As the number of organizations increases throughout the world, so does the workload. Although these organizations have in-house employees to work for them over time, the new era that has roofed over us has allowed many to keep the work contracted and be a freelancer instead of an in-house employee.

Moreover, a decent internet connection and a fine laptop would help a freelancer earn the right amount of money while just being at home. Amidst the Covid-19 situation, in which people wanted to avoid contact with each other, many people turned down their jobs and shifted themselves to being freelancers to earn their bread and butter.

Whereas in different situations, the companies themselves allow the employees to work as freelancers. This whole scenario boosted the freelance community, as the companies and employees came to know the actual proficiency of work-from-home. The work was not affected, and both the parties did an outstanding indenture.

Going back ten years from now, the trend of freelancing might not have excited as it has done now. The community considered a freelancer to be an unemployed being. Gone are the times when people thought freelancers were inferior to a full-time employee.

Similarly, it has become a new norm, where people work on the side and full time as a freelancer and achieve a respectable amount of money. Technology has made several things easier for people worldwide, and freelancing is a vibrant example of it.

What Is Freelancing and A Freelancer?

A freelance job is in which a person works for him/herself. Usually, companies and administrations hire employees for their job from a nine to five work time; a freelancer works more like a contractor who chooses a specific job. They are eventually self-employed and work in their hours and space.

With flexible hours and convenience in working their skills, a freelancer invades his comfort. On the other hand, the employer finds it easy to contract a freelancer to work in a traditional working environment.

Freelancers have a sense of freedom to work as they like and in whatever way they want to. Therefore, they choose their medium and workstation on their own. One of the best things about being a freelancer is that you can start working just about at any time.

10 Reasons Why I Love Working As A Freelancer

Freelancing has brought a massive change in the working arena. Today, people from around the world are working as freelancers and are loving it no less. Below I share with you why I love being a freelancer and how you could!

1.Freelancing Calls for Freedom

No wonder Freelancing is very popular among the people today for the freedom it brings. I can work in an environment where I am free to choose my working hours, free to choose the place I want to work, and lastly, I do not have a pressure of an office schedule. It is just like ‘going with the flow,’ just that the flow is created by myself.

2.I Am the Boss

How convenient is it that you are not answerable to anyone for your work? I love the fact that I choose my clients and projects. Moreover, I give myself deadlines and have no restrictions regarding the work I do.

3.I Do Not Have to Care About My Pajamas

Being one of those people who give up on getting up and getting a tie on for the office, I want to be the most relaxed person while I work. In addition to this, I get to be in my bed, in my pajamas and do the tasks of the day while I freelance. The datum that I can work wherever and however, I want to give me static energy to work my best.

4.Great Source of Income

As I get to select my work, likewise I am one to handpick my salary for the work. Freelancing lets me have a good amount of wage and exactly how I would want it to be. Either I work full time and earn more or work lesser hours and get a fair amount of money to pay my bills. At the end of the day, I get the money by doing what I love.

5.Global Work Prospect

Remotely working while sitting in my home allows me to connect to employers around the world. Therefore, I can select my clients from all over the globe, from different countries, and do the home task. I could be in Nepal and do a writing job for someone in Australia. The possibilities and opportunities are endless in the freelance aspect, which lets me evolve and grow.

6.I Can Make My Work Fun

Freelancing lets me do more than one job at a time. Sometimes I put different styles to a single job I am doing, which helps me make my work enjoyable. Also, I can always try new things and pick projects that I believe I could do. I can do different tasks every day. If I write one day, I edit the other and review the next! This keeps the circle going, and the enthusiasm for my work is never dead.

7.Challenging Myself

Freelancing is a one-person show. You will handle all the tasks, from selecting clients to selecting projects, management, and completing the tasks, depending on your preferences. We do not get to have an office atmosphere where we have our colleagues to get our backs. Getting to do a complete job by myself, I get to challenge myself for doing things I might not have done ever before. This kind of challenge makes me stronger every day to keep myself successful. check our guide about the most popular freelancer challenges and learn how to deal with them.

8.Free from The In-House Politics

We all know the horrific office politics that keeps itself instilled in every workplace. From competing managers to jealous colleagues, most of the time, these politics stop you from growing further in your specified job title. While you cannot focus on your performance due to all the hustle and bustle going on around you, many others leave you behind in the race. I keep myself safe from all that misery and choose a great deal of freelancing.

