Who Is Tai Lopez? A Scam Artist Exposed

by | Last updated Oct 31, 2022

Tai Lopez is just another fake GURU who ” makes money by teaching people how to make money?”. Many people are familiar with him because of the professional resources he offers on his online platforms or his interviews with famous entrepreneurs. The primary factor Tai Lopez is so well-known has to do with the fortune he has amassed via the sale of several programs that promise to help people succeed and transform their lives in a positive way. But is that True? Is that Tai Lopez your Guardian Angel?

Is Tai Lopez a scam? Absolutely YES. Learn more about how he manipulates broken people buy his courses and what previous students have to say about him.

Who Is Tai Lopz? A Scam Artist Exposed

Tai Lopez’s programs cover various subjects, including media platforms, property development, and some other corporation issues. Tai Lopez promotes his programs in a manner that encourages people to feel that purchasing them would help them achieve prosperity.

Many consumers were duped into purchasing his programs ( Please Don’t). They later discovered that the knowledge might have been obtained for free on the web or via instructive videos online. That’s why consumers must undertake their personal, thorough research before buying any program of this nature. That’s the secret to putting money aside for yourself.

Lopez’s classes can cost anything from $99 to more than $7000 (He’s building a scam empire of digital products ). To understand more of what other people had to say about the programs, you could look for and watch videos like the Tai Lopez Review. After evaluating the courses, you may learn about some of Lopez’s programs by reading what many people had to say. It will show you that Tai Lopez is a scam.

Let’s move away from Tai Lopez’s lies and his misguided tips! Are you looking to start an online business on a tight budget? I recommend watching this free Shopify tutorial to learn how to create your first store step by step.

Tai Lopez twitter bio

Like all scammers on the Internet, Tai Lopez transferred his activities to the blockchain and cryptocurrency, where the field is not regulated. The strange thing in his bio is that he owns many companies and brands, even more than Elon Musk; how funny and disgusting it is!!!

He recently launched his own NFTs and became the worst NFTs project lunch of all time, which is normal and explained. Tai becomes an NFTs guru after he reads five books a day as I guess, do you agree?. If you are a crypto enthusiast, we have posted a guide to help you spot cryptocurrencies scams easily and protect your assets.

Tai Lopez NFTs scam project

Who Is Tai Lopez?

On Instagram, Tai Lopez has 2.9 million subscribers, 6.2 million Facebook fans, 1 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.2 million Twitter followers. Over 20 multi-million dollar firms have entrusted him as a shareholder, collaborator, or consultant ( All this money comes from selling poor people a fake hope to be rich quickly ). The Tai Lopez Show reaches 1.4 million people in countries worldwide through its famous reading group and webinars, which offer guidance about how to attain wellness, prosperity, passion, and contentment.

Around 800,000 users access The Tai Lopez Show each month. He is also the founder of Mentor Box, the world’s biggest textbook distribution service, and has been named Entrepreneur Magazine’s #1 Social Networking Celebrity. Today we are going to expose ”Here in My Garage man”, the fake entrepreneur who claims net worth doesn’t have.

Tai understood at the age of 16 that the world was far too complicated for him to work out on his own. So, he sent a message to his granddad, a physicist, who he considered the greatest person he knew, asking for solutions to life’s tough issues.

His grandfather’s response let down Tai. The grandfather said that there is no such thing as a “secret recipe.” The letter stated plainly, “The present world is just too confusing, Tai. You’ll never get all the information from a single source. If you’re fortunate, you’ll meet some very individuals who might lead you in the right direction during your lifetime.” However, one week afterward, his grandfather sent him a parcel carrying an old, dirty collection of eleven books, along with the instruction, “Begin by reading these.

Tai Lopez fact checking

He lived among the Amish for two years, worked in an Indian holiday resort, and helped Joel Salatin develop grass-fed, organic farming at Polyface Farming. He subsequently joined the lengthy list of businessman high school dropouts. He wound up destitute (living on his mother’s sofa) until he persuaded five multi-millionaire business people to teach him.

Tai went and became a Certified Financial Adviser ( Never trust a banker about your money ) and worked in banking before retiring in Los Angeles and being a creator, shareholder, consultant, or teacher to more than twenty mega-dollar firms. Now, he is a world-famous influencer. So, is he a scam? The short answer is yes. We will take a look at that shortly.

What Does Tai Lopez Do?

