Are you planning a vacation with your better half? Away from all the problematic bills, you have to pay during the time? Do you wish it to be a place free of chaotic noise and shutter? Well, we have an answer to all those questions. There are several resorts and beaches around the World, but the exclusive pleasure of visiting an ‘adult only’ all-inclusive resort is out of this World.

An adult-only all-inclusive resort is a vacation stay over for adults. Children under a specific age are not allowed at these resorts. The ‘all-inclusive’ term refers to all the facilities and accommodation that the resort management offers the vacationers. It is a comfortable and relaxed environment that gives you three times food, entertainment activities, your stay at the lodge, soft drinks, and all alcoholic drinks unlimited for as many days as you stay. Once the payment package is done, you can enjoy all the things that are supposed to be delivered.

Best Luxury All-Inclusive Resorts in The World

The children free environment provides you with all the time and peace you want for yourself and your partner. Our team gathered a list of the best luxurious resorts in the world with reviews to give you an insight into how and what they offer for a memorable honeymoon.

1.Komandoo Island Resort and Spa, Maldives

Komandoo is a small island situated in the Maldives. This beautiful island offers a minor beach resort, private and Spa Centre attached, exclusively for adults. The stunning Komandoo’s resort is a perfect escape for couples and love birds to have the time of their life.

Although the resort is not too large, the facilities delivered are all up to the mark. The luxurious Jacuzzi Water Villas and Beach Villas gives the vacationers a dream felt stay at the resort. Island’s Spa holds some very talented massagers and therapists that provide an ultimately soothing experience to the people. It is one kind of relaxation you can get in your lifetime.

This is an adult-only resort. Hence, this place offers drinks, food, and activities in its best way. The rooms have the latest LED’s installed, with an automatic kettle for tea, and all other little details have been kept in for the people who visit. Windsurfing and snorkeling

2.Sandals LaSource Grenada Resort & Spa, Grenada

Sandal LaSource Resort and Spa’s beach property is based on almost 17acres. The resort is situated on Pink Gin Beach in Grenada. This Adult only all-inclusive resort in Grenada provides one of the most memorable experiences for a pair. The resort offers many pools, 6 bars, and almost nine restaurants to choose from with the space that it covers.

There are many exciting spaces at the resort that will mesmerize the visitors, as a romantic fire mine. This will give a complete cinematic feel to the couples’ trip. A summerhouse shelter is also added to the resort, with a spa that offers an ultimate massage experience. Moreover, you won’t ignore the very dreamy swinging seats on the dock that give a view of the spellbinding water that follows.

The beach has categorized its services from luxurious to medium room levels depending on the budget that suits you. All the rooms have flat Television screens, high-class showerheads, and other detailed facilities.

3.Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s most quixotic resort is undoubtedly the Jade Mountain resort. The resort is naturally located on a hillside. Hence it gives a scenic view of the two mountains, Piti and Gros Piton Mountain. On the other hand, the sea view is also a treat to watch for the vacationers. Anse Mamin is another sea attached to the mountain, and the visitors can book a special shuttle to look at the attractive beauty.

The Jade Mountain resort is very artistically architected. Massive ceilings and nature-friendly rooms make a brilliant combination for the visitors to have a comfortable yet updated vacation space to enjoy. There are in-room pools, and whirlpool bathtubs are made within the resort. The most exciting part of the resort is the dedicated butlers there all the time at their guests’ service. KEEP IN MIND that is considered one of the most luxurious resorts in the world since years and was the perfect destination for millionaires and stars.

The all-inclusive deal allows visitors to have an unlimited amount of drinks and soda. Simultaneously, the resort’s food is entirely made from organic things collected from around the resort’s spaces.

4.Excellence Playa Mujeres, Mexico

The Excellence Playa Mujeres is situated in Cancun. It won’t be wrong if we call the place exuberantly modern. The beauty of a white sand beach in its space enhances the splendor that it provides to the vacationers. This adults-only resort offers some great activities to keep them engaged throughout their vacation.

The resort has a fine golf course, offers paddle boarding, skateboarding and snorkeling. Apart from all these wonderful activities, it has 11 bars and ten eateries to choose from. Cancun’s beautifully set resort has a two-story stay, giving you a view, which is unbelievable. Moreover, it delivers you with private plunge pools and many other pools to select from.

The rooms provided are all well and modernly equipped. With mini-fridges, tea preparing kettles, smart televisions, and wifi that follows you everywhere on the resort. The Excellence resort is a business venture amongst Medieval Times and Explotacions Turistiques de les Illes. The two companies also own many other resorts like; Punta Cana and Riviera Maya Cancun.

5.Royal Davui Resort, Fiji

Fiji’s best honeymoon destination is undoubted, The Royal Davui Resort. It is a small all-inclusive resort near the gorgeous Bega Lagoon. This resort can only be reached through a jet or a yacht. This is probably one of the most peaceful resorts that give the couples the time they need and want. October and Nov are the best time to visit the place, as the weather is warm and settled. Besides, the rates of the stay are not at their highest.

