Many businesses already offer multiple options for the free development of a website. Free hosting is used by almost all new Internet marketers to create their first Internet ventures. The notion of making a free website and free hosting without spending an entire fortune is too enticing. Naturally, a lot of free hosting provides benefits for newcomers, but there are so many pitfalls too. Remember, you’re really getting what you paid for, and you have no choice but to accept it.

It’s the day! You wanted to launch your own website eventually. You decided. What a thrill! You come across a web hosting plan after some testing. Two options are available: free hosting and paid hosting, to your delight. You began to wonder, “Ok, what is the difference?” As you look at your screen, you examine the variations between the two in your mind.

The “free version” may seem to be the better option for websites that are new in the world since it’s free. But consider again! A few simple distinctions between free hosting and paid hosting can make you consider dismissing a few additional dollars a month.

What Is Free Hosting?

Free web hosting is a web hosting facility and is open to the general public absolutely free. Many free hosting arrangements include free space for servers, worldwide Web access, a free domain name, and other restricted capabilities. It all sounds fantastic. However, it is not what it seems.

10 Reasons Free Web Hosting Is A Not Safe

A free hosting facility is the only real asset if it is free of charge. A free website is a limited version of what a paying plan might actually do. Anything called online “free” really comes at a charge. You don’t get a free service, honestly. You are the commodity if you don’t pay for the services. Free web hosting is included.

You agree that there will be some form of a trade if you don’t pay for the service. You are only certain to upgrade to your paying plan by registering for a free account. That is why virtually every aspect of the free plan is somehow restricted.

Let’s take a brief look at the disadvantages and examine the demerits of free web hosting that can’t be easily seen in glamorous commercials. Why it’s not safe?

What Are the Disadvantages of Free Hosting Providers?

The basic truth that web hosting is free is that the businesses selling it somehow have to make profits. Not paying the product money means taking some form of reward. What you give up (or put on) to get free web hosting varies with various providers, but certain general problems are always there with free web hosting. Before starting our guide, if you are looking for an affordable hosting we suggest to try Cloudways, they offer free trial so you don’t have nothing to lose ( You will never disappointed and it’s budget friendly ).

The IT technological innovation has helped us to launch our own site free of charge. The introduction of the free web hosting services and the development of a website allowed us to create a new website in a very short span of time. As a consequence, the free web hosting packages seem to be incredibly appealing and an outstanding choice. Let’s explore the disadvantages of using a free web hosting:

1.Annoying Ads

This is one of the most frequent agreements for free web-hosting contracts. But it makes a lot of sense. Companies would invest resources in accommodation space and equipment. You have to make it back anyway if you don’t earn all of the funds directly from you. The showing of your website advertising is one of the best forms.

And to be sure, these are not commercials from which you can make money. The web hosting company will earn all of the money that the guests access and click on the ads. You won’t get much on this until the platform is being as famous as those ads generate real revenue.

Ads also can be used as a diversion for company websites or people interested in building a personal brand through their website. They make the website look embarrassed and take care of what you are saying and of the illustration or reproduction of a commercial. If you want to establish a simple brand, the message is messy.

The founders of the professional website do not want to place any advertisements on their own platform. In such instances, it is not possible to get a free hosting plan. Think about the website of the popular LG brand, for example, displaying the commercials for free advice or online lessons. Of necessity, brand interest in the market will break.

When you register for free hosting, you can see several extra ads on your account. It’s just fair trade, as distracting as advertising can be. The service is free of charge, and the site provider will make a future expense of your business. Your service provider earns profit if you click on an ad on your blog.

Since you don’t pay for some operation, somehow they have to make money on you, right? The room and facilities to house the platform have to be paid for by your service provider. This is practically why the website is publicity. This could be a good route for you if you don’t care about the advertisements on your material.

Many of these products are funded by customer site revenues generated by advertisements. It means that the hosting company places advertisements on your website aggressively, and if you wish to stick with the free hosting service, you have to embrace it. There is no point in putting ads on the website, chat group, or any other community through the service provider, although this does not extend to websites such as internet shopping, product marketing, and services or organizational sites.