At this time, he is an online star. He invested a ton of cash into a promo vid that went viral. His online company has made him a multi-millionaire (net wealth of $5 or $6 million). So, what does Tai Lopez do for a living? Like hundreds of others, he operates a self-improvement firm that provides a variety of techniques to enhance your life (Tai refers to it as “improving the quality of existence”), with the eventual goal of making money from what you acquire. The first item you’ll be asked to purchase is his 67-step program, which costs $67 right now.

We want to emphasize that these clips should not be excessively long. He has a propensity for rambling, which may transform a two-minute point into a 30-minute clip. Watch the complimentary lessons on his site or on YouTube to have a better understanding of what we’re talking about right now. The recent Netflix production Money Explained exposed many online scammers in the first episode, and guess what? Tai Lopez was on the top of the list with John CrestaniDan Lok and other scam artists.

Tai Lopez scam exposed by Netflix production Money Explained

According to Social News Daily, you can obtain nearly the very same information for a buck or two by reading Jack Canfield’s book, 64 Success Principles. That’s a significant saving above the $67 price tag. Tai’s curriculum was once free, but he later raised it to $5. We believe the price has risen to $67 over time. Other services, such as a supper with Tai and sessions with his trainers, are available, but they are quite expensive.

Tai appears to have first profited online through a slew of now-defunct sites and apps suspected of luring clients in with phoney pictures of beautiful prospects. He began designing and marketing online training in 2014, with his signature 67 Steps curriculum being the first. According to our findings, courses online are still expected to stay his primary source of revenue. Tai also generates money on the internet by:

  • MentorBox is a book delivery and e-learning firm he co-owns.
  • Sleeping glasses for sale
  • Advertisers on his show
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Advising and mentoring

What Are Some Courses from Tai Lopez and Are They Good?

Tai Lopez is an electronic entrepreneur most known for displaying his extravagant life publicly and for a viral TEDx Talk in which he professed to read a book every day. Since his meteoric rise and claim to fame in 2015, Tai had become a divisive character when he started extensively pushing his online resources, mostly through sponsored YouTube commercials.

Critics slammed him as a con artist, calling his goods “get quick money scams.” Many others wondered when he became so rich in the first place if he bought so many Range Rovers and Lamborghinis and whether the mansion he flaunted in his movies was a lease.

Tai, on the other hand, amassed a sizable and devoted customer base. He appeared to be friends with several celebrities and famous entrepreneurs. He hadn’t entirely disappeared years after he initially aired on everyone’s YouTube display, and his internet enterprises seemed to be flourishing better than before. Let’s explore a few of his courses and see if he is a scammer.

Tai Lopez: 67 Steps to Success ( Cheap scam blueprint )

If you’re asking why his curriculum is named the 67 Steps to Success, it’s because it’s a motivating strategy offered by Tai Lopez. Lopez designed this program as a set of actions he suggests for people to follow to be successful. This curriculum is primarily inspirational training that pushes workers to develop and run their own profitable businesses. A quick look in Tai Lopez reviews on Trustpilot will give you an idea about his scam courses and the real opinions of previous members…I don’t believe most online reviewers because they are just affiliates looking for quick cash by promoting scams.

The program does not appear to be good enough to justify the $67 per month after taking into account evaluations, not paid ratings. Several individuals have mentioned that viewing Ted Talks, Shark Tank, and interesting and inspiring videos online are inexpensive or alternatives available to this program. We do not encourage or advise that anyone buy this curriculum. Save money by using one of the many free sites that offer similar or slightly comparable material.

Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Review: Doesn’t Worth It

The Accelerator Program, taught by Mr Lopez, was created exclusively for people interested in pursuing a career in commerce or starting their own company. Participants must file an application in an attempt to discover out what project level they will be allocated to in the program. The cash plan, entrepreneurial plan, or persuasive plan are the three tiers to which you might be allocated. Depending on what you put out on the registration, all of these courses teach various things to benefit your organization.

Let’s take a closer and deeper look at all of these three components. The goal of the money program is to educate people on how to handle their finances. The entrepreneurial course is designed to educate people on how and where to start their independent firm. The persuasive course is designed to educate you on how to make investments and increase your sales. You can get the same advice & tips for free on youtube from well-known financial advisors. Why you will give him 999$ for something you can get for free? Tai Lopez was EXPOSED in Reddit for years by real entrepreneurs and experts, but he still surviving as a scammer because he offers more money to the affiliates (Most don’t have manners and focus only on profits), so everywhere you go, you will find positive fake reviews by his affiliates army.

The Accelerator Program, taught by Mr. Lopez, was created exclusively for people interested in pursuing a career in commerce or starting their own company. Participants must file an application in an attempt to discover what project level they will be allocated to in the program. The cash plan, entrepreneurial plan, or persuasive plan are the three tiers to which you might be allocated. Depending on what you put out on the registration, all of these courses teach various things to benefit your organization.

