When you want to splurge on a vacation, a question comes into mind about what should be the right destination. In the hassle of a busy life, a soothing getaway is all one needs. That being said, nothing feels better than spending time on a secluded beach, lying in a hammock, and enjoying the sun.

If you also relate to that, a vacation on a resort is all you need. Resorts are one of the most favorite vacation spots among travelers. The best thing about resorts is that most of them offer exciting activities alongside accommodation, meals, and beverages. Many resorts offer budget packages, while others offer luxury villas depicting an accurate picture of a splurging vacation.

Top Luxury Resorts In The World

Our team compiled a list of the best luxury resorts in the world rated to help you pick the perfect gateway for escape from routine and connect with the nature.

1.Nihi Sumba Island

Nihi Sumba Island is eco-conscious, having some extraordinary beautiful sceneries. This luxury island is expensive and has some of the best beaches in the world. It locates on a wild coast on the island of Sumba, Indonesia. It takes one hour flight to reach Sumba from Bali.

Given the island’s philosophy of the ‘Edge of Wilderness’, this resort offers nature reserves and white-sand beaches under the cliff.

The villas offer a true essence of a tropical getaway, the thatched ceilings through the palms and ocean views. The villas offer one to five bedrooms with large living rooms, outdoor showers, private plunge pools, and butler service. Families can also reserve a three-story treehouse.

*Water sports: This island offers some fantastic surfing, snorkeling, and fishing opportunities. The good thing is that you won’t find any TVs here. So, you can truly enjoy the cool breeze, adventures, and majestic sea views.

*Horseback riding: If you want to experience some other activities, horseback riding on the beach is one of its kinds of experience. You can also opt for exploring hidden waterfalls, tour a chocolate factory, or go for a mountain bike.

*Spa Safari: Alongside other activities, this resort offers a full-day Spa Safari including various healthy meals and treatments. And if you are a yoga person, you can avail free daily yoga.

The charges include snacks, meals activities, and beverages. The resort returns to the community from its profit and supports Sumba Foundation’s projects for the community. Such as providing medical care, freshwater, etc.

2.LUX South Ari Atoll

If you are planning for a dreams-comes-true tropical honeymoon, then Lux South Ari Atoll in the Maldives is the best place to visit. Perfect island escape, with soft white sand beaches and turquoise water. Thatched bungalows over the sea offer private plunge pools; all depict a true picture of luxury and comfort.

Located over the beach and sea, all villas have a perfect beach house décor. To find a perfect five-star luxury resort, you can never go wrong with LUX. This resort is also suitable for families. It offers a kids club to keep your kids busy and entertained.

*Water Sports: if you are looking for a mix of adventure and fun, you can view sea turtles or dive the whale sharks. Lux South Ari Atoll is one of the luxury resorts in the world to have marine protected areas with above fifty fish-rich dive sites and snorkeling.

*Other activities: if you want floating breakfast in your pool or need to enjoy some spa treatments, you are covered. For sports lovers, you can always choose to play tennis.

3.The Brando

For an authentic Tahiti tropical getaway, choose The Brando. Having a three-mile lagoon on a pristine island, The Brando is a low-impact, ultimately laid-back luxury. Hollywood legend Marlon Brando founded the resort, and he preserved the biodiversity and beauty of the island. The resort offers solar power, an air conditioning system, and seawater.

Nature lovers will find it to be a heaven on earth. There are coral reefs, bird flocks, whales, and sea turtles on white beaches. The thatched villas are seen from palms’ clusters, having ultra-modern furnishings mixed with the local building material such as stone, thatch, and wood.

This resort offers media rooms, outdoor bathtubs, and plunge pools. You will find two and three-bedroom villas, a dining area, and kitchens for big families. To experience and explore the island’s beauty, you can take the bicycle available and the villas and be yourself. Here you will also learn about Polynesian culture and history.

Here the food is fresh and organic with a good mixture of Eastern and Western-style cuisines. You will find plenty of local seafood along with vegan options.

*Water activities: The resort offers tremendous water activities, such as paddle boarding, diving, fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking in the clear and crystal-clear water. Also, if you are interested in knowing the ecology and conservation of the island, you can learn that from the research at the eco-station.

*Dancing and Fitness Classes: If you are into fitness and dancing classes, the resort offers these classes to ensure you remain fit even during your vacations.

4.Oetker Collection Jumby Bay Island

This palm-studded private island offers one of the world’s best luxury resorts. This all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, Jumby Bay, has all the luxuries you would expect from a perfect luxury vacation on a beach. This five-star resort is rightly called a peaceful paradise on earth. An interesting thing about this island is that it is completely car-free, except for bikes that you can use to explore the island.

Jumby Bay is also famous for warm and impeccable services. The cuisine here is world-class, offering delicious tropical flavors with the option to eat by the pool and beach.

Although the island is remote, you remain connected to the outside world. You can find TVs and Wi-Fi and other modern facilities here. Apart from these, there are wraparound terraces and private outdoor gardens for couples.

In addition to basking under the sun, you can swim in the pool or play tennis and golf. At the spa, get a relaxing pampering session. And in case you are a fitness freak, head towards the gym available at the resort. Also, the conservation and recycling program and also appreciable at the resort.