When, for example, the Google AdSense framework is promoted, ads linked to the website’s content will be shown. In the same way, it clearly displays your competitors’ advertising on your platform that is not really pleasant for the reputation of your corporation, whether your site is institutional or organization.

2.Limited Customer Support

You should expect restricted access to customer service with a free hosting package. Many online service providers say you can get help 24/7 with free services. Although, with a pinch of salt, take the promise! This isn’t to say that if you need it, you won’t get assistance! Your free platform is definitely not their #1 priority, though. For the convenience of the valued customer, customer service was established. Paying clients are seen instantly for their website problems, although you may wait a while to repair them.

When you’re not a paid client to a Web-hosting firm, you can hope to get support from their employees, but it will have an impact on the quality of support. Employees of Customer Service are paid. How much effort and support does the company make use of you if it doesn’t make much money?

Although some free web hosting plans state they provide customer assistance 24/7, you should be cautious about how much support you get. If you are technically stuck with the download or require tutorials or advice, you do not have ample customer service. You can use the paid-for hosting option if you are new to hosting and don’t have much time to set it right.

Again, it would be “invaded” by every human as a free service. The more users of the service would find maintaining server reliability more difficult. Perhaps the first thought anytime there is downtime is to send an e-mail to the customer service department to inquire why the downtime would occur? The same service was hosted by your and other customers.

You must realize that being a free service is a most likely work of one particular person, unless a big corporation with lots of staff and a committed free service team help it, certainly not because a hosting company at the end of the month promises your salaries because you are commercialized on the pages with ads. Given this knowledge, it can take days, weeks, or even months to respond to your requests for assistance.

The support agent will not help you overcome small problems conveniently handled and connected to the platform that the web uses. In particular, the individual will not help you. Typically, only a few companies who respect competent hosting by monitoring their customers better aid themselves in such problems.

3.Limited Features

There are restricted capabilities for your free hosting service. The number of free pages per customer gets limited by certain free plans. You can only obtain a few pages of a free hosting service that you can use for your purposes. You will be offered an option to update for a low price after you have spent those few pages.

You’re still restricted in bandwidth for this plan. The bandwidth is the number of visitors approved per month to your web. Many web providers require you to buy a paid package if you use more bandwidth than you have been allocated. Finally, the transmission speed is limited. It means that because of sharing the cloud with others, the site can be slower.

In a free hosting service, you cannot demand the newest and valuable software. Typically, this style of service uses feature-limited control panels, which make genuine puzzles the easiest task. Many providers would not even allow you to build a download backup file, and this procedure must be performed manually using FTP if the service provider supplies FTP data. It can also be confined to a web-based file system.

If you want tools to download thousands of programs in a single few clicks on your hosting account, like Softaculous, then you might choose a premium hosting provider to deliver those tools. The solution for server backups is more than a fantastic hosting service you could enjoy. Think about Idera CDP Backups (formerly known as R1Soft CDP backups). These are just some of the functions and resources that normally do not come with a free web hosting service.

Many of the businesses providing free hosting on the internet are doing this in order to get users to sign up expecting to upgrade to a paying hosting service when they know they are not hosting free of charge. By restricting the features that are included in the free plan, you can find over time that you simply prefer one of the signup plans rather than the one you have started with and prefer to stick to your web hosting company.

However, most website owners should take better time, rather than pick a company today because it is free, to find the correct service and contract, and then opt for a paid package, which later is not really the best one because it is cheaper.

Free hosting firms typically have no storage space, so often, images or videos cannot be accessed. Your site cannot be extended because you have as many pages as you would like. We would also like to mention that the bandwidth of free websites is usually very strict. Your platform will be closed at any time due to the limitation of its bandwidth. Moreover, for free websites, there are several helpful plug-ins, tools, and utilities.

You must monitor how many visitors visit and where they come from if you wish to enhance your website. You get free statistics from decent hosting providers. Traffic counters like Google Analytics are very easy to use. Yet metrics on free websites are restricted or do not exist at all.

