Going back ten years from now, the trend of freelancing might not have excited as it has done now. The community considered a freelancer an unemployed being, and gone are the times when people thought freelancers were inferior to full-time employees. Similarly, it has become a new norm, where people work on the side and full-time as a freelancer and achieve a respectable amount of money. Technology has made several things easier for people worldwide, and freelancing is a vibrant example.

Reasons Why I Love Working As A Freelancer

Freelancing has brought a massive change in the working arena, and people love it no less. I’ll share with you why I love working as a freelancer?


No wonder Freelancing is very popular among the people today for the freedom it brings. I can work in an environment where I am free to choose my working hours, choose the place I want to work, and lastly, I do not have a pressure of an office schedule. It is just like ‘going with the flow,’ just that the flow is created by myself. Location independence makes freelancing vs. full-time jobs more attractive for the new generations.

2.I Am the Boss

How convenient is it that you are not answerable to anyone for your work? I love the fact that I choose my clients and projects. Moreover, I give myself deadlines and have no restrictions regarding my work.

3.I Do Not Have to Care About My Pajamas

Being one of those people who give up on getting up and getting a tie on for the office, I want to be the most relaxed person while I work to get to be in my bed, in my pajamas, and do the day’s tasks while I freelance. The datum that I can work wherever, however, I want to give me static energy to perform my best.

4.Great Source of Income

As I get to select my work, I can handpick my salary for the job. Freelancing lets me have a good wage and exactly how I want it to be. Either I work full time and earn more or work lesser hours and get a fair amount of money to pay my bills. I get the money by doing what I love.

Why do I love freelancing?

5.Global Work Prospect

Remotely working while sitting in my home allows me to connect to employers worldwide. Therefore, I can select my clients from all over the globe, from different countries, and do the home task. I could be in Nepal and do a writing job for someone in Australia. The possibilities and opportunities are endless in the freelance aspect, letting me evolve and grow.

6.I Can Make My Work Fun

Freelancing lets me do more than one job at a time. Sometimes I put different styles to a single position I am doing, which helps me make my work enjoyable. Also, I can always try new things and pick projects that I believe I could do. I can do different tasks every day. If I write one day, I edit the other and review the next! This keeps the circle going, and the enthusiasm for my work is never dead.

7.Challenging Myself

Freelancing is a one-person show. Depending on your preferences, you will handle all the tasks, from selecting clients to selecting projects, managing, and completing the tasks. We do not get to have an office atmosphere where we have our colleagues to get our backs. Getting to do a complete job by myself, I challenge myself to do things I might never have done before. This kind of challenge makes me stronger every day to keep myself successful. Check my guide about the most popular freelancer challenges faced and learn how to deal with them.

8.Say No to Office Politics

We all know the horrific office politics that keeps itself instilled in every workplace. From competing managers to jealous colleagues, these politics stop you from growing further in your specified job title. While you cannot focus and boost your performance due to all the hustle and bustle around you. Especially if you are forced to deal with a bad boss that leaves you behind in the race. I keep myself safe from all that misery and choose a great deal of freelancing.

9.Gaining Confidence

As mentioned earlier, the freelancer handles all the tasks in freelancing jobs. This element gives me confidence that I can do more than I think I can do. Being one-to-one with the client and the client believing and appreciating the work, also boosts my energy and confidence, which allows me to keep my head high every time I choose a task.

10.Always Learning Something in The End

Every day in freelance and business life carries new challenges, and I learn from each one of them. Everything from time management to task scheduling to the type of work, every project seems different from the previous one and has to be done alone. This allows me to learn one thing from a venture and apply it to my next. Be it a designer, writer, or developer, one will be a businessperson, and they will learn to solve problems every day.

The Takeaway

In the coming years, people should look forward to doing work this way and bringing about a helpful and better change in society. Even the government has started hiring freelancers for years. It would not be wrong to say that an optimistic approach to freelancing will always give freelancers a better consequence for their work. Let’s make things easy for everyone; let’s freelance!