I once met a cowboy who blamed his ex-girlfriend for everything that went wrong in his life. He was a man who was going his own way in the West, and she was as feminist as they get. That girl would not allow him to pay for anything of hers while they were together. “Don’t hold the door open for her,” he would say. “She’ll slam it closed on the toe of your boot!” He’s not the only one who feels discriminated against.

What Does MGTOW Mean?

MGTOW movement emerged as a reaction to feminism madness in the West since the nineties of the last century. Men Going Their Way, or MGTOW, is a group of men fed up with the ways of feminism to an almost unhealthy extent. Some even avoid women altogether. While feminism is the pursuit of equal rights for women when does fighting for that equality become a de-masculinization of men? Well. Women do not care because they are going their way too.

MGTOW vs. Feminism: 10 Reasons No Equality Allowed

In this post, we will cover the ideology war of MGTOW vs Feminism and their top reasons to support no equality between men and women at all.

1.Battle Of The Sexes

A research center found that 61% of American women identified as feminists. Many of these women are of color and are joined by a small percentage of men who must compete with radical participants in MGTOW groups. A few groups claim males are superior to the female sex; those women should be taught their place. Radicals believe that by ruining a woman’s life either by sexual sabotage or mental incapacitation, they have won as the strongest gender. This thinking is exactly what feminists like activist Simone de Beauvoir, actress Marlene Dietrich, and abolitionist Sojourner Truth fought against.

2.She Made Me Do It

On the other hand, a few MGTOW who are not of that mindset want to know why men, who sexually harass, are penalized more than women doing the same. An example given by the MGTOW Academy was when a girl smacks a guy’s backside at a club. They stated that if a guy had behaved in such a manner, the consequence would be harsher on the man.

3.It’s His Fault

Mike Henstridge, previously a cop in Dorset, tweeted, “A woman admitted to us that she had assaulted her husband and caused a cut on his arm by throwing a glass at him. My sergeant…told me not to arrest her as nothing would happen to her. 3 weeks later the husband was in custody for a domestic assault.”

4.Hold My Dress

One last instance of discrimination against men would be the recent national-news-worthy camera footage of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez having a man in black carry the skirts of her dress as she exited the Met Gala. MGTOW would ask: is this how feminism will destroy masculinity?

5.The New Ku Klux Klan

Masculinity being at stake is not the only thing people should be concerned about. MGTOW men are predominately white, and there are over 100,000 of them, with the numbers rapidly increasing. The fact that there are a group of men in the United States of America who congregate without more men of colour among them is cause for alarm. Could MGTOW be affiliated with the white supremacist group, the Proud Boys? However, don’t think that feminists do not have their fair share of radicalism.

MGTOW vs Feminism

6.How To Offend A Feminist

A group is known as the Redstockings frequently protest what they believe is patriarchism and the oppression from men in the American government. MGTOW would ask, what is there for women to feel oppressed about? This statement on a blog rebuking feminism is one reason: “Of course, for all of the whining of women, they want what they have always wanted, a man to take care of them [and] that is a pipe-dream for many of the younger women who see what was “normal” in the 1950s as an ideal life.” Feminists find this insulting because it indicates that a woman cannot provide for herself and “needs” a man to feel fulfilled as a person.

7.An Olive Branch

Author Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen offers insight on the MGTOW movement, saying, “It can make especially young men with limited life experience – what’s the word – prejudice toward women,” and that, “I have respect for men who chose that lifestyle as long as it does not involve hating women….” Bull-Hansen goes on to say that women should view men in an open-minded manner, giving them an honorable fair chance to prove whether they are good or not. He also brings forward a widely debated right: the right of a woman to choose whether to have her own family or not.

8.It’s My Body

Could Bull-Hansen be referring to a woman’s right to have an abortion or protest the State deciding that it is against the law? This right is the line between what makes an MTGOW and what is at the core of a feminist – the right for a woman to have control over what happens to her body – even if that means ending the life of an unborn child.

According to CBS News, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sees the Texas law prohibiting abortions after six weeks of pregnancy as just another way for men to oppress women. While Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas educated a United States Circuit Judge on the topic of abortion, saying, “…the first clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution protects religious liberty.”

9.Before We Were Alive

Meaning that having an abortion is not a question of MGTOW versus Feminism, but a question of moral principle deviating from the religious foundation that America was built upon. Don’t believe this? Check out the Washington Monument in D.C. Buried directly underneath it is a time capsule containing the Holy Bible. Martin Luther King Jr. had a Bible as well that was buried underneath Freedom Plaza in D.C. That said, maybe MGTOW and feminists are basing their beliefs on un-American principles.

10.The Treehouse Club Meets Lord of The Flies

Remember when you were young, I’m talking nine to twelve years old, and your friends made a club? It could have been on the soccer field, in the woods in the backyard, or the treehouse that you and your dad built. Either way, it was still a club with a sign that said, No Boys (or No Girls) Allowed. This concept continues to apply to adults who want to collaborate with a common goal. The problem is that if MGTOW and feminists are not careful, their Treehouse Club sign will read, No Equality Allowed.