4.Poor Domain Name Branding

You will not get a real domain name from free hosting plans. The sub-domain name that contains your name in your URL is granted to you. Let’s assume, for starters, that you have developed a free WordPress website. You will use “WordPress” in the URL for your domain name: for example,

For promotion and publicity reasons, web services do so. You don’t totally manage your domain name with a free hosting package. Your name is a core component of your company. If your domain name doesn’t matter, it may be for you to share it with your web provider. You will still be presented with the possibility of your site provider upgrading to a hosting plan with a real domain name.

In addition to advertisements, some free web hosting firms are going to treat the platform as a way to advertise their brand. Somewhere on your website, that may include their logo. In certain instances, that means that their name has something like name as part of your URL.

Like advertisements, transmitting a straightforward, consistent brand to the guests is more challenging. For visitors with a hard time recalling their website URL, this can be misleading and making it more difficult to see the website as having a distinctive identity.

There are no free domain names in the hosting contracts. Rather, they sell only the sub-domain of their own. You need to see more sites of your own, such as the website or website. But if you want your own domain name, you have to receive paid hosting services.

It’s helpful if consumers can remember their company quickly while they come through your website. But you don’t have a domain of your own for free service. You don’t even have a branded email address. It can look like, which is obscure.

A big downside to these free systems is that certain internet providers won’t authorize them, so they’re required to use a sub-domain name service to use their own domain. It’s hard to recall a long name. Your website visitors and consumers will get to realize that you have a free service.

The picture that would be conveyed to many is that your online business is not important, and this will lead you to lose business, showing that “cheap is costly.” You can get your homepage with your domain name and can also change your web hosting provider at any time without having to change the URL of your website with a professional and premium hosting service.

5.Limited Bandwidth and Space

Although some hosting vendors still offer free web hosting plans with unrestricted space and bandwidth, most of them are overly restricted by not offering adequate storage space and monthly bandwidth to support the site.

Usually, a shared account hosting package for more storage space will not be the web files but the email boxes of your email and their site databases. Possibly the free hosting company can download the site and not be revised until you change your hosting package to a paying service if you exceed the space cap.

You will soon come across a hosting service to convert, a procedure that usually needs to be undertaken with some caution, study, and time. The same happens when your site wants an instant migration service in the event of monthly bandwidth.

Often, despite a monthly bandwidth exceeding, certain free web hosting services don’t trigger the contract by suggesting payments “Terms of Service – ToS” where traffic is surpassing monthly, and these values are typically exorbitant, and if little consideration is given to consumers, the service will be higher than standard.

How long it takes for your site to load impacts your bandwidth. And long load times affect the number of your users and how high you rate in the search engines. In particular, bandwidth is critical on sites with media items such as audio, video, and animation requiring more bandwidth to load.

The amount of space available is mostly restricted to free web hosting. This makes it harder for your users to navigate your website easily and reliably, as more pages, items, and media are introduced to your platform.

Bandwidth and data transmission speed is restricted in the free hosting facilities. The number of subscribers permitted on your site each month can be used as bandwidth. If the cap crosses, the domain hosting on the website forces you to purchase payment for extended capacity and data transmission rates from the paid web hosting contracts.

6.Constant Outages

When the service is free, more people may be involved in it. It is not only those who wish to build their own platform, but malicious users who want the service to be free to use to deliver spam, distribute unauthorized applications, flood files, and DDoS attacks.

For this purpose, it is simple for one service user to render the server which supports the same insecure and causes all sites to be unavailable, which can cause long unscheduled downtime. Slow time will influence your website, whether it’s a company, a project, or a portfolio.

A reputable Web-hosting plan has to deliver one of the most critical aspects is a strong uptime. This means how much time you can count on your website to be available to tourists if you are not aware of the word.

Many web hosting firms will have to manage at any stage, and some companies will have technological issues based on failures. Yet respected web hosting services can typically offer a significantly higher service life than free plans can. You will lose money every minute of making a website for your company or hoping that you can make money off your blog with advertising or referral links. Those minutes should really add up with free web hosting.

Typically, free hosting is marked by low uptime, downtime, site unavailability, and free hosting provider will vanish alongside the website without clarification of reasons if the owners are not careful and have capital. You can even risk your domain name because it is a network subdomain.

