Work styles are evolving, so If we talk about the current pandemic scenario, most people are working remotely. Most people are using their laptops as their workstations to do their tasks. This working style is the path toward the laptop lifestyle where a person earns their livelihood online.

Top Reasons Why Laptop Lifestyle Is Not for Everyone?

The online business life sounds excellent as you are your boss, but still, many people are not comfortable with this lifestyle. Now, let’s look at the struggles and challenges that you will face when living the laptop lifestyle as a digital nomad. Do you think you can survive?

why the laptop lifestyle is not for everyone

1.Lack of Social Connection

Some people are against the 9 to 5 routine, but interacting with people makes their routine enjoyable. When you are going to work from home, there is no social interaction, and you will be sitting alone in a room and doing your work. Some people will soon get fed up with this routine.

Some people like to meet with their co-workers daily to discuss the work and the progress of their ongoing projects and other various topics. There is no doubt that people can still use video calling platforms like Skype, Zoom, and much more to converse with their colleagues. But face-to-face interaction is much different from virtual meetings. You can make friends in a new place online or in the coffeehouses, so it’s not a big issue if you make a decent income.

2.No Track of Time

In a 9 to 5 job, we have fixed working hours, so We try our best to complete our daily tasks and go home. Contrarily, when we are working from home on our own business, there is no time limit in our minds. We may take more breaks than working in an office, and we work with peace of mind because we set our deadline.

On the other hand, even while working from home for an office, you will have deadlines, meetings, and zoom interviews with clients that you must handle. Once you step out of your digital venture, you are free to set things on your own. Few people might not be able to get through this as they will not be able to do things on time when given freedom.

3.You Are Responsible for Everything

When doing your own business, you are responsible for everything. It can be managing work, handling finances, and dealing with people. You will have to take care of your physical and mental health on your own while managing your career.

As there are defined working hours in an office job, a person can set up a work-life balance. But when you are working on your own, you might ignore your health. Your only goal will be to make your business profitable and achieve your deadlines.

Most digital nomads and freelancers face mental issues due to stress and anxiety. For more details, you should listen to the famous digital nomads’ podcasts when the experts explain the challenges, risks and how to manage the laptop lifestyle the right way. Now, let’s look at the struggles that a person has to face when working using a laptop as a source for generating income and establishing a business online.

4.Unavailability of Proper Workplace

The location independence with no office politics is why people want to become a digital nomad, but you need a quiet place to do the work with great focus. Everyone can’t get a separate room to set up their home office. Most of the time, when people don’t have enough space at their premises, they will be moving around their house to do their work. They will be sitting at different places in their home as they have no proper workplace.

5.Internet Connectivity Problems

The internet is essential for working from home or running their business online. If there is any internet connectivity issue or blockage in the area, the entire working suffers greatly. It is essential to ensure that a person has a reliable and robust internet connection in the house or at a particular workplace.

6.Ergonomic Conditions

Good light, proper seating, and good viewing angles are ergonomic conditions that should be kept in mind when working on the laptop. You can’t just lay down or sit in an awkward position to work on your computer.

To work correctly, you should keep your computer on a flat surface, sit on a chair that is adjustable to a proper height to view the screen properly, and adequate light in the room is essential to view things on the screen.


Now you will be aware of why the laptop lifestyle is not for every person. It has some limitations and struggles that a person can’t ignore. If you are a strong will who can tackle all the problems, you should try it. There is nothing wrong with being different from others and experimenting with different things in your life.