Privacy Policy

At NomadsMD, we want you to know that we take very serious care of privacy. To understand the data we receive and how we use it, please take a look at the preceding Privacy Statement.

What Data Do We Gather?

You will need to enter your email address every time you place a question on our website. This is only important if we’re to give you a message. You can get a notification email from us if you add your name and email in the opt-in form dialogue. If you choose, you are connecting the new and latest changes from our marketing list. We would never send any company your contact information.


We use cookie storage to capture information and user selections, including your use’s timestamp, phrases, and time spent on each page.

Google Marketing

The Google Adsense software is a contributor to our website To serve advertisements, Google uses cookies. It exists on pages of its contractors such as Google advertising websites and publicity networks in Google. When you explore a Google collaborator website, a cookie will appear on the browser of that end-user. See Google Privacy for more instructions.


Under no circumstances can the content on this site be created or replicated in any operation. This could also contain feedback, videos, or any other website content. If any corporation or arbiter uses the content on the internet without the customer’s written consent, disciplinary action against them shall be imposed.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny text archives that are stored on the local device with a distinct signature. When you access any site, the site requests for cookies to be collected by the user. You can choose to accept these or reject these. Most browsers are built for the acceptance of cookies by default. However, if you do not wish to download cookies on your computer, you can opt not to do so by changing your browser settings. If your browser immediately refuses the cookies, the web will not function as efficiently as you would like.

How Do We Utilize the Data Gathered from Cookies?

The information that we obtain from cookies is used for multiple reasons. For example, cookies would allow us to store your login information so that any time you come to the site, you do not need to log back in repeatedly. Similarly, cookies allow us to consider the number of visitors on our website and the interest seen on our website. This, therefore, helps us obtain feedback so that we can adapt our content according to our customers’ preferences. We are unable to package any sensitive data through cookies, and any confidential information is never purposefully stored on our web servers.

Forwarding or Publishing Data

As mentioned before, we never print, loan, forward, or rent your sensitive information to any user. Your data with us is entirely secure. The information will only be sent to companies in the range appropriate for the client (you) to make financial agreements for the services as requested.

How Can You Approach and Rectify Your Data?

Through sending us an email at our provided email ID, you can always ask for access to your sensitive details obtained via our website and kept in our database.

Lawful Obligation to Publish Details – What About It?

When we are legally instructed to do so, we will publish your information if we assume, in good faith, that the law needs us to supply your info. Likewise, when we have a legitimate reason to believe that disposing of the information requires specific contact details, we can publish a person’s account data. We will also bring legal action against anyone who threatens their consent to the Terms and Conditions or is a danger to our consumers or the general public.

What about Other Interlinked Websites?

We are not responsible for the operations carried out by other sites that relate to our site. In several ways, ties to other pages are examples of information that our consumers find useful. Please note that our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect when you go to another site from our website. The strategies and legislation that the other platform maintains are now provided for all your activities, events, and contacts. Before you go on, please go over the rules.


You agree to use our open data bundle if you want to continue using our website.

Data Safety

We take very solemn measures to safeguard details. Please ensure that all the material sent to us is processed on servers in the United States of America. We also put stringent measures and electrical, managerial, and physical approaches to know about the unauthorized use of information or the raid. The confidentiality of your sensitive data is taken very seriously by us.

Opt-in/Opt Out

NomadsMD provides users with the option of opting in or out of our mailing lists. We will avoid delivering specific messages or emails to you if you unsubscribe.

Point for Children

It should be understood that children are not eligible to use the facilities we support. We ask all young individuals under the age of 16 not to supply us with any sensitive information. If you are using the service at a young age, we tell you to do so under your parent or guardian administration.

Addition or Amendments in Ownership

If the site were purchased or leased to another organization, the private details would be listed as part of the exchanged benefits.

Policy Diversification

Periodically, this program is varied. If any modifications arise, we will send consumers who have sent us the data a message about the modifications introduced to our privacy policies. Here we will make some changes; just make sure you read over from time to time. For the sensitive information contained within this plan, we will never use the details you send to us in a manner that may be deemed irregular or unlawful to a large degree.