9.Gaining Confidence

As mentioned earlier, the freelancer handles all the tasks in freelancing jobs. This element gives me confidence that I can do more than what I think I can do. Being one to one with the client and the client believing and appreciating the work also boosts the energy and confidence, which allows me to keep my head high every time I choose a task.

10.Always Learning Something in The End

Every day in freelance and business life carries new challenges, and I learn from each one of them. Everything from time management to task scheduling to the type of work, every project seems to be different than the previous one and has to be done alone. This allows me to learn one thing from a venture and apply it to my next. Be it a designer or a writer, or a developer, one will be a businessperson, and he/she will learn to solve problems every day.

How Many Kinds of Freelancers Exist?

Precisely how different kinds of employees work in offices and companies, there are several kinds of freelancers in the market. Other types of people have diverse skills that they use as their freelance job. An employer looks for a freelancer on the internet just the way he might take an interview, to hire a specific person for an exact job title. Likewise, there are several types of freelancers in the market today. Some of the many categories of freelancers are as below.

Web Designer

Today almost every other company and organization has a web page. A web designer is a person who designs the layout and an outlook of a web page. A web designer can transmit it as a freelancer from high-end projects to little ones.


When we say a ‘writer,’ we assume him/her to be someone affiliated with a novel. A freelance writer holds grave importance in commercial writing, advertising, journalism, and web content. Writers write different kinds of articles, public relations, and blogs. Either formally or informally, freelance writing is incredible for those who like to write their heart out.


An editor’s job is to plan, coordinate, and reread the material before publishing it in any form. Projects like advertisements, documentaries, movies, and photographs that need to be edited before giving a final expression need a professional editor to do so. Hiring freelance editors for all of these tasks is one of the quickest ways to do everything.


Almost all the accountant job is digitized, which means an accountant can easily do it online. With all the software available for accountant work, this job typically requires a specialized accountant freelancer who knows the tax statements and presumptions.


Photography today holds up as a significant and virtuous job. Be it product photography for companies or fashion photography, a good photographer will always prioritize employers. Most of the events and occasions are set-up to be jointly dealt with by a freelance photographer with no time issues. A freelance photographer has a high scope in commercial photography and portrait photography.

Graphic Designer

The 21st century marks the rise of the graphic world. Everything today is graphitized. We see commercials, movies, cards, and even web pages in a graphical form. This freelancer type is probably the most in-demand and is still going to increase in the coming years. Every other company and startup need designing and graphic approval, so they look forward to an excellent graphic designer who will work for them in open hours.

Customer Service

The customer service job has been there for many years; it only recently hopped to the online sector. There was a misconception that customer service is specifically an in-house job. The job requires a system and a phone to communicate with the clients. This job also suits a freelancer due to the off-hours in which the freelancer can carry out the tasks.


As a freelance courier worker, one’s job is to deliver a package from one place to another efficiently. Big courier companies charge you a great deal of amount to get your work done; a freelancer who needs a service vehicle will not only get your job done but will be easy on your pocket too.

Career Coach

Many people and mostly youngsters who complete college and are looking for the right path to choose, look forward to guidance. Someone can balance their work with their lifestyle and direct them through it without making a big deal out of it. An online career coach would be a great choice in such cases.


Learning and doing courses virtually has been there for a great deal of time, but as mentioned before, the covid-19 was pretty undesirable for the schools, colleges, and universities. Institutions closed down, but the children did not lose access to their studies. Thanks to the online freelance teachers who came forward for the rescue.

Social Media Management

Social Media is no more a mere entertainment platform for the people; it is a hub for the companies to market their products and maintaining a public relation. Managing the social media content is a grave job nowadays; with all the competition in the market, one needs a qualified and professional social media manager who can help the companies attract more customers. Most freelancers do this job as it is entirely related to the internet and websites. To have an idea about other freelancing opportunities check our article about the best digital nomads jobs that are trending in the last years.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer?

With almost every field being open to freelancing, it seems as if there is no better way of doing a job other than freelancing. We cannot question the speed at which freelancing is increasing. However, like any other thing, a freelancing job also has its positive and negative aspects. Check our guide about the difference between freelancing Vs full time job to have a good overview and help you make an informed choice.

Let’s Start With The Pros


Freelancers have all the authority to choose their work time and load. If they want to work the whole day or just 4-5 hours per day, it depends on them; they have the flexibility to do so.


Working as a contractor allows a freelancer to work for more than one organization. Working for different kinds of companies and officialdoms, a freelancer gets exposure, not an in-house would be able to get at a time.


