Top 10 Reasons You Should Move to Texas

by | Last updated Mar 24, 2022

Are you planning on relocating to Texas? You are not the only one. The second-largest state in the nation is the Lone Star State, and it’s easy to see why. Numerous individuals are drawn every year by the warm weather, varied community, and fusion pool of lifestyles. According to the Texas Tribune, the state is rising at 1,000 individuals per day. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and so is this guide. You should know that it is a wise thing if you contemplate making a move to Texas.

Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Texas

It’s no wonder so many people rush to the Lone Star State. Texas is the second-most populous state in the United States and is also geographically one of the country’s most prominent and most vital states. There is a great deal to enjoy in Texas, from the delicious prime rib to the thriving economy. We’ve put together a short and thorough moving to Texas guide when I share with you the reasons why I am relocating from California and living here in detail.

1.Booming Economy

The State of Texas is home to one of the top-ranked state economies in the region. WalletHub rates Texas as having the 12th best state economy based on Economic growth, start-up activity, high-tech industry employment, etc. Texas has a comparatively inexpensive cost of living compared to other states, such as California and New York. Texas’s median home price is $177,100, compared to California’s $393,000. The surrounding suburban neighborhoods remain inexpensive even as metropolitan areas begin to see growth.

Moving to Texas guide

Maybe you’re worried about the sustainability of Texas life. You are correct to assume that real estate prices and gas costs can vary at least a tad across the metropolitan area. But overall, in several categories, the cost of living figures reveal that Texas is below the national average. On average, house prices are 84.3 percent of the national average, while 95.4 percent of the countrywide estimates are medical expenses.

The $2 trillion Texas economy (2021 stats), trailing only California, is the second-highest in the US Thanks to a solid job and revenue growth projections for the next five years, Texas ranks 4th in the current financial environment and fifth in terms of its future growth. Moreover, over 100 of the 1,000 biggest Texas-based public and private corporations in the US, including giants such as AT&T and Dell. Elon Musk also decided to move his Tesla corporate headquarters there (2021). Elon’s SpaceX company is located in Boca Chica Village, TX. This is the same prospect territory that is planning, within the next decade, to give rise to the new aerospace engineering hub of the world—Starbase City.

2.The Delicious BBQ and Cuisines

Not shockingly, Texans are genuinely proud of their food, and they should be! Texas has a lot to boast over, from traditional tacos and Mexican food to world-class barbecue. In Texas, they say all is better, which involves the food. Each spot has its unique culinary preferences, but when you eat them, certain foods instantly make you think of Texas, such as barbecue, chili, chicken fried steak, savory pies, and ice cream from the Blue Bell! This is why Texas is classified as the best food state in America. Usually, food and amusement go together, and Texas doesn’t fail.

Although the classic food in Texas might not be the healthiest, it is undoubtedly the best tasting. The Lone Star State is famous for its barbecue and beef brisket, tacos, Tex-Mex dishes, margaritas, and various other food and beverage choices. Trust us. It would be tough for you to find a state with cheaper, more eclectic food choices than the Great State of Texas.

famous Texas recipes

Take a look at the content on YouTube and seek the best BBQ in the country. You’ll figure out that the best of the best come generally from Texas. For finger-licking Smokey ribs, find a collective staple. Hop on to a group or chamber website to find year-round BBQ roasts and fairs. Texas is a cattle nation, and no one can make steaks, briskets, or prime ribs equal to residents. In nearly any small town, you can find dining establishments. Some are big enough to have a night-line dance, and some will be smaller, with only enough space at the table for the elbows and an additional roll of paper towels.

3.The Top-Notch Education System

In Texas, there’s no lack of opportunities for schooling. In the US, according to News & World Report, Austin and Texas A&M University, two of the University of Texas’s most prominent public universities, are both two of the country’s biggest. Around 40,000 undergraduate students are enrolled on both campuses.

A variety of strongly midsize schools and elite colleges are also located in Texas. Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Eanes Independent School District in Austin, and Coppell Independent School District in Coppell are some of the top public school districts in Texas, according to

With more than 200 educational institutions, Texas is noted for its excellent schooling. Rice University, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M, the University of Texas at Austin, and Southern Methodist University are top-ranked colleges. These schools also recruit a significant number of Texas residents and offer excellent local universities.