The $997 form to identify which curriculum you must concentrate on to assist your organization is available online. Yes, this course costs roughly a thousand bucks to participate in right from the start. Is the $997 price tag truly justified? Given past evaluations, the appropriate response is a resounding no. Many of the subjects taught by Lopez in these sessions may be found on the internet. Almost all of the information is dictionary re-iteration, and people may learn about such subjects by watching instructional videos or reading books.

He earns money by offering these programs and saying that the information contained inside them would help you get ahead. We’re not saying the information won’t help you open a company; we’re just saying that the material he gives is available for free download. There’s no need to spend lots of money on the knowledge that can be acquired online for free. Get yourself together and don’t buy his program; instead, put the funds into your actual or potential company.

Is Tai Lopez a Scam? Absolutely Yes for A Quick Answer

Several individuals are duped into purchasing programs that promise to help them alter their lifestyles or increase their income. Make sure you’re not the one who falls for it. Individuals must undertake their personal, thorough research before investing their hard-earned wealth in something that is not really worthwhile. Buying programs that provide material that can be available for free is effectively throwing good money after bad.

Tai Lopez scam tactics

By succumbing to their smart advertising campaigns, you are donating money to individuals like Tai Lopez and getting them increasingly wealthier. Before buying any program, it is critical that you undertake a deep analysis. As seen by the Tai Lopez deception, it might be impossible to avoid being duped into taking courses these days. He encourages customers to write glowing evaluations about his programs in order to persuade people to purchase them. Be wary of bogus reviews and keep an eye out for them.

Fraud can be defined as “an illegal action or misrepresentation. (1b)” by dictionary. Essentially, somebody deceives others into thinking something that isn’t real or who isn’t who he claims to be. Tai Lopez is most likely a scam under those criteria (which is the correct one).

What is the reason behind this? Although all of the proof isn’t in yet, it appears that he doesn’t even own a home seen in his viral footage. He is a phony because he is attempting to persuade you that he is enjoying a specific lifestyle even when he’s not.

Apart from that, we’d like to draw your attention to something else. You may not have enough cash to have numerous houses in Hollywood and numerous garages filled with Lamborghinis if your personal wealth is $5 or $6 million. In truth, you lack the financial means to own a single home in Hollywood with $5 million in your pocket. Honestly, there are finer locations to acquire knowledge than his courses.

Tai Lopez is a master at selling his programs and portraying them as necessities in one’s lifestyle. He claims that these classes will enable you to achieve prosperity and develop your individual company, or at least encourage you to do just that.

He sells a variety of classes, including his Accelerator program, 67 Steps to Success, Social Media Management Company, and more. However, many people who had bought his programs were unimpressed after looking online and finding reviews, such as the “Tai Lopez Scam” and the “Tai Lopez Review,” which showed him a 100% scam.

Many of the evaluations stated that the answer he gave was informative but not particularly distinctive. People who left these evaluations stated that the knowledge Lopez provided to its clients was the knowledge that they’d have acquired for cheap by searching on Google, surfing The internet, or reading introductory books on the subject. Tai Lopez is a master at marketing his classes in such a manner that you trust all he claims and feel compelled to enroll. His classes aren’t cheap, and some of them are pretty expensive.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

Tai Lopez is a name that many, if not all, people are familiar with right now. Tai Lopez is well-known for being extremely affluent, popular on social networks, socializing with a range of celebrities, and offering a range of courses. Seating with billionaires like Mark Cuban will never make you a billionaire too, Dude.

Tai Lopez interview with Mark Cuban

You might be wondering how Tai Lopez become so successful. The solution is straightforward. He has made the most, if not all, of his money through selling courses to people who are interested. Is it true that these programs are legitimate? This is when your research and proper research come into play.

His classes might cost anything between $500 and $7000! That is, indeed, a hefty price tag. That is why it is critical for all interested folks to conduct independent studies to discover whether his programs are truly worthwhile.

Based on the feedback we’ve seen, we don’t think Tai Lopez’s programs are trustworthy, especially given the number of bad evaluations we’ve discovered. Before buying any of Lopez’s programs, we urge that you review the Tai Lopez Scam and conduct your research. Tai Lopez is a scam, and there is no doubt about it.

BTW most of the victims are poor and broken people exploited by this fake guru and his scam friends. Let’s spread the truth, and we appreciate your help by sharing this article with your community. Every share of our article review can save a new expected victim; we appreciate your help!

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