Selling everything and traveling after creating a comfortable life for yourself can seem a bit crazy. So, why would you do it? Traveling is exciting, it is basically a long holiday that you go on and eventually you might find the perfect place to settle down in and call home. Or, you may just want to travel for a few years and experience life! That’s ok too.

Should You Sell Everything and Travel? Ultimate Guide

Experiencing different cultures and learning about the history of different cities is exciting. You may want to travel to meet new people and make long-time friends. Whatever the reason may be, you are in two minds of whether it is a good idea to do it. Hopefully, this article will help you decide on what you should do. So, let’s dive in.

Why Should I Travel?

Everyone needs to have the experience of traveling the world at some point in their life. Some choose to do it when they are young just after finishing college, others wait until retirement, and some do it with kids in their 30s or 40s. Traveling is exciting! There are many reasons why travel is vital for a person:


You can make a lot of new friends and meet new people all over the world. These types of friends will usually last you a lifetime. You can travel over to them on holidays, or they can come over to you. Meeting new people in any new city will be amazing because they can teach you about their culture, show you where they live, and how they live.

The best way to learn about new places is through the people. There is only so much you can sight-see and read about in books. The people are what really teach you about the history of the country and where they come from. They know all the spots you should visit that books or google will not tell you about.


It is so easy to get comfortable where you are and not go anywhere else. Holidays are not the same as traveling. A holiday lasts a week or two, and in this time, you try to squeeze in all the hot spots that you have read about.

You gain experience from traveling and learning about different cultures. You start to understand people better. You basically come out of your own bubble. If you are a timid person and scared of new things, traveling is exactly what you need as you will gain confidence and put yourself into exciting new situations.

I feel traveling really lets you learn more about yourself, show you how far you can actually go if you just try. You get to push your boundaries in the foods you try, or the new plants and animals you learn about.


Traveling lets you try out new activities such as hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and much more. You will be traveling through places that have some of the best scenery and nature in the world. Amazing waterfalls, beautiful mountains for hikes, and some of the most beautiful beaches to swim on. The list is endless of what you will experience on your travels.

This will allow you to make some of the best memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life! There are definitely a lot of things you can tick off your bucket list on your travels.


You think that you have had great food where you are at now, but nothing will beat trying new food on your travels. Because you are constantly on the move, you will be hungry a lot! On your travels, it is a guarantee that you will come across new restaurants, cafes, and small family-owned dining places.

In these, you will experience food as you have never experienced before. Most of the places would have food that has just been made and home recipes that no one else has. Your taste buds will be on fire and wanting more.

Not only this, but you can also learn how to make new dishes, gain more recipes to bring home with you, and learn new cooking styles that you would have never known about. You get to watch people cook right in front of you.


You get to learn so many new languages. It is respectful to learn some keywords or phrases when you are going to a new country, as you cannot expect all places or people to speak English. Most locals away from the busy cities would not speak English. This is exciting as you try to communicate and learn more from them. This way of learning a language is far better than sitting in a classroom trying to learn it. You actually want to learn when you are traveling.


The best thing about traveling is that you can pick up random digital nomad jobs in different cities, towns, or villages that you travel to. This will help you gain more experience in a variety of industries, as well as helping you learn more about the locals.

7.Seeing Life

There is only so much you can learn from the news or the internet. Seeing things for yourself truly opens up your eyes to what is actually happening in the world. The best learning experience is to actually be there and live it, not from reading or listening to someone else tell you.

There is poverty in the world, there are wars, there are poisonous animals, and much more. You will see first-hand how people farm on large land, how they pick fruit, how wine is made, how hand-made things are made. It is a life lesson you learn through traveling. You pick up a lot of skills from watching people and learning from them.

8.Who Are You?

If you struggle with this question every day, traveling will help you learn and develop into your own person. You will be traveling on your own most of the time, and as you move from city to city, you learn more and find out exactly who you are.

There is no being in a group and following what everyone else is doing. You make your own decisions, try out whatever you want, eat whatever you want, do whatever you want. You are the leader of what you do next. There is no better feeling.


You do get challenged a lot on your travels, but this is purely because most of the things you are doing are completely brand new to you and most of the time you are putting yourself outside of your comfort zone to do them.

This is not a bad thing as you accept these new challenges and grow as a person. You find out you can actually do the things you never dreamed of doing because you were too scared. When you are put into the situation and have to do it, there is no other option. You overcome your fears and thrive as a person.

There are so many more reasons why you should travel, the list can go on and on. Travelling allows you to experience other lifestyles first-hand. You never know, you may actually fall in love with a country and want to stay there!

Should I Sell Everything?

You may think you are crazy for wanting to do this, but you may be surprised how little you actually need in life to survive. If you own a house, you do not need to sell it, you can just rent it out for the period you are gone for. This is a smart move because you will still be getting money every month from the rent which will help you on your travels.

Belongings that are not needed can be sold which will allow you to make extra cash for your travels. Your car you can sell as you will not need it. You can always just buy a new car when you get home. What you actually need to travel is your passport, phone, some clothes, and toiletries. Apart from this, you really do not need anything.

You will constantly be moving around, so you do not want heavy bags of stuff to keep moving around with you. You can always buy clothes or whatever you need when you are abroad. A Vespa is a great little investment if you are traveling through Europe because you can go from town to town, absorb the countryside, and learn more than traveling by plane, bus, or train.

It allows you to stop off anywhere you want and whenever you want. It is definitely an easy mode of transport and does not cost a lot. Sell as much as you and whatever you do not need. You can put some things in storage while you are gone, and the rest can be sold to use towards your travels.

Should I Sell Everything and Travel?

In my opinion, yes you should! It is the best feeling in the world learning about new countries. Life in one place can become quite dull at times as you keep doing the same thing day in day out. It becomes a routine! There is only so much you can do in your own country before you have done it all and become quite bored of it.

We always read and watch so much about different cultures but never actually know about it from our own experience. Traveling is a great way to meet people who will teach you about the different cultures, history, way of life.

You will learn how little you actually need to survive in the world. All the things you thought were so important, will seem like nothing when you travel. Working full time can provide you with money, which allows you to get the everyday things you need, go on holidays, buy nice new things. But it does not allow you freedom. Some countries allow 5 holiday days per year, others allow 25 days.

This does not allow you to fully live your life. Traveling opens new horizons for you, puts you out of your little bubble, and makes you experience life. It is good for your mental health. As I said, staying in one place can become a routine lifestyle. For some people this is ok, but not all. It can get quite dull and boring. Traveling brings excitement and a break from your office job.

It is something you can cross of your bucket list and the memories you create from it will last you forever. You may come to find that living somewhere like a small village in Italy or Thailand is more appealing to you than being in a busy city working in the office. The everyday challenges you face will make you grow as a person and when you come back you will be unrecognizable.

The life lessons you learn from your travels will teach you a lot and will stick with you for the rest of your life. Most people end up creating their own businesses after their travels and never work a full-time job again. Travel truly opens your eyes to the beauty of the world and makes you appreciate life more.

You will never experience life more than after you spend months or years travelling. You can truly say that you have experienced different cultures, challenges, nature, food, and much more through travelling to many countries. It will build your character and show you how other people live. It will make you appreciate your own life more.

Apart from all this, travel brings happiness and a sense of relaxation. It is good for your health! So yes, I think you should sell everything and travel as it will be the BEST thing you ever do in your life on your own or with your partner and kids. You need to experience it at least once in your life and trust me, you will not regret it!

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