4.Affordable Real Estate Options

Are you annoyed by the obscenely expensive property values in many of America’s most popular cities? Switch to Texas, and you’ll be able to locate plenty of inexpensive residences in and near big cities. Many of the most excellent places in Texas are also reasonably affordable compared to other primary and thriving cities around the country.

For instance, the average listing house value in San Antonio, one of the most populated places in Texas, is just $243,300. Plano’s average house price is $375,000, where educational institutions are top-notch. A median home price of $289,900 is available in Houston, with several jobs.

The heart is at home. But getting the ideal humble dwelling place can be a challenge if you want to buy a house. In recent years, the Texas housing market has steadily increased. Yet, compared with other states like New York, Washington, or California, housing prices at TX are still much more cost-effective despite this growth rise. Since Texas is a vast area, trends in the housing market will depend more on the city itself.

5.Affordable Cost of Living

The living cost throughout the nation has constantly been rising, and there is no denying it. But, what is it like to live like a local in Texas? In contrast, Texas has relatively low living costs than most major countries. The average bill for services in Texas was about $122.47, about 10% higher than the national average in the United States. Depending on what part of the state you are in, some corporations will defund or regulate them. In a deregulated power system, typically, those will charge more than the privatized one.

As they say, death and taxes are the two factors that you can’t avoid in life. But Texas surprises somebody who wants to reduce the tax burden. Since Texas is one of the seven states without personal tax revenues, it is one of America’s most tax-friendly regions. According to the Tax Foundation, Texas lies below Alaska, Southern Dakota, Wyoming, and Tennessee as the lowest tax burden.

Although personal income is not taxed, Texas has a 6.25% sales tax. This state tax can be applied to local cities or counties, adding 1-2% to the state sales tax. In 2019, specific suppliers and retail companies had a franchise tax of 0.375 percent. In the local provinces and local governments, property tax rates are determined. Other tax rates include cigarette, gas, city, and fireworks tax. There are different taxes.

Top places to live in Texas

Regardless of whether you’re an inexperienced chef, a restaurant fan, or simply a family of starving people, grocery bills are often part of our total expenses. The good news and the rest of the country are that food prices are also very cost-effective. The food supplies are estimated to be around 6 percent lower than the national average in the United States. There are plenty of budget food stores like WinCo, H-E-B, Aldi, and others to choose from for your daily requirements in Texas. Seven of Texas’ top cheapest foods were reported in a survey by These include:

  • Waco
  • Round Rock
  • Harlingen
  • McAllen
  • San Marcos
  • Wichita
  • Corpus Christi

While some places of Texas can be walked around, Texans usually love their cars. Most of the big towns are in various suburbs outside the city’s center. The total cost of transport is about 3% lower than the domestic average. The average gas price is about 2.18 dollars per gallon, some of the lowest national prices. Try comparing this to $3.62/gallon and $3.73/gallon in Hawaii and California.

6.Good for Retirement

Once you put your sweat and work into your life, retirement is a time to rest and take it easy. Some people would like to sip cocktails at the seaside, and it involves paying more time with loved ones or others. Texas is still considered one of the top places for retirement, although you cannot find palm trees or beach resorts. Texas has plenty of sun throughout the year with its spacious summers and mild winters. And there is no scarcity of exercises, retirement facilities, eateries, and general assistance to retirees in Texas if you are looking to be active during your golden years.

In Texas, pension costs are estimated to be approximately $39,814 annually – ranking among the top 15 for affordability. On the other hand, Alaska has the highest annual pension cost in terms of $56,879. Accommodation is also cheaper than the other regions, which enables retirees to live without their bank account easily is depleted.

Texas’s retirements are also very tax-friendly, and it does not apply to social security pension and other forms of pension savings in its state income tax policy. The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) has an initiative that certifies specific national societies that meet retired requirements. The standards involve meeting retirement health, recreation, care, and security requirements.

7.The Beautiful Culture

Texas is rich in contemporary and historical culture due to its massive size. The State has a long history of immigration and settlement, with Texans generally very generous and welcoming new arrivals ready to adopt the lifestyle of Texas. The State includes all its citizens, from cattle ranchers to technological hubs.

