Some people think that the gig economy offers limited benefits. However, they are wrong. They think that you can earn a low income with the gig economy. However, if you have the skills, you can earn a lot. Therefore, you have to change your perception of the gig economy. You only need the right set of skills to earn a lot of money.

What Is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy concept differs, but one widely understood aspect is that existing brands across central markets coordinate workers in the gig economy. These markets bind service providers operating for clients as independent contractors, often for the length of only a single assignment or gig.

Almost everything can be a job or gig: from a one-off data entry initiative to a $100,000 corporate website renovation. The significant difference between the gig economy and transient work is that you are still a freelancer and never an employee.

In today’s COVID-19 world, giant economic jobs have been a two-edged sword. But amid the volatility of the market, the appeal of today’s gig economy employment is also a driving force, working for yourself, enjoying flexible working hours, and not being limited by office walls.

A new survey finds that 36 percent of the U.S. population are freelancers, including 57.3 million persons, who annually contribute nearly $1.4 trillion to the economy. 63% of them also indicated that they had agreed on this job pattern by invitation and not out of need.

For the gig economy worker, the internet and smartphones are crucial, whether they are full-time or part-time employees. Employers or clients may apply for goods or services and can be paired with a gig worker.

This can occur through individual websites and software applications or merely through work listings that define a temporary or contract job. The software or internet will help sort out salaries, ensure that the employee has the right qualifications, advertise the worker, and ensure that a person or business takes care of freelance workers.

There is a range of job forms, from drivers to technology, that use gig economy staff. If it’s fascinating for you to be part of the gig economy, there are opportunities for higher revenue gigs that will come after you have specific training and education.

Whatever freelance work you find fascinating, the economy is currently incredibly welcoming to freelancers. Whether you like full time or part-time jobs, make the most of your talents by seeking a freelance job that would help increase your salary.

What Are the Top 10 Gig Economy Jobs Right Now?

We have collected a list of the best gig economy jobs you can do from home. Moreover, these gigs pay a lot of money. Similarly, you only need the right skills.

1.Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence

One of the fastest-growing industries is deep learning. More industries are trying to benefit from machine learning. In addition to this, managers are also trying to implement artificial intelligence. Similarly, deep learning is almost everywhere. So, what does a machine learning engineer do?

Machine learning engineers are similar to data scientists. The job is to analyze big chunks of information. Moreover, their job is to come up with automated algorithms. These algorithms analyze information and turn it into useful data. However, machine learning engineers write algorithms instead of manual jobs. This is the difference between a data scientist and a machine learning engineer.

Another benefit of deep learning is customer insight. Companies can use these applications to offer a better customer experience. Artificial intelligence will run the e-commerce industry in the future. These algorithms will predict consumer behavior and handle orders & requests.

Deep-learning also helps with risk management, fraud prevention and offer protection to financial institutions. Therefore, a wide array of industries is trying to use these algorithms. Deep learning and artificial intelligence is the future.

Machine learning is a new role. Therefore, a lot of people do not have experience with it. There are not that many I.T. specialists who possess any direct experience with this field. This is primarily the reason why most organizations look for a data scientist with a programming background.

Similarly, many organizations also look for skilled programmers with experience in statistics and machine learning algorithms. The two most important skills for this job are data learning algorithms and programming. Here are some other necessary skills that you must have if you want to go for a gig economy job for machine learning or artificial intelligence:

  • Advanced degrees in a relevant discipline, such as computer science, statistics, or mathematics
  • Predictive modeling and data architecture skills
  • Programming background
  • Machine-learning algorithm experience
  • Agile development experience
  • Technical knowledge of distributed computing systems
  • Advanced programming and statistics skills

Here is a breakdown of the average salary of different jobs in the deep learning or artificial intelligence industry:

  • Data modeler: $101,750
  • Data scientist: $125,250
  • Big data engineer: $163,250
  • Developer/programmer analyst: $108,500
  • Data architect: $141,250
  • Software engineer: $125,750


  • Maximum Job Opportunities
  • No Need for Feature Engineering
  • High Salaries
  • Premium Quality Results
  • Elimination of Unnecessary Overhead Costs


  • A Lot of Competition
  • Minimal Community Support
  • Minimal Historic Researches


Freelancing is one of the most common and widely utilized economic gigs right now. There are hundreds of different options available for freelancing. In fact, millions of people are already investing their time in freelancing. The reason behind the popularity of freelancing is location freedom. You can work from anywhere you want, and you can play to your strengths. Check our guide about the best reasons to become a freelancer to have a deep idea about advantages of this lifestyle.

