Top 9 Key Advantages of Cloudways Hosting You Should Know

by | Last updated Feb 9, 2023

Do you want to host your WordPress and E-commerce but have a budget? I suggest you try Cloudways hosting. So let’s check the top advantages in detail.

Top Key Advantages of Cloudways Hosting You Should Know

There’s a significant portion of things to relish about Cloudways. Here are the crucial reasons why it’s become a leading brand in cloud hosting and the best choice for site owners.

1. Free Trial

Users can sign up for free with three days trial provided by Cloudways, even without a credit or debit card. New clients can originate a server, extend an application, and transfer their site to review all the features and recognize if everything operates exceptionally. Following this, please update to a Full Account to unhitch the real possibilities of its servers. This feature helps test the application before buying it, saving some money if they don’t like the performance.

You can take a free three-day trial to test Cloudways servers. By investing in this app, exceptionally stress-free control of numerous characteristics such as field mapping and one-click SSL document control is 100% guaranteed.

2. Reasonable Cost 

Store owners or blogging newbies who desire to own their cloud servers will favorite Cloudways to operate their websites. Several packages are available, making it easier for smaller businesses to invest in a high-quality server on a tight budget.

Is Cloudways worth the price

The setting has elastic compering programs of the app, fast service extents, first-rate web-based consumer arranging, and superior uptime. It’s a commerce that people include having their position up and working on gifting that allows those details. Cloudways enables a user to Pay-as-You-Go assistance; they can only pay for the supplies that apply. They will be a statement for the settings practiced in each distributed month at the origin of the subsequent month.

3. 24/7 Customer Service

It is astonishing to know that Cloudways allows 24/7 customer assistance which is prepared to help the client deal with any problem. Cloudways customer support is magnificent, with friendly and talented engineers behind it to achieve the better performance possible for your application. Clients can perceive all of the superior assistance with even faster acknowledgment space-time, a devoted account manager, a separate Inattentive channel, and personal phone arranging.

4. Supports Numerous Apps

The arrangement of the system Foundation allows users to expand their relationships in the account. It begins with various characteristics that promote an admin to develop and maintain various statements. Involvement in the one-click distribution of primary PHP purposes on it, like the floor, makes sure to hold off all the standard power charges from the customer’s point.

Cloudsway can handle the installations of all the apps like the press, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, and many more at their fingertips. Users can quickly develop applications on their favorite preferable PHP structures and CMS resolutions. This platform offers them smooth installation of important PHP structures such as CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, and many more in a few minutes.

5. Easy to Set Up

Cloudways attaches standard servers to produce affordable, robust, easy-to-set-up network arranging. The setting is frank to practice, but unique mechanical properties must be assumed for more continuous activity. After the account has been designed, it can control the servers within its instrument board. It’s unlike the standard cPanel of utmost hosts, but the system controller committee is automatic and advanced by itself. This panel’s table can obtain Servers, Letters, Teams, and Designs.

If the client doesn’t have a region style to be recruited or designated yet, they’ll be granted a provisional URL by the program. A client can begin creating a website from scratch and reach the instrument committee with this information. For instance, if they don’t have the opportunity to develop their website movement, the technicians will transfer the site. They’ll do this for free previously, but it’s still an advantageous situation.

6. Advanced Caching

The system prepares its server to reinforce from five cloud suppliers:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud. 
  • Linode

All these contributors are understood to present SSD-based VPS and committed servers, guaranteeing secure server administration. Aside from this foundation, it practices the success of different caching devices to enhance servers. The organization practices an in-house accumulation appliance described by Breeze, and this appliance can be quickly set up, approved, and paraplegic. More significantly, it holds Cloudway’s private content distribution channels called CloudwaysCDN. It scores more agility and safety by maintaining web sheets on various servers placed ahead of the world.

While this characteristic is not possible from the available analysis, the client can benefit from the prepaid methods at an inexpensive cost. This characteristic is obtained following Application Management and can be combined with only one crack. Cloudflare CDN can further be utilized on sites disposed on the app; Cloudflare will serve adjacent Breeze. Other successful caching devices, Varnish, and Redis are additionally recommended, but the system advises not to practice both. Cloudways has an impressive review score on Trustpilot, where users share their real experiences, and there is no place for fake reviews.

Cloudways reviews and score

7. Impressive Speed

It contributes 99.9% of peruse within ThunderStack, the highly active hosting mass regularly. People will observe exciting acceleration optimizations in surface storing conditions. The assembly involves names like:

  • Varnish Cache
  • Apache
Cloudways vs Kinsta vs WP Engine

The characteristics of each of those can be tailored as per conditions too. Likewise, users can employ an in-house superintended WordPress supplies adapter named Breeze, an untroubled Cache adapter. In enhancing the characteristics discussed, CDN (Content Delivery Network) is combined within the structure for more helpful content transmission activity and zero drag. The service is swift and straightforward, even for users with insufficient understanding of distributed cloud arranging encouragement. The server acceleration is excessive. Google PageSpeed intuition considered the analysis location 100, and Pingdom obtained 96.

8. Staging Areas and URLs

It grants an opportunity to hold a separate preparation space for their web credentials. The buyer can now perform an analysis website and examine it in the stage section. After they question it, they make it live whenever they need it. Every WordPress section that originated on the app begins with its platform ecosystem. Once they are finished serving on the platform location, a guide to a region and pressure moves to the live situation utilizing the platform ecosystem or a third-party platform plugin.

9. Restore 

After 15 days of deleting it by practicing the Platform, the account’s owner can retrieve the removed certificates and servers. The employment or a server that is being seemed to gain must be withdrawn at the slightest once. Beforehand, it solely Aid could retrieve a request or server for users. Application improvement indicates that application network records and index are recovered from the lowest convenient substitute. In other words, only the compendium of public_html and private_html documents onward with the summary are redeemed.


Cloudways is the best option if you are looking for a professional hosting provider for high performance on a budget. The agent is exceptionally tuned for execution and unwavering quality, and they will have aid specialists prepared to help. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it a breeze to work with, unlike CPanel-controlled hosts. As final advice from a blogger expert, you should stop using free web hosting and go premium for better performance and page speed.

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