10 Podcasts Every Digital Nomad Must Listen To

by | Last updated Apr 26, 2022

We have the right fuel for your fire to propel you along on your Digital Nomad journey. Do you feel the need for an extra bit of assistance? Maybe what you’re looking for is to learn in-depth tools of the trade, digital business strategies, and the strategies to perform phenomenally successful online businesses. When listening to podcasts by “Digital Nomads” for “Digital Nomads,” you will do all these activities.

Podcasts Every Digital Nomad Must Listen To

Let’s check the best digital nomad podcasts you should follow to keep yourself motivated, learn new tricks from experts, and enjoy the laptop lifestyle.

1.Become Nomad

Becoming Nomad is a podcast that explains the nomadic way of life. People aim to provide you with knowledge, insight, and assets to make you a better and better long-term backpacker and Nomad, whether you are a digital nomad on the road or think of changing your current life to a nomad.

Become Nomad offers words of wisdom into digital nomadic lifestyle truths. The presenter shares the philosophy of concentrating on the present and letting go lightheartedly as a long-term digital nomad entrepreneur. Every piece of individual components is a shock-full of quality ideas – even though this nomadic digital podcast isn’t tight – often only releasing an episode every few weeks.

You’ll learn about the nomadic lifestyle ideology, how to pursue your passion, how to pick a lodging, and much more. The podcast does not appear to adhere to a rigid timetable of posts-they only release an update every few months. Each one is full of quality suggestions that will keep you entertained before the next episode.

2.The Tim Ferris Show

Creator of The 4-hour workweek, the infamous novel Tim Ferris pioneers modern work techniques to allow people more time to do what they want. He has a popular website and a fantastic podcast full of excellent knowledge, and his style is unique and fun. Though not, in the strictest words, a digital nomad podcasting, Tim Ferris is the author of one of the influential 4-Hour Workweek books of all time. His job is to help others overcome challenges and simplify and build their perfect lifestyles. This podcast results in an unbelievably helpful exchange of content featuring discussions with iconic figures from all walks of life.

3.Nomad Together

The description of digital nomads varies widely globally, but little is known about the lifestyle. Nomad Together is an essential listener for someone with their family members or family who wishes to wander the globe. Hosts Becky and Paul have plenty of insightful ideas for sharing and inspiring children.

Many claim they cannot be a digital nomad by having a home, and Nomad Together, by comparison, is accommodated by an autonomous family. With four children, the digital nomad lifestyle doesn’t deter them. Instead, this podcast has been developed to address many subjects, problems, and answers about family travel.

Everyone should be autonomous of their position as a family! During their trips, the hosts encountered families from around the globe who followed this lifestyle. This podcast is all about how you can still live an independent family, luxurious lifestyle. The hosts discuss subjects such as homeschooling, road school, university education, remote employment, and the operation of an autonomous business venue.

4.Nomadtopia Radio

According to Amy Host, there is no ‘perfect’ time to start the Nomadtopia, and there are no ‘poor nomads’ according to Amy Host. Forms and blueprints are not in this podcast. It includes knowing what is essential to you and the lifestyle that embodies the nomad lifestyle. It’s about ways to decide where you can get what you want and move or journey accordingly. Amy Scott explores everyday life as a tourist, nomad, and pioneer, sharing her account of travelling and working outside boundaries as one of the very few women host shows.

Their stories highlight various ways to experience the world, work and live on your standards, and build your own life. The founder of Nomadtopia, Amy, analyses her life as a digital nomad rather than establishing a plan for digital marketing and how it has created its perfect way of life. Amy assists visitors in learning what matters and what to do before moving to a new country. She concentrates on helping you figure out what you want – whatever it is.

best podcasts for digital nomads

5.Zero to Travel

Zero to Travel founder Jason Moore, a travel expert, communicates with curious people living on the path to constantly find new ways of exploring. They give crazy tips and main tools, learn about issues like laptop lifestyle challenges, start/run an online company, good budget travel plans, exciting ways to obtain free Travel, risky lives, fun travel work, schedule epic trips, backpacking, etc. else between them.

While Zero to Travel talks about remote jobs with tactics and advice, more of this podcast is about the Digital Nomad Travel aspect. Given one of the most important benefits, is it sensible? Get ready for inspiration to get something you didn’t know in the universe and know what you’re doing. Zero to Travel is a fascinating show for digital nomads and fans. Host Jason facilitates collaboration and speaks with fellow nomads about their encounters and advice for potential and new international travelers.

6.Location Indie

You’ll get undiluted, behind-the-scenes footage of the autonomous and digital nomad way of life with the Location Indie Podcast. Jason and Trav offer a candid and emotional view of remote jobs, the digital nomad lifestyle, and how to keep yourself motivated. To accomplish what they call the “Triangle of TOTAL Freedom,” you will know the truth behind what it takes:

  • Location Freedom: The capacity of just about anywhere to make money.
  • Time Freedom: Whenever you want, be allowed to do what you want.
  • Financial Freedom: Dumping your job to make a living and never having to rely on anybody else.

Location Indie is an inviting and vibrant traveling and online community. Helping you meet like-minded persons is a significant focus of your company website. In this fun, engagement-focused online network, you can cooperate or brainstorm, arrange meetings, and chat with other remote commuters.

7.Badass Digital Nomads

Kristin Wilson is a multimedia nomad with an excellent podcast. She’s a young woman making a severe impact on the landscape with not just a show and also on YouTube and a Facebook page that is part of hers.

You can learn how to avoid the daily grind on her podcast and experience more independence, versatility, and time by living digitally. Plus, you’ll get the inside scoop on how in the sector of remote work, a digital country of self-made founding members, independent contractors, and former 9-5 employees are revolutionizing.