Only a few suites and villas are developed in the area. The rooms have glass windows, giving a view of the dazzling sunset. Plunge pools and outdoor pools both have a distinct class for the guests. The food provided is also served on the sandy beach or in the pool as you would like to have. Banyan Bar and Restaurant is the only eatery available at the site.

The delightful spa experience at the resort gives a therapeutic feel to the guest. Coconut milk and coconut oils are used in the massages of the Spa. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea kayaking are popular activities of the Royal Davui Resort.

6.Chiva-Som, Hua Hin, Thailand

In the southern part of Bangkok, Thailand brings you the most relaxing resort ever. This place is more like a treatment for your hastening life cycle. This resort is the best place for a break from your on-going routine. The Chiva-Som is a serene and soothing place that offers you a holistic zone.

The place accommodates only 16 people at a time. The visitors are taken the best care of. They are offered food from their garden place. Fresh fruits and all organic food items are provided. As a part of the therapy during the visitor’s stay, they are made to drink a lot of water to cleanse their physical and mental health.

Fitness, yoga, and other health activities are carried out for the guests. Even counselors guide all the people about their comfort and well-being. Pools and smooth lodges are a plus at Chiva-Som. Many people who visit the Chiva-Som resort also see the Klai Kang Won Palace nearby. From November to February, the time is best to visit the Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, as the weather is dry and sunny according to the resort’s impression.

7.Blanc Spa Resort, Mexico

Le Blanc Spa Resort is another brilliant resort in Cancun, Mexico. The resort is attached to a fine-looking beach in Cancun. The all-inclusive deal fits the best at this resort, where 24-hour service is available at your door. Bars and eateries offer the best drinks and food, that is.

Many activities are accessible at the resort. A golf club, swimming with dolphins and scuba diving are the best enjoyed here. The rooms are huge with big pools attached. Moreover, giving you a scenic view from their balconies. The swim-up bar at the resort is a very attractive amenity which the visitors enjoy to the fullest.

There are almost 260 rooms at the resort. The nightlife at the Le Blanc is lit for the guests. Blanc Stage is the night bar at the resort, and the Blanc Terrace is the restaurant in which there are several dishes to choose from.

8.Twin Farms, Vermont

Settled amongst Vermont’s mountains, Twin Farms is a perfect adult-only escape. This resort in the US’s New England region is grounded on food. The best and special of Vermont’s ingredients and food items are brought and prepared for the guests who visit the resort.

The resort is only constructed on 20 cabins avoiding too many people visiting at a time and rushing the place. All of which are made with great luxury. They have hot tub baths, service that will inspire you, and a view that will make you come back again sometime.

The cold area has also prepared a fireplace near the cottages to keep you warm and to enjoy the best of bonfire feels. The best part about the room service is that they are cleaned three times a day. There are no elevators needed, and the best special deals are given to the guests.

9.Haven Riviera Cancun, Mexico

Haven Riveria is a great all-inclusive adult-only choice resort in Mexico. It is located between Cancun and Riviera Maya. This resort will offer you many eateries and dining on the beach area with your favorite one. The ocean-facing resort is all that you wanted to pamper yourself. The Spa at the resort will allow you to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the most relaxing hydra spa in the state.

The resort rooms are well designed and provide the best of services. However, the personal terraces let you have the ultimate experience of the full moon night with your better half. Swimming, garden views, and fitness classes are some plus points for the resort to be chosen by the visitors.

The resort is owned by the Hipotels, which is a Spanish hotel collection owned by a family. This hotel collection was founded in 1970. Whereas, today, this chain owns many other hotels and resorts.

10.Sanctuary Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

One of the world-class resorts includes the Sanctuary Cap Cana resort of the Dominican Republic. This resort is a five-star resort that is just 15 minutes’ drive from the Punta Cana International airport. The white sand beach has almost more than 300 rooms for its visitors.

Built-in 2017, Sanctuary Cap Cana is now making its mark in the top adults’ only resorts in the World. There are many eateries, pools, and other activities at the resort to have an experience of a lifetime. However, if you are a Casino fan, this place is somewhere you want to go. Nightlife parties and a little gambling is arranged at the Sanctuary Cap Cana.

The temperature remains mild and warm throughout the year, hence keeping the environment best for the visitors. Whereas the best time to visit the resort is between December and April when there is less rainfall.


With all these options on the list, why are you waiting to celebrate your special occasion? With beautiful views and comfortable stay-ins, all these resorts offer so much. A trip to any one of these places will help you make memories of your lifetime. So get up and plan a trip with your partner or have a bachelor party with your friends.

Take advantage out of a place that is clean from the toddler’s shouts and does not give you an attack for peeing in the same pool that you are in.

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