First, let’s start with introducing the facts with proofs about this scam artist:

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a Los Angeles Internet marketer who, in my experience, has an online history of marketing goods and services. John Crestani, who has been doing online business since 2011, is an entrepreneur and digital marketer. In the entrepreneurial culture, he has established himself as an Internet celebrity.

While enjoying a YouTube video, you might have seen him show up. After discovering that it is an ad, if your something like me, you can wait for the skipping ad button to show so you can press it as quickly as possible to get back to something, you were doing before. John is the man in the illustration above who says that if you just listen to his suggestions, you will “become a millionaire instantly.”

I’ll be truthful with you. When I saw his advertising and I was shocked to think, he was also one of those extra cash scammers that YouTube seems to have been riddled with again. But one of his commercials drew my interest, so I went to his YouTube page and gave him the benefit of the doubt. I was right, John in another scam artist with same story of a massive fake success story. We suggest to watch Coffeezilla episode about him to reveal all his lies .

Still, about three things, John felt sure. He felt he had a publicity and web advertisement knack with the goal of circling the globe and never having to work again for anyone. With the hope of producing passive income and the lifestyle he always sought, he finally turned to affiliate programs.

What Is John Crestani’s Net Worth?

John Crestani has confessed to making $250k-$500k a month after starting his main course, Super Affiliate System (previously named Internet Jetset). John pulled in $3 million in his company’s most profitable year. Our team of analysts think that’s this estimated earnings claimed by him are fake and not real.

Is John Crestani a Scammer? Absolutely Yes

I assume that John is a scam artist who would like to get cash in return of motivation . I get it now that John looks and behaves much like any of the false geniuses out there. But know that to get our attention, he sends us ridiculous clickbait labels and makes wild statements. This is such an efficient technique, which is why many strong teachers do this, as do scam artists. If John not offer a policy of money back guarantee for his course, we will go to announce to our readers that he’s a scammers like the famous scammers Tai Lopez , Dan Lok and all of them get exposed in the Netflix limited serie Money Explained in the first episode talking about Get Rich Quick schemes.

Our guy John Crestani is here too

He trains us for the strong guidance he would provide by following this approach by ensuring you’re attentive. This is the part of online gurus that pisses off a lot of people, and understandably so. So we will go to explain the all stages of the course and we will let the decision for you ( We don’t recommend to buy this course if you are an intermediate or newbies with a little background in the digital marketing. John Course is designed for beginners without any previous knowledge and can’t help others levels)

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review

We will review super affiliate system 3.0 course to help you have an deep idea about this digital marketing course. We don’t recommend to buy this course, but if you still interested there is a full review below (You must be responsible of your choice if you waste the money on this scam )… Most online reviews of this course are a fake ones done by affiliates because he pay them well, up to 500$ for any new student ( victim ) so do you think we can trust these guys.

IIn this honest review, we will expose another scam artist John Cretsani fraud. Learn why super affiliate system 3.0 course is a scam and doesn’t worth a penny?

Super Affiliate System Cost

For the Super Affiliate System, Crestani bills $997. For three installments of $397 (and just under $1191), there is a monthly payment alternative. The course gives a money-back policy of 30 days with “no questions asked but in reality no one get a refund as many students share in their reviews.” It’s a pretty sweeping money-back promise, and we applaud Crestani for it.

You cannot, of course, buy the course with the intention of receiving a refund because if you wish to get a reimbursement, you would be expected to demonstrate effort. It is important to see the assurance as a means to reduce your risk, not as a place to approach the program less seriously.

It should go without saying that you must take it too seriously if you are investing $997 on a course. Interestingly, if you win, Crestani will also reimburse your order. You can have the buying price reimbursed if you can raise over $10,000 using the Super Affiliate System techniques. ( John focus more in the max returm from his victims rather then help them build an online business as he promise in his ads )

A few incentives that Crestani rates at over $25,000 are included in the program. These are just part of the course package, in fact, but they really do add value. They include:

  • File Swipe (copy and paste ad copy)
  • Pre-built marketing pages
  • Fortnightly Calls for Coaching
  • Credits for Free Ad
  • Face-to-Face Call with John Crestani
  • Data on marketing to be used for Facebook Advertising

Actually, the incentives add quite a bit of profit. The price of $25,000 is subjective ( You are going to lost too much money with this scammer).

Super Affiliate System Summary

Before starting talking about the structure of this bullshit course, I have a quick note that the real name of this course must be ” How To Make Money by Promoting Super Affiliate System ” and also all his top affiliate “JVs” are other fake gurus exist in the digital marketing since years.

Week# 1: The Setup

John Crestani invested a lot of money working on the initial payments from new affiliates. As every good affiliate marketer acknowledges, it’s a vital moment to earn the first affiliate fee. It’s the moment when you know that progress is inevitable and that online money can really be made.

