9 Best Tips to Choose A Profitable Niche for Your Blog

by | Last updated Mar 7, 2022

Are you planning to start your blog soon? Once you have decided to start your blog, the next step is selecting the niche you will blog about. It is a difficult choice to make indeed. There are several topics and genres that you could pick, whereas all the options available will confuse you too.

Best Tips to Choose A Profitable Niche for Your Blog

Some bloggers know straightaway what they want to blog about. However, the bloggers who are new to blogging will probably struggle to select the perfect niche of the blog they want to start. Choosing a profitable blogging niche is an important step to setting up a successful blog & online business. Find out how to pick the right blogging niche?

1.Pick your interests

What are all the things you are most involved in? Nothing can be ignored at the earliest stage of deciding your blog’s niche. So think about anything and everything that you like. Are you into cooking, traveling, or seasons? It will be easier for you to talk about something you already like. This way, you won’t be bored of your blogging job and will have a lot of stuff to discuss.

It would be best if you wrote down all the things you are interested in. Now select the ones you think will make a better blog. Keep all the selected topics in your mind and start working with the best one. You can always come back to other options if the first one does not work for you.

2.List of your experiences

What jobs have you done in your past that gave you a specific experience? Maybe you were a designer in an agency or a university lecturer. These experiences can be a rock-solid niche for your blog. Jot down all the experiences you have had in the past. Even if you do not want to tell what you did to share your experience in detail, you can always connect something altogether. Your work and other experiences will count a lot at the point of topic selection.

3.Your accomplishments

There are always some accomplishments that you have achieved in life. These endeavors might be something many others want to attain. You might have shed a lot of weight in less time, have traveled somewhere in a specific vehicle all by yourself, or saved a lot of money. All these and much more can all be your blog’s niche. Readers mostly want to know about someone who has done something farfetched, and they want to be more familiar with the person and the accomplishments that they have done.

How to choose a profitable niche for your blog

4.Note down all the books and Journals you have read.

Books are known to be your best friends, and This is when your best friends will help you the most. Revise all your books and journals that might be online too. Your area of interest in the read can help you choose new content ideas for your blog. However, If you read fictional books, you can end up as a blogger who reviews books.

What is that the internet wants the most? Search well for all the niches that are popular among the search engines. It would help if you had a good study before deciding your blog topic. Several topics on the internet will stay in demand for a longer time. Moreover, these topics will have vast networks to other more minor issues. Selecting from such niches will keep you on the safe side of blogging. Whereas if the niche matches your interest level, it will be a great thing.

6.Stay humble and learner

You can sound arrogant if you select a niche considering yourself a professional. Hence when you start a blog, do not mistake being distant from your audience. Always stay humble and consider yourself a learner at your subject of selection. It would help if you were among them to make your readers feel associated. Learning will open new horizons for you and strengthen your bond with your audience. You will learn many new things and hence will be able to grow your blog.

For example, if you start a blog on cooking and decorating, keep your comments section open. You can continuously teach your audiences whatever you want. Tell the readers what you know and let them tell you what they can. This will help build the bond between the reader and you. So before selecting a niche, know that you always will have a scope of learning things about it.

7.Look for a repaying audience

Who are you starting a blog for, after all? It is you and your readers that the blog depends upon to survive. You plan to earn a bit of your share from your blog in the coming years. For this very reason, you must know if your selected niche will attract audiences that will pay you back. You need to choose a topic with onlookers set to promote your blog.

Along with that, the audience you require needs to spend money on the products and services offered on your blog. This is how you will end up having a successful blog. And money will be the frosting.

8.Be the Answer

Anything started with helping the other is going to prosper. Most people are lost and are finding answers to their problems and questions. If you answer the queries for your readers, it will be approached again.

Pick a pen and paper to write down all the problems you could solve. See if you can do the job right, and then look forward to creating a blog that helps answer people’s questions. Many out there want to look forward to someone who can understand them and give them the right direction. It is not an easy task to do, but this can be the best blog for you if you are self-assured.

9.Add what you think is absent

You must have gone through many blogs and online stuff before you get to start your blog. Nothing is perfect and complete; look for missing things in a specific niche and try to work with that. Complete the puzzle to try and make a full picture.

A cooking blog might have missed on how to present a dinner table. A Do it yourself blog is probably not telling which things are supposed to buy from where. Or a home designer might only focus on rooms and not the other areas and possibilities. Creep through the blogs, see what you can add up in your blog, and choose your blog’s niche. We suggest using Semrush to pick the suitable topics for your blogging and maintain your search engine performance for proper keyword research.

Questions to ask yourself as a decision-maker of your blog’s niche

After pinpointing all of the topics that could be your blog’s niche, you now have a rough idea for which one of them you want to work on. These are three final questions that you might want to ask yourself before finalizing your niche.

  • Do you have enough knowledge about the topic?
  • Does the topic fall under your target audience?
  • Would you have an income from the topic you chose?

*Do you have enough knowledge about the topic?

As discussed earlier in the article, you need to know the topic you decide to blog about. If you have an edge on the subject, it will be easier for you to pull it off in the longer run. You can add up many branches to it in the future. Having complete know-how about what you are discussing is an entire winning situation. You will need lesser time to research. Being confident will be a different entity for your blog.

*Does the topic fall under your target audience?

Starting a blog is just like you are an entrepreneur. You need to know who you are making your stuff for. Once the topic is picked, you need to see if it matches the audience that you are supposed to target. Will they read your blog? Will they respond to it? Your niche must trigger the audience that you want to cater to. If at any point in time, that does not happen, your blog will be meaningless.

*Would you have an income from the topic you chose?

If your niche brings about a number of readers to your blog site and lets you build a cluster of the audience, it’s positive for your blog. These clusters will manage to sponsor the blog in their circles. Readers who buy stuff related to your blog will come and keep it running. All these factors will enhance your blog and eventually give you a handsome amount of income at the end of the month/year.

How to confirm your blog idea?

All the formalities of selecting a niche are done. Before going online and starting with a rush, sit back and think if the chosen topic is thoroughly picked. Make sure it is not the very first thing that comes into your mind. You have to do the main thing before settling in to validate your blog topic. Post some stuff about your ‘coming soon’ blog on Facebook and Twitter to see the response you get. If you think the platform’s reaction is positive enough, you can give it a go.

Write some articles and subheadings on your blog niche offline and see if you can come up with great things. If you think you can carry on with it is a great way you are ready to go with it.

Examples of the topics you can choose to blog

Several topics shall cross your mind while you go through all the pointers mentioned above. Some topics will never lose their spark to appeal to a maximum audience. You can check some of the top profitable blogging niches broaden your perspective in detail also, the list below can help:

  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Parenting
  • Cooking
  • Travelling
  • Do it Yourself
  • Photography
  • Entrepreneurship

Many blogs today fall under the niches mentioned above. Interestingly enough, as many blogs are, all of them are successfully making their mark in the online industry. The only thing you need to understand is that if you are good enough in your graft, it does not matter how many blogs are there of the same niche. You are going to stand out from the crowd.

Just go for it

Confidence is the pillar of any initiative that you are going to take. Believe in yourself and trust your inner instincts. You can always think of something out of the box and change your mind along the way. Never limit yourself for what you can and cannot do. Try new things or practice the old ones. All these factors will guide you through and make you a successful blogger.

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