A longstanding history of raising cattle in Texas has dramatically influenced life. Rodeo and cowboys are distinctly Texan connected with pop culture and the media. Rodeo in Texas is the official sport, and Houston is the biggest rodeo in the country and lasts for 20 days annually. Rodeo may not be the number one game in the hearts of most Texans even It is the official sport in Texas. Still, soccer is undeniably the most prestigious tournament in Texas, from adolescence to adulthood to pros. The Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans are the two quality teams from Texas, and fans are famous for their passion and enthusiasm for football from high school onwards.

Texas cultures

In Texan cultural heritage, music plays an important role. There are thriving music scenes in Texas, particularly in towns such as Austin, San Marcos, Denton, Nacogdoches, and Tucson. And Texas is not only offering country music (as the stereotype may suggest). Texas is renowned for its country music, including Texas blues, Disco, pop music, punk music, and religious styles.

In Texas culture, the food culture is also a characteristic. Texas food is influenced by several ethnicities, such as Mexican, African American, Creole/Cajun, and Asian, because of its large volume of multiculturalism. Tex-Mex is a famous cuisine theme that suits European Texan taste with Mexican cuisine. Examples include guacamole, tortilla soup, quesadillas, and more.

8.Amazing Job Market

We must always feed appropriately. Making a significant step can be overwhelming enough, just as it is, without thinking about jobs. Texas is a massive nation with fantastic possibilities. The employment market is one of the factors that so many of you flock to the Lone Star State, from opportunities for jobs and high wages to a vibrant and rising economy. Its economy is so impressive that Texas will rank 10th in its size – over countries like Canada, Mexico, and Russia if it becomes its own independent country.

Were you aware that Texas is the giant cattle and cotton producer in the United States? The State also produces cereals, watermelons, and several other items. Agriculture, in turn, is the second-largest field in Texas, and in 2011, agricultural sales amounted to $22.7 billion. Around one in seven Texans in the farming sector operates explicitly or implicitly. That said, you are likely to find a job yourself in the business. And to do so, you don’t have to be a farmer. There is a need for managers, accountants, etc.

In the oil industry and wind power output, Texas leads the country. The wind power deployed was 21,044 MW in 2017, representing 25% of the built wind power of the entire country. From now up to at least 2026, wind turbine technicians are expected to be one of the most demanding jobs. The industrial sector in Texas has more than 865,000 workers, representing roughly 7% of the population in the State. The volatile oil prices bind the Texas oil & gas market, but manufacturing has slowly expanded despite contractions in the petroleum sector.

Texas is one of the main resort towns in the USA, with its diverse cuisine, music, heritage landmarks, and vibrant culture. In 2018 alone, more than 70 million visitors outside the Lone Star State paid a visit. More than 1.2 million workers in the restaurant, food, and transport industries are working in the tourist and tourist industries. Also, don’t forget to visit the beautiful beaches in Texas on your vacation to enjoy swimming and for a relaxing soak.

9.Establishments and Laws Support Small Businesses

Texas is one of the best pro small business states in America, where there is encouragement for small business growth and development. To top it off, Texas is the land of the free with no state income tax (2022), making it one of the most affordable places to live in the USA. Also, Texas doesn’t push small businesses with too many restrictions after the pandemic of covid-19, opposite of New York and California drives millions of business owners and workers to bankruptcy.

Texas also offers many incentives for new businesses, such as tax breaks and grants. There are over 60 small business development centers in rural, urban, and suburban communities throughout the state. The Texas Small Business Development Center Network has a database of knowledge, tools, and resources that business owners can use to succeed. They even provide free expert consultation and affordable training to help the business owner at every stage of their business development to help you grow your small business.

10.Overall freedom

Texans are known for their friendliness; even the origin of Texas’s name comes from the Indian name Caddo word, táysha,ʼ meaning, ‘friends.’ Texans also pride themselves in constitutional patriotic American values, and they are known for being right-wing Republicans when it comes to their political persuasions. And being situated along the Bible belt, Texans are predominantly conservative, as many people there hold to Biblical principles and practice respect, honesty, and decency towards each other. Unlike Mexico just to the south and adjacent to Texas, drug cartels and lawless corruption rule the desert badlands, crime is astronomically high.

This frontier state has always been known for its freedom and patriotism. Even the Texas motto is ‘Friendship, Freedom, and Prosperity’. It’s also one of the most patriotic states in America, with a deep sense of duty to preserve and protect their liberties and way of life. So patriotic as the state has the largest population of American veterans than any other state. And because most American states are losing their ‘American values,’ Texans wanted to find ways to preserve them, so they sought to secede from the American union and become their own independent country multiple times over.