Crestani guides you through the phase of constructing your company set up in this portion of the class. The fundamentals of beginning are discussed in this segment. In the process of establishing an affiliate network, creating ads, and creating your landing pages, Crestani walks you through everything.

For the first time, that’s where you’re going to have your hands dirty and finally begin operating within the SAS framework. You will be taught in this segment how to join an affiliate program, create a presell website, and learn about the setup of a Facebook Ad.

Basically, in a program like this, you’re going to learn the fundamentals of online advertising, various types of advertising, how to set up your webpage, and all the things you’d hope to learn. I think John’s conversation about the time required for success and the persistence needed for it to succeed is the main lesson from the whole module. If you wanna become a successful internet marketer stop spending money on BLA BLA courses and start trying building a business, don’t be an idiot and spend 1k$ for nothing…doesn’t worth it at all.

Week# 2: Choosing Niche

The aim of Week 2 is to seek your specialty. Your niche collection will make or break you, as affiliate marketers know. For example, if you chose the “discount code” niche, instead of investing it, you are appealing to a market that is trying to cut costs. If you were attracting an audience that is prepared to pay money, you would spend plenty of time doing the very same job you would do.

Quick Note: if you are looking for a great web hosting on budget, we suggest to choose Cloudways that’s offer many advantages and easy control ( you can start your trial period for free and as I know from my experience of 6 years, it’s the only trustworthy hosting company that’s provide free trial for new customers ).

Let’s back to our investigation, John Crestani continues the course of this week by stressing about getting the “right mindset.” It is a positive portion intended to assist you with therapeutic training. From there, Crestani teaches you how to select a niche depending on the scale and competitiveness of the market.

Week# 3: Marketing

Week 3 acts as a guide to the concepts of simple marketing. This segment is critical if you are fresh to advertising. You could already be comfortable with a lot of these concepts if you already have expertise with advertising.

Crestani examines the psychological characteristics of consumers and discusses techniques to “tap into the feelings of the people to hypnotize them to buy.” He elaborates this by demonstrating numerous psychological stimuli that can be used in your copywriting, blog posts, and commercials. To explain the arguments, he also offers a large range of examples.

Week# 4: Setting Up Ads

With Google and Facebook ads, Crestani is very professional. It is one of the chief factors why he can produce a strong flow of traffic to his affiliate systems and his program. A technical guide on the pros and downs of PPC (pay per click) ads is given in this section.

Crestani discusses the best way to set up your advertising campaigns. For advertisers who are new to ads, this is important. You must do it the right way if you are investing money in marketing. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time. Crestani starts the lesson this week by going through the analytics in ads and explaining how to evaluate them better.

Google Advertising is my favorite avenue for paying traffic, and as users check for unique keywords on Google, you will enable the ads to appear. Having said that, I know that John Recognizes Google Advertising (formerly known as Google AdWords). I wanted this module to be gold, but I found it to be quite useful. Let me elaborate. Here’s what gets discussed as you get to the Google Search Advertising Configuration video lesson:

  • How to set up a campaign focused on Keyword Quest
  • Geo-targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Split Testing

In order to begin using advertisements on Google, this is about discovering lucrative keywords and longer tail keywords to rate for using Google Keyword Planner, Google Show Ads, Google Pixels, and everything you might really like to see. The system is simple and all that, but as John goes on to more sophisticated quest techniques, it always shines.

Google search intent is what John says we leverage. The explanation behind a searcher’s question on search engines is search intent. It illustrates the aim that the searcher is seeking to achieve. Somebody may want to read about something, discover something, or buy something, for instance.

You can’t have an associate course online and not have a week devoted to the trade’s main focus: Facebook Ads. John runs over all the fundamentals, but some of the big hitters who have taught him a thing or two are also brought in.
Some videos will highlight FB Ads specialist Tim Burd, who’ll go through some of the shakiest premises you will find while marketing through Zuck. It’s a juggling act to stay consistent with Facebook because you just don’t want to get suspended, so the lessons from Tim are super valuable.

Week# 5: Native & YouTube Ads

In the trend of paying ads, Week 5 begins. Crestani emphasizes YouTube and Native Advertising in this section. YouTube Ads are the advertisements you see on YouTube (obviously). “Native ads are the advertising that you frequently find on content-based pages at the end of stories (they appear like parts of “Linked posts”).

John Crestani shows you how to get some of Outbrain and MGID’s famous native ad networks and discusses how to build your YouTube ads correctly. This is very much a “getting warmed up” tutorial, and in the bonus material of the program, you can find some more technical materials.

Week 6: Scaling & Outsourcing

Crestani speaks about stepping up the company and exporting some of the tasks in the last week of the program. This chapter outlines how you should ramp up a proper campaign (i.e., go from $1,000/week to $5,000/week). This is important for advertisers who wish to benefit the most from their initiatives. As the company develops, Crestani also discusses ways you can outsource some of your obligations.

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