is known for its lovely water currents with its vastness.

To experience the Matagorda beach’s best view, you must visit Matagorda Bay, Nature Park. It allows you to camp and rent all the beach equipment you need while there. Swimming, bird viewing, and wading are the most popular activities at Matagorda Beach. The places you can rent if you want to visit this place are as follows:

  • Lazy days Beach House
  • Bahia de Matagorda
  • Roomy 3Bedroom Condo

8.Galveston Island

Like Surfside, Galveston Island is also not too far from Houston City. This Island is the second option for the city residents to break and come to. Some places on the Island offer calmness, while others open for a big bash party. The Island has many beaches and restaurants.

One of the main features that Galveston Island has is the old seawall built-in 1900 after the Great storm’s destruction in the same year. Cyclists and runners enjoy this path while they have the best water view. The Island offers museums, fish dynasties, and shopping areas that vacationers would love to visit. There are many activities for the people to enjoy. The hotels to reach in Galveston Island are:

  • Sea Breeze Suites
  • Island RV Resort
  • Grand Caribbean
  • Island Retreat

9.Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach is settled in the small Shoreline town of Rockport and is connected with Aransas Bay. This beach is one of the spotless beaches in the state, and it’s small and hygienic, offering many safe activities for your family and friends.

The water waves at the beach are not too high and dangerous, and hence it will allow your kids to jump in for a swim without you being too worried about it. The place has many shops and eateries to allow you to complete vacation time. You can get your loved ones some souvenirs and gifts from nearby areas. The hotels to look forward to being:

  • Port Royal Ocean Resort
  • Gulf Waters Beach
  • Rockport Texas Beach
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites

10.Port Aransas Beach

Port Aransas Beach has 6 miles of coastline, making it a trivial yet beautiful beach for the visitors, known for its calmness and safe activities. The beach is far from the city’s rush and differs from its equivalents. Galveston and South Padre Islands have heavy tourist visits, whereas Port Aransas Beach is less jam-packed.

You can enjoy yourself at the shoreline and hear the tides making sounds. Swim around in the warm water and relish soaking the sun in the sands. There is a lot of space for you to settle down and see what you would like to do to relax. The hotels to stay if you plan to visit the beach are as follows:

  • Island Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Hotel Beachfront House
  • Days Inn

Final Verdict

Stay within your budget or spend as much as you want because there is something for everyone. Beautiful nature is one of the most reasons people move to Texas to enjoy trips and wilderness. Go through all these islands and beaches, select the one you think depends upon your mood, and go for it. Dive into the water, surf through it, or sit by the bay and think of life.

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