8.Nomad Capitalist

Nomad Capitalist seeks to help young professionals lower taxes legitimately, expand their income, and create a life of independence away from any centralized policy. This is a really accountancy podcast, so give this a shot if you’re curious about the world. Andrew Henderson shares tips and perspectives obtained from his world travels every week about how you can pursue more independence, expand and secure your money, and on your terms, live a progressive life. The episodes are also super-fast, less than 10 minutes, so listening is quick.

While Nomad Capitalist provides construction guides and outstanding remote-jobs, their most significant winning point is that they can help you save a lot of cash by looking at the regulatory side. That’s how they deliver prosperous innovators and people with business-winning tactics and tools to lower their tax bills, offshore banking overseas, and become a world traveler.

Nomad Capitalist is a platform for anyone who wishes to make something out of their economic situation and personal independence by being a global citizen. In his show, Andrew speaks about taxes, homes, savings, and enhancing the individual wealth condition. Although the podcast is no longer running, 110 insightful episodes can still be enjoyed.

9.Living Unconventionally

Living Unconventionally includes monthly interviews with international travellers, full-time adventurers, traders, and several other individuals who have dropped their offices and opted to follow their worldwide passions. They share their travel stories, how they find travel offers, how their lives have been enriched by travelling in an unorthodox manner, how they finance their journeys, and how they make a profit while on the road.

10.Going Remote

You can hear conversations with active digital nomads in Going Remote who work non-traditional jobs for digital nomads. You’ll listen to what they’re doing and how they got there and discover what makes them suitable from the primary ingredients. Fascinated?

Charles Du, a retired NASA scientist, turned digital nomad who has lived and worked on over six continents, is hosting the podcast. Sadly, as of March 2017, this podcast ceased to drop new shows, but the archive is precious.

Maybe you’ve already heard of Nomad Charles? It turns out Charles is also running a talk show. He chats with other successful digital nomads in Going Remote and discovers what they are doing today and how they got there. Superb podcast if you would like to overview their recipe for success.

Why Should You Listen to Podcasts?

Here are some benefits of listening to podcasts about digital nomad lifestyles and tips.

Amazing Multitasking

The most significant benefit (as opposed to watching Netflix) of hearing podcasts is that you can listen to them when out and about! You can now, whenever you choose, wherever you may be, be captivated or learn a different lesson. This eyes-free, hands-free form of expression will make you look forward more to your daily chores and morning commutes. Listen as you unroll your household chores, cook your meal, or rinse your dishes, and your workload will look a lot lighter. Podcasts add a relaxing form of interactivity to your schedule in a world where we constantly seem to be congested, attempting to manage career and personal time.

Lower Screen Times

The average American has 8 hours of TV per day. Scientists have demonstrated the significant strain on the eyes that television viewing has, and there is extra pure conjecture that it is also detrimental to health. The great thing about podcasts is that they can provide visual media with an amusing substitute. 

Podcasts necessitate no reading and few resources, much like videos, but they do not trigger the same visual stress or psychological numbness as videos. Research shows that while listening to podcasts, the brain is more productive than viewing television. This is because podcasts necessitate audiences to use their creativity with visual accompaniment instead of spoon-feeding customers. So today, access a podcast for your eyes’ sake and enhance your creativity!

The Variable of Success

You might not have been amazed to realize that the biggest audience for podcasts is highly qualified, rich, and influential adults after reading about how podcasts encourage more brain stimulation than mainstream TV. If successful individuals find this content valuable, perhaps we can all learn from them and take a few steps towards success.

You may think that bringing this up is a little pretentious, but we believe everybody should benefit from podcasts’ educational and interacting enjoyment, regardless of background. The opportunity to pursue the American Dream is given to all Americans, so why not begin with the simple step of hearing instructional podcasts about your area of interest?

Learn from Experts

A critical way for the general person to interact with the masses without mainstream media is to make Podcasts available. This implies that experts from thousands of business sectors can quickly start sharing insider tips with the populace. In a simple, seamless, and free tutorial, you can take guidance from knowledgeable people rather than reading complicated manuals or getting bogged down with irrelevant info.

Imagine being able to commercialize a small company. Now you are advised by dozens of specialists. And another excellent feature about podcasting – regardless of your interest – there likely are thousands of podcasts that will apply to you in particular.

Unbiased Information

A further advantage of the podcasting nation is that the news from the same three significant channels is not specific to us. Sources are restricted and often misleading, whether individuals watch TV or listen to the radio. Gathering a solid background from experts before becoming a digital nomad will help you achieve your goals with no hassles.

Podcasts, however, introduce diversity. The pure quantity of podcasts ensures that more than two or three insights on a given topic can be found. Enjoy the benefits of original thinking by attaching to the mainstream news piece you’re accustomed to hearing a little uniqueness.

Supporting Small Business

Trends reveal that youth are obsessed with corporate social responsibility. This means that the millennial generation boys non-ethical companies like Nike support local and fair trade firms over big businesses and purchases from caring companies.

This is illustrated by TOMS’s tremendous sponsorship, a company that offers two shoes to each pair it sells. Most podcasts are independent start-ups, except for around a dozen leading outlets. So you will use your subscription to help the presenter of a show that you like, rather than to feed news and entertainment industry giants.

Conversational Discussions

Conversations between two or more people are commonly podcast series, as do audiobooks, where an author relates a tale. This back and forth has several benefits over the traditional one-person narrative used in tape novels. Someone telling you a story always sounds more normal than anyone. You can hear people jumping and drawing on what the others just said. A podcast is not as formal as a book, so there are more chances to listen to fascinating tangents.

Maybe the best of all is that you can tap in and out of a podcast. If you lose your concentration even for a moment with an audiobook, you can quickly get confused, but a podcast episode gives you plenty of chance to hop back into the fold.

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