You do not have to listen to anyone tell you how to work or when to work. Instead, you can work according to your schedule, and feel free to take some time off without any problems or hassles. You can also continue to work from anywhere you want. All you need to do is to find a proper internet connection and a working laptop. Here are some of the most common freelancing Jobs available in the market:

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Management
  • Programming
  • Web Designing

There are no particular requirements for this job as you can work according to your strengths. However, there will be employers who will require some specification certification on your end. Still, that is a rare case. You can list all the skills that you have on your freelancing profile and get started right away.

There are hundreds of fields in freelancing. So, there is no particular average salary for freelancing in general. However, some research studies state an average salary of $63000 per year for freelancers in different fields. You can make as much as an average of $31 per hour if you work as a freelancer.


  • Location Freedom
  • Flexible Salary
  • Personalized Timetable
  • No Dress Code Requirements
  • Ability to Choose Your Own Clients


  • No Fixed Salary
  • Unpredictable Market
  • Hostile Climate
  • Maximum Competition

3.Robotics Engineering

The field of robotics engineering focuses on the design of equipment that replicates human activities. These applications and individual machines (aka robots) are developed by a robotics engineers in industries such as construction, processing, automobile, services, and more. The purpose is also to automate routine, unsafe or safe work on computerized machines.

A robotic engineer develops, creates, and tests prototypes and manages their applications. They are also researching the most cost-effective and safe method to produce modern robot systems.

Robotics engineers work in robotics or in flexible automation. The bulk of robots are “manipulators” devices built to operate in place of humans. Any robots are functioned by remote control or sensory manipulators like walking machines or by teleoperators. Most robots perform their work in microprocessor units, which are very small machines.

Robotics requires a unique collection of hard and soft competencies, as is any profession. Can you evaluate information in a multitude of disciplines? Are you a successful individual who can easily express ideas? Strong robotics provide many skills that relate to our extensive technical expertise across numerous disciplines.

You may be at the start of your robotic career and are looking for ways to start. Or maybe you dealt for a long time on robotics. In every step, you should know that robotics engineers are engineers of a specific kind. The robot’s path introduces you to numerous fields of engineering. Here are some of the required skills for this arena:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Programming Background
  • Expert Learning Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Good Decision Making
  • Technology Design
  • Problem Solving Skills

Robotics engineers usually make around $88,000 on average. However, this varies from place to place. Some roboticists also make north of $110,000, while others make less than $70,000. The general salary bracket for this job is $64,000 to $96000.


  • Ideal for Those Who Like Problem Solving Skills
  • High Salaries
  • Job Protection
  • Maximum Opportunities


  • Requires More Hours and Hard Work Than Other Professions
  • Long Working Hours
  • High Amount of Skill and Knowledge Required

4.Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity professionals are trained ethics hackers who review and strengthen an organization’s information device protection. Their duty is to run specialized penetration testing on an organization’s infrastructure and find violations or vulnerabilities in the security implementation.

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a specialist in information technology. They are particularly helpful to businesses in searching for flaws in their online network. A CEH will help protect the organization from cybercriminals and privacy violations. The growing necessity for cyber protection is contributing to an improvement of the CEH jobs market and a highly lucrative certified ethical hacker wage.

Ethical hacking is to search the issues of a device or network to detect future risks. An ethical hacker discovers and tells the corporation of the weak points or the weak vulnerabilities in a device, Web application, or network. Let us then discuss the skills required to be an ethical hacker.

  • Computer Networking Skills
  • Linux Skills
  • Programming Knowledge
  • Hardware Knowledge
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cryptography Skills
  • Problem Solving Expertise
  • Database Know-how

A Licensed Ethics Hacker has an estimated annual salary of $83,591. The earnings range from $45K until $129K for a $0.00 to $17,500 incentive payment. The earning potential is then between $43K- $143K.


  • One of The Highest Paying Career Options
  • Always Something New to Learn
  • A lot of In-Field Options
  • Easy and Cheap Resources


  • Requires Time and Practice
  • Expensive Certifications

5.Blockchain Architect

A blockchain architect is responsible for collaborating with research and development teams and helps to create blockchain applications that use cross-asset concepts and frameworks. In addition, you can also focus on innovative technologies and develop levels of excellence to test new solutions.

Apart from that, blockchain architectural skills provide a great deal of expertise and construction of storage applications in architecture frameworks. The key reason is that it currently sits on top of blockchain design positions and tech jobs. This will allow the architect to lead any blockchain-based projects and to outline the overall plan to be pursued by the team.

