The very idea of going on a vacation during this pandemic is definitely a refresher. So, when the world goes back to normal (hopefully soon), make sure you keep your travel list handy and up-to-date. Many travelers chose a common destination such as Paris or London. But many few travel enthusiasts go creative about choosing their next travel destination, like Africa.

And oh! On the earth, who has not watched the famous animated movie “Madagascar,” an island in Africa? Now you might feel excited about traveling to Africa.

Apart from wildlife, Africa has a lot to offer. It only needs some time to explore this adventurous and beautiful part of the world. The best thing about traveling to Africa is that it offers both fun and adventure. Not to mention that many of its places are travelers’ favorite. In addition to it, you can get a lot about the local culture. Above all, Africa is safe to travel to.

Yes, you heard it right. Africa is a safe country. However, crimes occur in Africa, too, as they occur in many rich and famous tourist destinations. So, if someone says Africa is not safe at all is nothing but a myth. Most African countries are the safest to visit. Surrounded by Suez’s Isthmus, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red sea, and the Indian Ocean, you can explore more about its geography, culture, wildlife, and history.

One striking thing about the eastern part of Africa is that it saw humans’ origin and great apes. The earliest human remains were found in the African countries of Ethiopia, Morocco, and South Africa nearly around 300,000 years ago.

As well as North Africa has the honor to witness early human civilizations, i.e., Phoenicia and Ancient Egypt. So, be it a fun adventure or exploring some historical civilizations and above all safety, you will enjoy every aspect of your vacation in Africa.

17 Safest Countries In Africa for Tourists

So, now you have dozens of legit reasons to travel to Africa. Probably this is the time to grab a pen and a piece of paper and enlist the safest countries to visit. Being the second-largest continent, the options are numerous.

It might even seem difficult to shortlist the best places. But when your concern is safety, you have to enlist the safest countries to visit in Africa. Let’s let’s explore the best countries in Africa you should visit that’s are safe & comfort for tourists to enjoy an amazing trip with no hassles.


Despite having a troubled history, Rwanda is one of the popular safe tourist African destinations. The unrest and violence in the past have proved to be a lesson for its people. Ultimately, Rwanda has become a peaceful country.

The welcoming people of Rwanda are proof of this rebirth. Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is a source of happiness and peace. Not only for the locals but for the tourists as well. This is proof that Rwanda is one of the safest places in Africa.


Namibia is another one of the safest countries in Africa. This country has a desert climate. Given its dry climate, the population density and crime rate is comparatively low than in other countries. As the country is politically stable, it is developed, and you can find good medical services and infrastructure such as roads.

Certain crowded parts of the country are unsafe for the tourists, such as the city of Windhoek. Unless necessary, tourists should not go to such places. They can fall victim to some petty crimes. But most of Namibia is safe and picturesque.
As it is surrounded by desert and the Atlantic Ocean, the country has vast plains. This makes Namibia the right place for a road trip.


If you want to experience the vibrant culture of West Africa, Liberia is your destination. Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, offers a range of markets where you can find artisan selling their handicrafts. And if you are interested in knowing Liberia’s history, head towards Liberia National Museum.

As Liberia is one of the safest countries in Africa, surfers gather here, from around the world, to surf the perfect waves. The jungles are home to many wild animals such as elephants, leopards, the pygmy hippo, and chimpanzees.

Although safe, begin a tourist, you should take some safety measures and be mindful when roaming. For the commute, make sure you take a taxi through a reputable company instead of taking a street cab. Opportunists are everywhere. And as tourists are new to the place, it is always wise to be vigilant.

Risks are always there when you take a foreign tour. It does not mean that Africa is not safe to travel to. You simply need to take necessary safety measures, which are recommended for any foreign traveling.


Botswana is one of the politically stable countries in Africa. And because of this, tourists hardly experience crime here. It is beautiful, with picturesque landscapes and wildlife.