While working separately and alone, a freelancer gets his privacy. While at this time, he/she can focus and give 100% to work.


A freelancer has all the authority over his work. Once dealt with by the employer, a freelancer is independent enough to work wherever he wants, however, whenever he wants.

Let’s Switch To The Cons

Definitive Responsibility

Being a freelancer is equivalent to own a business and running it all alone. From the clients’ selection to the dealing and payment methods, all are supposed to be done alone. The given work by the client is also your responsibility alone.

No Competition

Working in an in-house job provides you with an atmosphere to deal with more people, like colleagues, seniors, and juniors, that give you competition and a good deal of learning. A freelancer is deprived of that environment.

Cash Flow

As freelancers’ work is contract-based, the main con to it is the cash flow. Freelancers face problems with clients who take up the job and do not pay up after getting it. Moreover, freelancers cannot figure out if their work is project-based, continuous, or seasonal, which makes them unaware of what they will earn in the coming days. For more details check our ultimate guide about digital nomad lifestyle to have an overview based on stats & facts.

How Can Freelancers Improve Their Work?

With the growing number of freelancers worldwide, there is high competition among the selection of freelancers for specific jobs. But whatever the kind of work there is in the world, there always is a scope of improvement in each one of them. You need to address specific points if you want to become a preferred freelancer—one who stands out and gets selected. One needs to understand and cater to three things while being a freelancer:

  • Trust
  • Skill
  • Profile

Building Trust

The very first thing which is the essential part of being an online worker and a freelancer is your trust. Develop your trust with your clients. Whatever tasks you perform, you need to be consistent and trustworthy for your client.
Once you’ve done several projects with different clients as a reliable freelancer, your reputation would gradually improve, and you’ll have high chances to be selected again for the tasks. You could also be selected by different clients while knowing about your trust policy. It’s more like keeping the slate clean.

Developing Skills

You need to know what you’re doing! Either you are a writer or a designer, or an accountant, be the best-skilled person in whatever you do. Choose tasks that you are confident enough that you will carry on and complete.
The clients will know you for the kind of work you do. If you are a writer, choose to write the stuff you are best at, try new ventures and styles, and try opting more for the best ones. If you are a graphic designer, design things you like to. Likewise, if you are a social media manager, try to choose the field you are most interested in to take the job to another level.

Building Profile

Being an online worker, the most important thing you need to improve and grow yourself in the market is to have a reputable and attractive profile. Your profile is the first place that an employer will see about you.

As they say, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ Your online portfolio is your resume on the internet that will allow you to get your desired projects. The portfolio should be polished and immaculate, with the best work you have done so far. Try mentioning your best projects in your profile to give an insight into your finest assignments to the visitor on your profile. A professional profile picture and a self-description that offers an excellent insight into who you are will be a cherry on top.

What Is the Scope for Freelancers in 2021?

The freelancing sphere has grown massively over the past few years. Where 2020 gave us a vision of how freelancing can take over the whole scenario, 2021 will surely keep pace. This year will bring about many new schemes and developments that will improve the fields of freelancers and open new and innovative ways for them to work.

With an increase in web development and Social media platforms, there is an increase in their work fields. Managing these media podiums and designing them is a great deal of work, and professionals can do everything as soon as possible.

Internet research and content writing is another vast field that needs more freelancers right now. Data entry and accountancy will count on not only online media but also for other companies. With all that and much more, the scope for working as a freelancer will be high in the coming year and the years to follow.
While all these virtual mechanisms keep growing over time, freelancers have a great scope in all the grounds required for their work. So there is no stopping for freelancing and freelancers.

The Takeaway: Going Over the Main points

People find ease in situations for themselves. Experts develop ideas and measures to bring things to the extent of comfort. With all the world developments, a freelancing job not only does the work right but keeps the person doing it in the most contented space. Freelancing caters almost all the jobs in any category there is.

In modern times, where not even a single person lacks access to an internet connection and essential technology, freelancing is becoming a norm. The unemployment rate is slowly fading away. There are several fields that freelancing offers, and how to reach the employer or an employee is also not very difficult.

In the coming years, people should look forward to doing work this way and bring about a helpful and better change in society. It would not be wrong to say that an optimistic approach to freelancing will always give a freelancer a better consequence for his/her work.

There are undoubtedly more positives of freelancing than negatives. Writer, developer, editor, designer, and manager in every field, there is room for improvement. Let’s make things easy for everyone; let’s freelance!

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