Here are some of the required skills for becoming a blockchain architect:

  • A good experience in the development of apps
  • Open-source projects experience
  • Working with major coding bases expertise
  • Good data structure and algorithms awareness
  • Programing experience of C++, Java, JavaScript, and other languages
  • Awareness about peer to peer networks function
  • Knowledge in fundamental cryptography

In the United States, the average Blockchain Architect compensation is $18,525 per annul or $9.50 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $18,525 annually, while most seasoned employees receive up to $200,000 annually. Salary raised again because the future of bitcoin looks brilliant especially after the price of bitcoin reach more than 50k $.


  • Job Protection
  • Minimal Competition
  • Good Salary
  • Maximum Opportunities
  • Something New to Learn Daily


  • Long Working Hours
  • Minimal Online Community or Documentation

6.Virtual assistant

With regular administrative activities and plans, virtual assistants support their bosses. Instead of coming into the workplace every day, virtual assistants complete their tasks remotely at home or in another place of their choosing with internet connectivity and that’s makes them one of the best digital nomad jobs you can do while enjoying traveling.

You are responsible for juggling the small information in this job in order to keep the business going so that your boss can concentrate on broad company targets. On several networks, such as email, video messaging, text messaging, and phone calls, you can connect with your employer.

Other tasks include organizing the files of the boss, responding to emails, organizing meetings and travel schedules, and helping to develop materials for display.

It is not an overnight occurrence to become a virtual assistant. Even those who have completed higher education do not automatically acquire the skills required in various virtual assistant duties. But what is really good to know is that as long as the ability to become one is inside you, you will learn the expertise and develop the requisite knowledge. Let us discuss some of the skills needed to perform different virtual assistant tasks.

  • Word Processing Skills
  • Oral Communication
  • Writing Skills
  • Computer Management
  • Motivation
  • Quick Thinking
  • Good Decision Making

The estimated gross salary for a virtual assistant in the United States is $67,115 a year as of January 25, 2021. This turns out to be around $32.27 an hour. This is a $1,291/week or $5,593/month equivalent.


  • Remote Work Option
  • Control Over Your Own Rates
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Choose Your Own Employer
  • No Commute
  • More Time for Loved Ones
  • Cost-Efficiency (Save Money On Fuel)


  • Odd Work Hours
  • Lesser Salary as Compared to Other Jobs


To capture events, persons, artifacts, or scenes for recording, art, or commercial use, photographers use a range of recording equipment. Photographers prefer to focus on one unique photography field, such as news and photojournalism, modeling or science and medical photography. Usually, their job entails:

  • Photographic system configuration
  • Capture pictures
  • Image editing and touching up
  • Selection and setting up of locations
  • reproducing and framing photos
  • The marketing of their company (especially if self-employed)
  • Study and contact-making
  • Administration in general.

Taking quality images is the primary priority of a competent photographer. Their equipment, which can include optical and video cameras, is maintained. In real or studio settings, they fly to locations for photo sessions and set up shots.

Photographers may have specialties, such as fashion or portrait photography, or, depending on the scope of their work, they may be expected to photograph multiple subjects in many environments. They also send images to customers or magazines, edit and prepare photographs.

For all university undergraduates and graduates, there are pathways into photography. Degrees in photography, animation, painting, architecture, or media studies may be useful, particularly for technical skills. Alternatively, several part-time photography classes could provide a valuable starting point. Here are some required skills for becoming a photographer:

  • Creativity
  • Team Working Skills
  • Photography Skills
  • Patience
  • Focus
  • Attention to Detail
  • Networking Skills

As of December 28, 2020, the average wage for photographers in the United States is $66,233, although the range usually ranges between $52,940 and $75,278. Based on many significant factors, including qualifications, certifications, additional abilities, the number of years you have spent in your career, wage levels can differ greatly.


  • Freedom
  • Flexibility
  • Maximum Potential
  • Adventures Around the Globe


  • Expensive Equipment
  • Variable Income
  • Managing Everything

8.Instagram Marketer

In a gig economy environment, being an avid Instagrammer can turn out to be very lucrative. Many Instagram users sell merchandise through their feeds, and you can market such goods with your own images against a fee.

You need to be very diligent to secure this position. In the event that you like to communicate with brands and encourage your offerings, being an influencer and getting a lot of followers helps a lot. A clever way of getting a career in the industry is to become a part of influencer networks. Look out for corporations that are searching for Instagram advertisers to assist them with their promotions as well.

Our private and business lives have become an important part of social networks and are becoming lucrative sources of gig economy employment. It’s not only trendy to become an Instagram marketer, but it has the potential to be quite a lucrative career until you gain experience.

Here are the required skills to become a successful Instagram marketer:

  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Creativity
  • Good Organizational Skills
  • Digital Marketing Skills
  • Understanding the Demands
  • Networking
  • Data analysis

For a senior social networking manager, the typical U.S. salary is $63,000, although it may be as high as $90,000. Entry-level social media marketing positions such as a planner start at $32,000, while wages will hit well above $100,000 for social media director.