This place is ideal for those who want to visit safari while traveling, whether solo, with friends, or with family. Another benefit of visiting Botswana is that everyone speaks English here. So it is easy for foreign tourists to visit and get around.

On the Global Peace Index, Botswana ranks 30 on the list of safest countries in Africa.


Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is also called a tropical paradise and is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations. And if you are a solo traveler, be ready for an adventure-filled trip to Africa. Mauritius is a wildlife sanctuary, and when you go diving, you can see some giant tortoise. Whereas on the island, you will also see white lions.

Being a safe county, you can take a helicopter flight to view the mesmerizing sceneries. Also, from the above, you will witness the underwater waterfall.


The jewel of West Africa, Ghana, is one of the safest countries in Africa. Accra, the capital of Ghana, has recently built a new airport. Accra is a big city and densely populated; you need to be cautious against crimes after dark and pickpockets. Ghana has the best score for Global Peace Index in Africa according to wikipedia, so you will not face too much problems concerning your safety if you take the normal measures of protections.

There is so many tourists spot in Ghana. Such as the Cape Coast Castle, which was used for the slave trade. The Kakum National Park, an oasis on the Cape Coast, is a must-visit place in Ghana. Taking Kakum Canopy Walk is also a beautiful experience.


Among others, Tanzania is also one of the safest countries in Africa. For safari lovers, Serengeti is the best place to visit. Also, you must have heard of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is also located in Tanzania. And for some tropical paradise views, visit Zanzibar.

Apart from safety and peace, Tanzania offers awesome views of wildlife. If you want to witness the real pride of lions, visit Serengeti. The turquoise water of Zanzibar, coupled with sunshine, is a perfect place to relax and unwind.


Zambia is home to the famous Victoria Falls, the largest waterfalls in Africa. Not only for Victoria Falls, but Zambia is also famous for its cheerful and pleasant people. These places will offer you an awesome view of wildlife such as Zebras.
Although the crime here is quite low yet, you still need to take care of your belongings.

Be careful about flashing your cell phone around. Moreover, you have to be careful about drunk drivers here, especially at night. Overall, Zambia is a good and safe place. Being a foreign tourist, you have to remain careful.


Made up of 15 biodiverse islands, this African country is the most beautiful country in Africa. The travelers here report little crime, particularly far from the mainland. It is one of the most famous destinations among honeymooners. The government here is stable and supports tourism.

The most interesting thing about this country is that you can cruise around its islands and witness the 125 years old tortoise.

White sand beaches, beautiful resorts, palm trees, tropical paradise, aquatic animals, and what not? You name it, and you will find it in Seychelles. This is one of the safest countries in Africa, where tourists love to spend vacations and relax. However, you need to be cautious against riptides while swimming in the sea.


When you go to the Eastern side of Africa, Kenya is the name that comes to mind when thinking about the safest countries in Arica. No doubt, this country has a history of civil unrest and disputed election results. But in fact, these events should not affect you. You don’t have to get caught up in them and better avoid visiting main areas should you happen to visit during such times.

Kenya is home to excellent infrastructure, facilities, and communication networks. Moreover, you will find good medical services here, with ease of access in the whole country. The good is the thing is that people speak English here. So it becomes easy for you to communicate, which makes things easier.
You should not visit Kenya during the rainy season as there are floods along the coast particularly. And the good thing about its climate is that threat of cyclones is very low, given its location close to the equator.


Going towards the West side of Africa, you reach Senegal. Senegal is one of the most politically stable and safest countries in Africa. This county is also called Africa’s model democracy. The democratic elections and press freedom have also made this country a progressive one.

Although there are some health issues with typhoid or malaria, yet, Senegal is considered one of the safest countries in Arica.


On the Northern side, Egypt’s famous country is also one of the safest countries in Africa. Egypt is progressive, highly developed, and easy to go to. You can visit this country as a solo traveler as well.