5.Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Are you looking for a luxury resort vacation in Asia? Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle is an excellent option for you. This all-inclusive resort is at Laos and Burma’s border, offering perfect views and adventures for nature lovers.

An interesting thing that you will find here is the luxurious ‘tents’. Yes, you heard me right, luxurious tents. These tents peek out from the hills, wrapped in the lush green jungle. These safari-style tents take you back to the 19th century authentic Thai setting. These tents contain clawfoot tubs, handcrafted furniture, and netted beds.

Also, outdoor showers with local woods and bamboo add to this resort’s beauty. The food is fresh from the property.

*Wildlife: if you are an animal lover, you will find it to be heaven. You can take a walk in the wilderness and view elephants. Also, going down the Ruak River, you will find other wildlife.

*Hillside Bicycle Tour: taking a hillside bicycle tour is another satisfying experience. Bicycle through the pineapple plantation and rice paddies, and don’t forget to take a day-long trip to temples as well as to Burma in the neighborhood.

*Spa Treatment: want to rejuvenate at the resort? Take a relaxing mountain botanical spa treatment at the jungle spa. The spa is set up in the bamboo forest. So after a tiring hike, you can visit the spa and take a refreshing spa treatment.

6.Royal Malewane

It would help if you kept Royal Malewane on your vacation list for a luxury safari resort. This safari lodge locates near Kruger National Park in Thornybush Game Reserve and offers one of the best wildlife viewings. Here you will find the colonial era’s tone and setting. You will find plenty of resident lions here.

This luxury safari lodge has beautifully decorated eight air-conditioned suites. The décor, ambiance, and look of these suites make you recall Hemingway’s old era. Antique, oriental rugs and thatched roofs are the most typical features.

There are several outdoor showers and plunge pools in the wilderness to view elephants. If you want to visit with your family, you can reserve two-bedrooms, and for groups, you can book an entire villa of six bedrooms

The activities here revolve around wildlife viewing. During your spare time, you can unwind at the spa or shape at the gym.

7.Jade Mountain

Dramatic beauty and mesmerizing sunsets make this luxury resort famous among travelers. This adults-only resort is set up on the ocean’s breathtaking views and twin volcanic peaks of St. Lucia.

On the cliffside of this resort, you will find a lane of open-sided rooms, also called ‘sanctuaries’, embracing the breathtaking views. But despite being open-sided, these rooms offer complete privacy, making it one of the luxurious all-inclusive resorts in the world and an ideal spot for honeymooners around the world.

All the rooms are large, spacious, and airy with tropical hardwood and local stone interior. These rooms also offer private pools, jalousie windows, bathrobes, and 24-hours butlers. SKY suites offer hot tubs and not private pools. There are no TVs available, but you will find Wi-Fi.

Here food is cooked fresh straight from the organic farms of the resort. You can also try the sister resort Anse Mamin or Anse Chastanet resort below for dining.

*Water Sports: During your free time, you can opt for some water sports such as swimming, kayaking, sailing, or even diving.

Also, you can go for a steep walk from the resort alongside the beach.

*Hiking and Biking: you can hike or bike on the 600-acre plantation; you can go birdwatching, practice yoga there, or swim in the pool. Apart from these, touring the botanical gardens and volcanoes are worth trying. And when you are tired, pay a visit to the spa and revitalize.

8.Twin Farms

Nearly three hours drive from Boston, there lie Twin Farms spread on 300 acres area in the Vermont countryside. This resort is rightly known for a home away from home experience. The owner’s ambiance and precious collection make this house give you a feel of the 1795 era.

You will experience exceptional personal services here—the cuisine, spa treatments, and culinary set the high standards of the resort.

This resort is created by esteemed designers and architects and offers 20 accommodations, all uniquely decorated. You will find Scandinavian styled cottages, cozy guest rooms, antiques, and stone hot tubs. All these features make you feel at home.

Meals are inclusive of the rates, and the culinary is focused on fresh and healthy flavors. The most favorite breakfast items here are lemon soufflé pancakes with strawberries.

*Summers: In summers, you can opt for hiking and Biking through the forests and floral meadows, swim, play tennis, or paddle upon ponds. Here the beautiful display of fall colors is worth watching, and this is the best season to visit this resort.

*Winters: during winters, you can ski, skate and snowshoe on the resort’s slopes and trails.

*Farm Tour: you can also tour a working farm, go shopping, visit historical sites, or go to the resort’s gym.

9.Likuliku Lagoon

This is another adults-only resort built over the water in Fiji. These beautiful over-the-water bungalows are a legit reason to visit this resort. This resort graces Malolo Island’s shores and offers friendly and warm hospitality. This place gives you romantic vibes and an authentic Fijian ambiance.

Made up of wood, thatch, and stones make the resort lush and romantic. Instead of watching TV, immerse in the true tropical surroundings and embrace the island’s peace and silence. For honeymooners, there are light-filled over-the-water bungalows with outdoor decks. There are separate bathing areas where you can view lagoons from soaking tubs. The beachfront bungalows are also guests’ favorite. Also, there are large daybeds, plunge pools, and private outdoor showers. You can have direct access to the ocean through these bungalows.