7.Data Loss

Alas, nowadays, almost all have a price; but the data and the information can hardly be given value. Very valuable details can be contained in a basic database worth millions ($). The user shall ensure the reliability of the copies of every hosting facility, be it voluntarily or charged until you pay for a service that guarantees the confidentiality of the data backups exceptionally high values.

Professional shared storage organizations typically have a backup mechanism intended to save any recovered data points saved on their servers to make it easier for users to retrieve data in the event of a lack of data. Customers also do not have their own protection to check that they do. However, consumers cannot use the backups issued by the hosting provider for the substitute warranty if they accidentally delete or edit the file and have issues when maintaining the site, etc.

Whenever the user wants to make changes to or maintenance or upgrade their site’s website, he can build a backup and retrieve it from his computer, double the same in the server checks / local or remote developments and, then until the changes are correctly implemented during testing/development, upload to the server of the product’s website.

When an upgrade goes bad, the client need not wait for the company’s backups to restore it. The reality, though, is that most hosting providers provide backups on requests from clients where changes have been made that have failed. However, with free hosting, the user will not have the same fate because there will most likely not be a contingency solution, even though the hardware fails to recover.

So you will have to say farewell to your website and potentially your online company if there is a hardware malfunction and you have not completed your backups.

The terms and conditions of free hosting providers typically grant them full legal protection. You will also offer your email address, your personal details, and your website address.

You are also allowed to use your stuff. You can turn your photographs into supplier property whether you are an artist or a filmmaker. To stop this, you must read the fine print to keep the personal information private.
Free websites can be vulnerable to hackers due to their weak security. The restoration of your valuable files and documents will take a lot of time. In addition to hacker attacks, malicious malware on your web can also harm your reputation dramatically.

8.Minimal Guarantees

Cheap is pricey, as everyone knows. A service that is not paid for without the invoice or receipt given to you is a sort of service that does not have promise or can’t inquire about any value-added service or order.

One such service will vanish from one day to the next, leaving thousands of websites unavailable and hurting thousands of companies. There are many explanations that this can happen if the service is unsustainable or even full lack of scheduled data without a strategic data recovery strategy for those who have to carry. It doesn’t make sense to operate a business website in one such service as if the domain is tomorrow online or only unavailable. It’s still worthwhile.

Often people with free services disappointments opt to switch to paid hosting. Sadly, there are no resources available for free service providers for quick website conversion. Either you can lose your content, or you can recruit someone to export it personally.

You will also find it impossible to delete it from free hosting once you manage to switch the site. You should actively keep it on your server to make your content profit.

9.Minimal Indexing

Sadly, optimizing a free website is very difficult. Google’s classification algorithm incorporates many parts that operate in general, such that websites are put at the top. Things like web speed, mobile ease, stability, name of the domain, and more play a role. This stuff, and even more, with a free website, is not possible.

This is partly because free websites are more vulnerable to malware, which prohibits Google from indexing. For these purposes and more, the preference given to search engines is to pay host sites to free host sites. You can also limit your access to site analytics through free host preparation. You can have access to some service services for free stats on your page, but websites such as Google Analytics will not let you have an account on free websites.

Free websites are deemed less relevant by search engines and less priority. You cannot customize the site because you have no backend access. If they have many pages full of malware, free domains may be penalized.

10.No Email Accounts or PHP/SQL

Many of these free sites do not have email addresses, which means that the website address does not allow you to establish an email account. Your email is like, including those that provide facilities.

You definitely won’t want to place the address in your contact cards, and eventually, you can send an email to, If you compare these, it remains a free service and is not worth it without some branding for the business. You will build your own mailbox and your own web address, including, by using a reputable hosting service.

Most web-based hosting services provide HTML pages only as support, making the development of complex pages with database and form links difficult. PHP and MySQL support are incredibly convenient to introduce on a server, but the technologies increase the resource utilization on each server hosting account substantially, decreasing the number of regular server hosting accounts.

The maximum value of hosting accounts per server for an average of 250 computers/server is typically fixed by hosting firms. However, this value can be increased by 2,000 to 3,000 sites per domain in servers that support PHP and MySQL without promoting these technologies since HTML does not use a server resource to create their syntax, as with PHP sites.