In Cairo, the capital of Egypt, you will find the metro. It is safe to move from one corner of the city to another using metro. Moreover, you can use ridesharing apps or domestic flights to visit the country.

If you are into taking a Nile cruise, it is quite affordable and one of its own kind of experience. And when swimming in the Red Sea, you will see large wildlife creatures.


In addition to Egypt in the North, Morocco is also one of the safest countries in Africa. It is also very stable and welcoming for the tourists. The infrastructure is good for tourists. Hassel and pollution can be some of the tourists’ concerns. The environment within hotels is good throughout the country.

You can also book the tours in advances, such as a trip to the Atlas Mountains or a camel ride while returning from Marrakesh. As Morocco is very close to Spain, you can also have a chance to visit Spain by boat.

As Morocco is a progressive and growing economy, it offers a good standard of services. In case you are a female tourist or want to take female travelers with you, make sure you wear the appropriate dresses. This is because of showing respect for religion as well as protecting yourself from the scorching sun.


Down in the South, you will locate Mozambique. It is also one of the safest countries in Africa. People here are friendly, like other parts of South Africa. The environment and the crime ratio is quite low. If you want to visit Mozambique, you need to consider weather conditions.

This country experiences cyclones and severe flooding. This country is not economically very strong. The right time to visit Mozambique is winters that last from May through September. During this time, the coastal areas are not humid, rainfall is very less, and the tropical heat is also bearable. In these months you can enjoy snorkeling.

Although this place is not a very big tourist destination, however, for budget travelers, this is a good destination. The streets are calm, peaceful, and absolutely safe.


Uganda is a landlocked East African country. It is also one of the famous tourist destinations in East Africa, given its famous safari and a huge gorillas population. Here you will find a good infrastructure throughout the country.

Uganda is safer and cheaper to visit gorillas than Rwanda. Although it is safe yet, you need to consider travel precautions. Take good care of your belongings and make sure you don’t go out alone during the night. You will find these common travel concerns anywhere. But Uganda is a safe country to visit in Africa.


Ethiopia is one of the growing economies of the world. Moreover, this is the right destination for nature as well as history lovers. In certain areas, there is civil unrest. So, before going there, you need to stay up to date about local developments. And stay away from those areas.

Keeping aside dangerous animals and climatic conditions, Ethiopia is a safe country to visit in Africa.


Although economically weak, this country is called the ‘Warm Heart’ of Africa. Despite the poverty, this place feels safe. At lake Malawi, there is a sound infrastructure for tourists. But not in the rest of the country. This country is also stable politically, which makes it one of the safest countries in Africa.

Best Tips & Guidelines To Follow While Traveling To Africa

While traveling to Africa, there are a few considerations you make. Such as going to safari mean a chance of catching malaria and the presence of dangerous wild animals. Similarly, there are other considerations when it comes to visiting Africa.

Take Personal Security Seriously

Personal security while traveling is something you cannot risk. Be it traveling to Africa or any other Western destination. So, before you finalize your itinerary, search famous African travel blogs or news to stay up to date about what is happening there.

In some areas of Africa, we see a high crime rate. But not entire Africa. Destinations like Cape Town are, however, one of the safest places to visit. In addition to it, make sure not to take pictures of government buildings. Also, in places with religious sensitivities like Zanzibar, show respect, and dress up properly.

Be Conscious About Your Health

While you plan to visit Africa, it is important to see a healthcare professional. Ask him or her about the destination-specific vaccine or inoculation. You may need to show your proof of vaccination or inoculation. Boosters of vaccines for illnesses such as typhoid, meningitis, tetanus, rabies, hepatitis A and B, are highly recommended.

Another important thing is not to leave the vaccination to the last minute. Because some vaccines are needed weeks before traveling, while others can make you feel sick, so it is better to consult to doctor beforehand and follow his or her advice. Also, to avoid malaria, apply any insect repellent on your legs, arms, face, and neck.