The food is fantastic here with fresh seafood, luscious tropical fruits, and organic straight from the farms. During your spare time here, couples usually go to the spa or gym. Or you can also learn how to weave palm fronds and go on island-hopping cruises. Non-motor water sports are also very famous.

10.Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp

Spread on a 6,000 acre, this private game reserve is established in Kenya at the border of Tanzania. Cotta’s 1920 Safari Camp is near Serengeti National Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve. They are rich in wildlife and are one of the best game reserves. Being on a private island, you can avoid the crowd.

The friendly and attentive staff here will serve you the best. The expert guides and trackers will guide you throughout your wildlife trip. You can see lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos and elephants. From July to November, you can witness the wildebeest migration.

This place offers complete privacy allowing you to enjoy nature at its best. While lying in your bed, you can view giraffes and zebras, hyenas, and echoing lions during the night.

The furnished rooms are filled with oriental rugs, antiques, steamer trunks, and candelabras. This ambiance makes you recall the Hemingway feel. You can also try a safari bath in the middle of the savannah.

The family suites offer two bedrooms and living rooms with fireplaces. The meals are cooked with the fresh food grown in the camp’s farms. You can have the meals in the dining tent while viewing the wilderness location. Apart from walks and game drives, you can go to Maasai village, go swimming or soothe at the spa.

Types Of Resorts:

Since the Roman empire, the resorts have evolved drastically. Before you pick any for your vacation, it is a good idea to think about what type of resort you want to send your vacation in:

Recreational Resorts:

These resorts include health and sports resorts. The primary purpose of this type of resort is to improve health. They offer several health-oriented facilities. Also, there are sports facilities such as golf. These resorts’ benefit is to have access to some activities unavailable in hometown. But you might even find it not a very relaxing vacation if you are there for health reasons.

All-Inclusive Resorts:

These resorts offer a wide range of amenities with a fixed price model. You need to pay a fee in a lump sum and get the facilities the resort offers. These reports are ideal for business conventions, destination wedding parties, or spring breakers.

All-inclusive resorts are big and offer a wide range of choices to pick rooms, bars, and on-site restaurants. Although the name suggests, they might not be completely all-inclusive, things like gold leaf body wraps may cost you some extra amount.

Destination Resorts:

A destination resort has a central feature that attracts vacationers towards itself. For instance, a castle converted into a resort, or a very beautiful are converted into a hotel or restaurant such as Beach resorts in Bali or French Riveria. Island resorts, mountain resorts, skiing resorts, or desert resorts. The biggest plus is an unforgettable beauty with adventures. You might find these resorts filled with tourists and very expensive sometimes.

Ecological Resorts:

Ecological or ecotourism is when resorts offer a fun vacation with the aim of conservation. These resorts can have features like solar penal roofs or rainwater cisterns. Vacationers can have an opportunity to enjoy nature and preserve the environment. You can also give back to the community while experiencing the tremendous authentic culture.

Historic Resorts:

These resorts are focused on archeological and historic sites. For instance, converted ancient Aztec temples or Southern plantations. Moreover, these resorts celebrate their historical feature by offering numerous activities like day trips to the site.

These are ideal for those who have a deep interest in history. They can find activities from a low-key, relaxing mansion to adventurous touring activities. However, a resort’s quality can differ and not very ideal for bigger families. Everyone has a different interest, so you need to be mindful while choosing these resorts.

Amusement Park Resorts:

For those looking for a never-ending fun vacation, amusement park resorts or casinos are ideal. These resorts offer a central attraction. For instance, Las Vegas or Monte Carlo has plenty of amusement and casino resorts. Amusement resorts are good for young people, so instead of gambling, they can play many interesting games, or experience a roller coaster! Also, activities like magic shows and game shows are their specialty. Few amusement parks are focused on children only, so grown-ups might not have so much variety. Also, casino resorts tend to be very expensive and high-end.

Adults-Only Resorts:

These resorts are singles-focused resorts offering fun activities for potential partners and couples. Adults-only resorts have a lot of couples-only getaway options. It would be best if you researched to find out about activities offered in these resorts.

Family Resorts:

These resorts are best for a family vacation. Family resorts offer a wide range of activities for people of every age group like nature tours, games, or even arts and crafts. These resorts also offer to babysit so that you can reconnect with your spouse. For large families, paying for everyone can become expensive, but you might not find five-star luxury here.

Location-Based Resorts:

These resorts are classified into different locations, such as hill stations, beach resorts, rivers, islands, luxury, and super-luxury resorts.

Location-based resorts offer activities and prices accordingly. If you are ready to splurge, the options become unending.

So, it depends on your mood, style, and preference to spend a vacation at a resort.


Nothing is soothing than spending a vacation in luxury resorts. If you are planning your trip for the first time, it is a good idea to do some research about the type of resort you want. If you are with family, you should pick one that offers activities for kids as well. And if you are going on your honeymoon, a remote and romantic resort will be more suitable. Unless you are willing to splurge, look for some deals while booking your travel.

Happy travel!

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