  • Flexible work hours
  • Good salary
  • No boredom


  • Have to understand data insights
  • Understand different segments

9.Content Writer

Content writing is a type of online writing that bloggers and companies use to build their business as a marketing tool. As a means to nurture leads in their goods and services, bloggers use content writing to improve their page views, increase affiliate marketing revenue and expand their email list.

Businesses utilize content writing to get new clients on board and expose them to their products as their lead generation technique. Every business, in essence, requires a blog, and every blog needs a writer. For blogs, there are usually two types of content writing:

  • SEO
  • SMO

A content writer’s role is to produce written and interactive content for businesses that provide data or view the goods or services they provide. To create content that faithfully represents company values, content writers also study the information they need to compose each report or product summary.
In order to write according to the editorial style of an organization, they work closely with a content manager and customers. A successful writer works individually and reaches deadlines regularly.

Any content authors have an English or marketing undergraduate degree. However, if you begin as an intern or exhibit writing skills with a portfolio of your work, it is possible to reach the profession without a degree.

Content writers must understand how to use a number of writing and publishing systems, such as Microsoft Office, G Suite, and WordPress, in order to be effective in this role. A good emphasis on detail and the capacity to act under pressure is important. Here are some of the necessary skills for content writers:

  • Adaptability
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Knowledge of social media.
  • Research
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Management
  • Originality
  • Communication
  • Proofreading

As of January 25, 2021, the average gross salary in the United States for a Content Writer is $50,109 a year. This turns out to be around $24.09 an hour. This is $964/week or $4,176/month equivalent.


  • Location Freedom
  • Control over rate and work hours
  • Higher-income with minimal effort


  • Inconsistent work
  • Minimum work-life balance

10.Graphic Designer

From business logos and advertising materials and more, graphic designers add photos and text into everything. For a number of different companies, their talents may be useful, but having a foot in the door usually demands that entry-level designers have a solid portfolio that they have built through coursework or internships.

This sector places a lot of focus on practice, even though, as an example, the experience is actually creating your own job. A few graphic designers do not go through formal training of any type and are fully self-taught. Typically, these individuals have an advanced aptitude for computer-aided design.

Many graphic artists, either at a conventional college or an art institute, complete a bachelor’s degree with a major or emphasis on graphic design. Via technical services, such as software training classes, individuals with bachelor’s degrees in unrelated areas will also receive the training they need. They might also take advanced graphic design classes and full internships. You will need:

  • Communication Skills
  • Creativity
  • Designing Prowess
  • Time Management Skills
  • Technical Skills

An entry-level graphic designer with less than one year of experience should receive an annual gross salary of $39,143 (including tips, incentives, and overtime pay). An early career Graphic Designer with 1-4 years of experience receives a gross annual salary of $43,630.

A mid-career Graphic Designer receives an annual gross salary of $49,251 with 5-9 years of experience. The annual gross salary of $51,002 is received by an accomplished graphic designer with 10-19 years of experience. Employees receive an estimated gross salary of $53,058 in their late careers (20 years and above).


  • Location Freedom
  • Creative Boost
  • Highly Coveted


  • Continuous Edits
  • Unnerving Clients
  • Competitive Market

How to Make the Most from Your Gig Job?

Here are some useful tips to help you maximize your productivity with a gig economy job.

Keep Your Eye on The Net Profit.

Each chance can have multiple costs involved. As well as if they are tax-deductible and how it affects your net benefit, it is important to know what these costs are. Since your costs will be determined by several variables, such as how closely packed your deliveries are, it is impossible to predict your costs when you start. So it’s crucial from the outset to have an expense-tracking strategy in place.

Work During Peak Times.

For working through peak hours, certain applications can also reimburse you for a higher base rate. Uber is famous for its price changes, where drivers can gain more cash. InstaCart provides “Peak Times” for its shoppers and drivers, which increases the base fee.


When you start working, search for a specific group that is committed to the kind of gig work in which you are involved. You will learn best practices here that will optimize your earnings for a specific task, as well as keep up-to-date with the latest news about your preferences. Most notably, you’re going to interact with people who do related work.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

In the years to come, gig work is likely to become even more widespread. It’s a generational change in the last century from the traditional nine to five routine we have been used to. What is more, by tapping into the large number of networks that can connect you with a money-making opportunity, millions can realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

There are pros and cons to everything. There is a sense of volatility and vulnerability with respect to insecure gig jobs, but the same can be said for starting a small company. At least for a startup, you don’t need to spend thousands-there are already applications out there to help you. Gig economy jobs can help you out and let you work according to your preferences.

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