Always Drink Bottled Water

As there can be several water-borne diseases, it is best to use bottled water. Moreover, bottled water is readily available as well as cheap. Many hotels or resorts will offer you bottled water that you can refill with filtered water.

Bring Sunblock And A Hat!

Regardless of your destination, or the time of the year, bring your hat and sunblock. Be ready for sunburns because the African sun is harsh on every skin type- in any weather.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important safety tips is to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause overheating and overexertion. This causes headaches, nausea, thirst, constipation, feeling dizzy, and significantly dry skin.

Keep Your First Aid Kit With You

You must keep a sufficient supply of prescription or medication that you take regularly. It is not safe to assume that you will get your medications in Africa. It is wise to carry a mini first aid kit during traveling. You can also speak to a healthcare professional and keep non-prescription medications.

Keep Your Agent Informed

While you stay in a lodge or hotel, keep your guide or agent informed about your allergies or chronic illness you may have. Your hotel concierge or host is the best person to provide you professional medical help.

Moving Around Safely

To move around safely and have a safe trip, it is important to leave behind your expensive designer labels and flashy jewelry. These things are not practical to wear, and you can invite thieves or looters.

Think about keeping money in your belt, or take very limited cash with you- sufficient for a day. Unless you are a professional photographer who knows how to keep your camera safe, don’t show your camera around and make yourself a target. Moreover, avoid walking the streets in larger cities or towns by yourself at night.

Budget Your Trip

If you are thinking that being underdeveloped means Africa is quite cheap to visit. Well, that is not the case. Africa is expensive. So you might need to set a budget for each necessity or activity. We suggest to choose one of the low-budget European airlines for cheap fares and save extra charges. Set aside at least $200 in case of an emergency. Also, beware of credit card frauds; it can happen.

Protect Yourself From Scam

You have to be careful about scammers. Simply avoid, if people offer you goods or services for free, or charge very high at the end of the service. You might also see people selling fake tickets at high prices. Or some might insist you to carry your luggage at airports or bus stops and then ask for a large tip. It is better to decide the price first before taking any service.

Be Conservative While Using Resources

Africa has a shortage of electricity, unfortunately. So, when you go out, turn off the lights and remove your chargers. You can take a solar charging device and a universal travel adaptor. Also, avoid taking long showers. You will see water scarcity, which makes Africa a dry continent. So, make your showers short and quick.

Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance is certainly a good thing occurring on your trip. In case of anything goes wrong or you get sick, injured, or get bitten by a wild animal. You will have your insurance to claim the damages.

Hassle Of Passing Borders

You can experience frustrating border processes. Mostly you will pass with no hassle at all. During other times you will have to wait for hours for your passport to be processed. And sometimes there will be no explanation for it. What’s more? A corrupt official can ask for a bribe. So, if you face such a hassle, be sure you know what your visa requirement is. Or visit your local embassy.

Always take your passport back when it meets all the requirements. Don’t take pressure from someone asking you to pay to make the process quick.

You Can Have Flexible Options Of Accommodations

From luxury resorts and lodges to your camp. There are various options to stay in. Camping is very cheap, accessible, and safe. Especially if you go to the countryside, the options of lodges minimize.

To have the best accommodation, make sure you book in advance. The peak season is from May to October. To know other people’s experiences, read online reviews, guide books, or listen to local recommendations. Above all, your accommodation should be safe in all aspects.


Like any other travel destination, Africa has its own flaws. But given its diversity, it offers limitless opportunities for adventure. With its warm hospitality and breathtaking landscapes, no travel enthusiast can ignore this continent.

Those who wish to have a true safari experience must visit Africa. It is a myth that Africa is not a safe country. However, there have been civil wars in the past. Also, this continent is not rich and economically strong. Yet, most parts of Africa are safe. There is a long list of the safest countries in Africa, including the one we just discussed.

Street crimes are everywhere. If you take travel precautions and be mindful of the places you visit, you will experience a fantastic visit to Africa during your next holidays.

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