Your page will be very slow with only HTML resources and will not connect with the user very much, which makes it a site that has absolutely no functionality and generic content.

What Are the Benefits of Free Hosting?

The next move is to locate a hosting company if you have built a website. However, the option of hosting a company that values your money also becomes challenging. But why shouldn’t you use a free opportunity? The only option is to get free web hosting if you have up to a budget that doesn’t exist.
This can be ideal if you build a personal website. The newbie webmaster who has basic web material with a limited budget can still use this as a good option.

For the hosting facilities, the free web hosting company does not bill. But it’s not advantageous when it comes to a major company. When choosing free web hosting, there are many advantages as well.

On paper, free hosting may sound like a positive thing to certain groups of people who are involved in creating websites, not as a priority. If you only create a website for fun, and you never intend to share details with friends and relatives, there is a possibility of getting your free hosting.

In fact, though, this represents only a limited number of individuals. For everyone else, such as companies, online shops, blogs, everybody who hopes to make their websites money someday, and people want their website to expand, the best option is a paid web hosting plan. Here are the advantages of free web hosting.

Mastering the Skills

The big benefit of free website hosting for a newbie involves mastering all the basic skills involved in launching a website and making the transition to paying web hosting more convenient in the future.

Entertainment Websites

When you open a personal site, this would be an outstanding option since the site is for amusement and information purposes only. But paying a lot of cash to buy paid web hosting doesn’t matter.

Understanding the Core Principles

It will help you understand all the fundamental techniques for building a website, as well as the particular templates that it uses to make guests more appealing. This can be valid for commercial reasons when launching a website.

It will also allow you to refresh the awareness of other variables, such as file storage, downloading, updating of the website, and site tracking. For certain small communities that have common interests, a forum with free hosting is often very useful. The groups can exchange details and can reach each other without investing money out of their pockets via the website.

Non-Profit Purposes

For any non-profit agency, free web hosting may be really helpful. A website can be accessed easily by the association to provide information, updates and connect with others who wish to take part in their varied activities.


The free hosting of websites is typically easy to access. This is known to be a decent choice for newbies who still learn how to operate a web.

A genuine free Web hosting business is what is considered “fully free,” and you should not have to spend anything except what you are paying for your domain. No time limits or constraints should be enforced. As long as you want, you are free to use it.

How Can You Take Your Website to the Next Level with Paid Hosting?

You have set up your business website, but you have difficulty driving traffic to it. Well, if you want to drive traffic towards your business website, you will have to part ways with the traditional methods of advertisements and step into an era of modernity.

The modern era requires modern solutions. Every business has a professional website with the underlying motive of driving more customers towards their establishment. So, you will have to break through a heap of high-end websites to stand out in the crowd. Are your traditional methods enough?

You cannot rely on age-old methods to offer a helping hand in the modern era. Be modern and be ahead of the game. Use the modern practices to leave your competition behind and drive traffic to your website.

Modernity and customer-oriented marketing strategies are elemental in driving traffic to your website and bringing you to the top of the list. Invest in those, and you will be swimming in significant traffic statistics in no time.

If you stay true to modern practices to entice more customers to your website, you will have a significant increase in website traffic in no time. Use the power of technology, social media platforms, hashtags, backlinks, and powerful landing pages to generate more traffic towards your website. Remember that with great website traffic come greater conversion rates.

Also, remember that you need to hire a professional to optimize your web design easily and implement the strategies mentioned above for the betterment of your business. The modern Marketing Web Design techniques offer an encompassing package for increasing customer engagement and improving your conversion ratio. Let’s take a look at the best ways to drive traffic towards your website and entice the audience into taking positive action.

Engaging Advertisements

Everyone advertises their product or business nowadays. However, in order to get ahead, you have to be smart about the way you place your ads. Be creative, be modern and capture the potential customer’s attention in a short span of time.

Invest in retargeting traffic strategies or remarketing strategies to drive traffic to your business website. Moreover, invest in graphics-based or video-based advertisements rather than just a text-based ad.