One such bill was filed recently in 2021 by State Rep. Kyle Biedermann, which would give Texans a chance to explore opting out of the union in a referendum. They called it the “Texit.” Even though they had several thousand petition signatures, the bill was not passed. This demonstrates that people here fight for their American constitutional rights and aren’t afraid to show it.

In conjunction with defending the ‘American way,’ Texans also are gun-toting citizens—priding themselves in their second amendment rights. You should not be surprised to encounter many concealed weapon carriers walking around the cities and several open pages in the more rural districts. Yet even with all their gun-toters, Texas remains relatively safe.

What Should You Know About Texas Before Moving?

Perhaps you have a work offer in Texas, which you will accept. Maybe you have dreamed about getting closer to your kin. Before going there, here are a few things that you need to remember about Texas.

Unpredictable and Warmer Weather

Texas is vast, and the circumstances depending on where you live in the state can vary greatly. Texas weather is an adventure, from wet to dry, from mild to severe. The summer months usually are hot, and the conditions vary from the mid to the upper nineties, while the average winters in the mid-sixties are rare where cold periods are rarely present. The Gulf Coast has experienced many major hurricanes, such as Carla (1961), Celia (1970), Ike (2008), etc. Texas has more tornados each year than any other.

Texas is quite surprising. Were you aware that in 24 hours, Alvin, Texas, holds the most rain record ever to fall in the US? In 1979, during the Claudette Tropical Storm that 43 inches of precipitation accumulated. It could be better to rethink your step if you don’t enjoy warm weather. On the opposite, going to Texas is the best move you make if you are someone who thrives on it.

Deregulated Utility Market

Texas’s energy sector is deregulated, enabling customers to select their providers. This allows you to pick which business best matches your home and family’s needs. You may also shift vendors, which could sound dangerous if you come from a controlled market.

Don’t panic – when you switch, you’re never going to witness any interruptions. Usually, after choosing the new schema, the modifications take approximately seven working days, and the first payment will be collected without delay from the selected company during the next billing period.

Congested Traffic

First, you can find that things are scattered geographically across the Lone Star state. Regrettably, the shortage of extensive mass transport is a genuine problem, and any Texan city citizen will inform you that they have been annoyed with spending time in traffic. You can spend a great deal of time driving because you live within a distance of 3-4 miles from your office. Traffic is terrible, and in most places, the highways have not held pace, so get ready for the unexpected.

Immense Diversity

It usually’s quick to find your dream location in Texas. There are many towns and villages where everyone wants to avoid the madness. You may want a life in Houston or maybe Dallas with your take-out and shipment on a speed dial or perhaps a city museum only a short stroll away. The state is geographically relatively broad to have the greatest range of all sorts, and it is sufficiently diversified to encourage almost everyone to find their sweet home.

Amazing Geography

In Texas, country life or busy city choices are available. In addition, you are not far from big airlines. There are also train stops in Amtrak and airports, and you might be afraid to step on from family or friends. However, living in Texas doesn’t mean you’re going to be on a peninsula. More concentrated in the United States, you have access to any flights, trains, or car transportation that you use to visit.

What Do We Have to Say?

The first (and best) explanation for coming here is that people are really close and incredible. In the country, you’re never going to find mates like Texas. All people try to support one another. Random discussions are also open all the time. It is a special phenomenon in Texas that builds a culture that everybody loves.

The second explanation is that Texas is highly business-friendly and tax-friendly. Texas provides the potential to face these new challenges if you wish to build a new vision for yourself. It is an outstanding position in which you can support yourself. The third factor is the extremely low land valuation and costs. This means that Texas is inexpensive if you want to purchase a house and build your own home life.

You are on the brink of making a brilliant decision when you have a Texas move on your mind. All you have to do right now is identify your dream home, with its distinctive character, rich historical history, and different facilities.

You will never be disappointed with so much to experience or do in Texas. The state has a range of significant cultural landmarks, including the Big Ben National Park, the Alamo, the Johnson Space Center, the San Antonio River Walk, etc. Texas is also a place where many of the finest meals, retail and cultural deals can be found in all major cities.

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