Tempting and Catchy Titles

Many people don’t click on ads because it doesn’t entice them. One of the best ways to drive traffic towards your business website is to come up with Irresistible headlines to entice and force the audience actually to click on the ad. Headlines are one of the content’s most important parts. Even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread without a compelling headline.

On-Page SEO

SEO matters, and it is still an important and worthwhile task to customize the material for search engines. Can you get the most out of the alt text image? Are you building internal links to new content? What about definitions of meta? It doesn’t have to take ages to refine on-page SEO, and it might help boost your organic traffic and drive traffic to your business website.

Email Marketing

Personal and tailored marketing strategies are still among the most powerful strategies. Do not neglect email marketing, and regularly interact with potential customers and existing ones to drive traffic to your website.

So many organizations are concentrated on attracting new consumers via content marketing that they overlook more traditional methods. Email marketing can be a powerful tool, and even a moderately successful online blast could contribute to a significant increase in traffic.

Online Directories

One of the easiest ways to increase access to your website is to be mentioned and stay in sync with free online directories. For most of these pages, your profile will have a reference to your blog, so you are sure to have more website traffic by regularly reviewing such listings and getting positive reviews.

In addition, Google also ranks these directories quite high on the search engine, and a good review on Yelp can help with website traffic. There is a high chance that the free Yelp page of your company will rank high for related searches.

The Power of Social Media

One of the most popular free marketing tools is Social Media. These platforms play a role in increasing the website’s traffic. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media outlets to support blog posts and other helpful links on your website.

That way, when you publish shared content, you could convert your social media community into website visitors and traffic from their networks. It is free to create useful content and is not as complicated as it might seem. You are the product/service expert.

Your job is to make things easy for your customers and drive website traffic towards your website. Using the power of social media today is the best way to improve user engagement and convince more users to visit your website without any additional marketing strategies.

Engaging Landing Pages

The free stream of traffic on your website is the interactive and engaging landing pages. These are different pages for your deals, for instance, to redeem a discount code, download a free guide, or begin a free trial.

They contain the details that users need to move forward and convert and focus on one particular call for action, making it more likely to occur. Since landing pages are so specific, your message can be very targeted, increasing website traffic to those pages.

Professional Design

Now, the steps mentioned above can easily increase your traffic and bring a high conversion ratio. However, not everyone can expertly do the tasks mentioned above. This is why you need to hire a professional to do it for you. Professional designs direct customers to contact you in your preferred means.

By designing websites, you can ensure that it is easy for customers to see who you are, understand your vision, resonate with your underlying motive, understand what services you provide and how to contact you.

The goal for websites is to increase the number of customers who find your business and encourage them to take positive action. Professional web designs guarantee higher customer engagement and higher conversion ratios in general.

What Do We Have to Say?

If you do have to pay money on a hosting plan, understand the differences. Consider what you want to do with your website and pick your strategy. With a paid hosting package, you will meet your goals. For anyone who needs to learn fundamentals about construction and to run a Website, the hosting package is fine.

If you don’t expect a lot of traffic, don’t think about the lack of websites, don’t complain about ads, the name of your domain, this will be fine for you! But if you’re a brand or a corporation, you’re far more likely to pay for a hosting service if you’re online.

In addition, in contrast with its merits, there are also demerits with free web hosting plans. You should pick a free hosting service whether you are a personal blogger or are searching for a personal website. However, it would not be a choice for those who run their commercial web pages or blogs to make money, create brands, generate leads, promote, etc. You have to pick paying web hosting plans according to the criteria of these cases.

That is all the more important to know how to pick the best web hosting. One of the SEO criteria for online success is successful hosting. If you are a small firm and also wish to develop a project, there are choices available that can give a small charge to the hosting provider, who will help you develop your website and also house it with you, which can allow the small business owners to get the most out of both worlds.

We propose that you choose a provider of web hosting with care and attention, regardless of whether you are building a serious business website or just a forum for fans. It’s safer if you start with a decent shared hosting account if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

A popular hosting account for most new websites is inexpensive, easy to use, and convenient. Moreover, if your website is getting larger, you can still upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting later. The safest approach is to provide a WordPress portal and a self-host website. Not only does it grant you full ownership of your content, protection, and backup power, but it also helps you to make your website look and work however you wish.

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