10 Best High-Paying Remote Jobs Even Without College Degree

by | Last updated Apr 8, 2022

Do you despise going to an office and having to deal with an endless flow of interruptions? Does your commute offer the word “road rage” new meaning? Do you want to be able to circumvent all that and yet have a great career? If the response to all of these is yes, then our list of the ten absolute best remote jobs could be a huge help.

Best High-Paying Remote Jobs Even Without College Degree

Our team compiled a list of the best high-paid remote jobs that don’t require a degree to help you choose those that suit your background and ambitions. Many of these positions provide greater versatility than on-site roles and compensation compared to conventional work.

1.Graphic Designer

Typically, graphic designers are innovative people who have undergone any experience in graphics design, either in college or by specialized certifications and courses. Some specialize in such fields, such as web design or packaging of products, while others are specialized in several artistic mediums.

what does a remote job offer

Any graphic designer may get a job alone with a diploma or a two-year associate’s degree. However, a Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts degree in graphic arts, graphic design, or a related area has been awarded to most graphic designers. To excel, graphic designers must have a range of technical qualifications in addition to artistic abilities. Those may include:

  • Creativity
  • Artistry
  • Powerful Communication
  • Computer skills
  • Analytical skills

Entry-level, independent, and contractual graphic designers receive an hourly fee. However, those working full-time in the art or architecture divisions of corporations will receive full pay and benefits. Years of experience, level of education, type of business, and the geographic position may impact the salary of a graphic designer. The popular salary in the U.S. is $17.27 an hour, and some wages vary from $7.25 per hour to $43.15.


  • Creative and Analytical
  • Good Salary
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Growing Demand


  • Subjective Designs
  • Edits Can Be Overwhelming
  • Competitive Market

2.Travel Agent

Becoming a remote travel agent is excellent work for people who love communicating with others and learning about new destinations. By organizing flights, guesthouses, and recreation for passengers worldwide, many travel agents work from home over the phone or the internet. For big agencies that require personnel in different time zones, remote travel agents also operate.

Typically, travel agencies and reservation facilities necessitate agents to have at least a diploma from high school. Many focus on completing post-secondary courses, apprenticeship programs, or universities. To enhance their job prospects, aspiring experts can also consider earning a bachelor’s degree in tourism. Tourism degree courses typically include courses in sales and promotions, travel and sustainability, and strategic planning. You need to have the following skills for the job as a travel agent:

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Organization Skills
  • Sales and Promotion Knowledge

Most travel agents use full-time schedules, and their earnings typically rely on their knowledge and the destinations of their employers. The most common salary is $45,813 per year for travel agents. In addition, some salaries range from $14,000 per year to $110,000.


  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Part-time Options
  • Good Earning Potential


  • Demanding Job
  • Minimum Job Security
  • Need Powerful Online Presence
  • Increased Transparency in Prices

3.Online Tutors

In any subject, remote teachers may teach learners of any generation, ranging from English as a foreign language to microbiology. In one-on-one or group environments, they also use video messaging tools and teaching apps to communicate with students across the globe. Some tutors design their lesson plans, while others teach from a particular curriculum. Remote tutoring positions are perfect for individuals who love teaching and want a career with flexible hours.

Tutors should hold at least an undergraduate degree and a specialization in the subject they wish to teach to teach college and university students. In certain examples, undergraduate students at the same institution will be tutored by applicants seeking a master’s degree. As students, tutors also need similar characteristics. Tutors, however, use their capacity to teach mainly in a one-on-one environment, requiring them to have a bit distinct range of abilities, including:

  • Instruction Relay Abilities
  • Flexibility
  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to Understand Different Students
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Problem Solving Skills

Tutors are mostly part-time staff, spending much of their business hours in the evenings and while students are out of class on holidays. Tutors nearly all earn hourly pay because of this. Depending on the situation and whether they teach personally or with an association, the pay of a tutor may vary widely. $21.45 per hour is the most typical wage in the U.S. In comparison, some wages vary from $7.25 per hour to $43.75.


  • Strong Demand for Tutors
  • Your Own Boss
  • No limitations
  • No Start-Up Cost


  • Require Patience
  • Long and Odd Working Hours
  • Need Credibility

4.Content Writer

Freelance authors produce written material for consumers depending on both the customer’s needs and the field of experience of the artist. People who love communicating with others and have written correspondence experience should take a freelance writing job remotely. Your responsibility is to make sure that the texts in your work are well studied and provide originality. To detect and correct mistakes, you should be proficient in proofreading your projects.

Your obligations will include uploading completed works through the channels necessary. In addition, on each mission, you will be tracking and recording hours spent. It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, Leadership Studies, Journalism, or similar areas. Similarly, ideally as a freelancer, you should have previous writing experience.

In 2019, the average annual income for freelance authors in the United States was $63,488. According to Payoneer, the average freelance writer made $31 an hour, suggesting that the demand continued to rise from a $21 hourly rate in 2015. To conclude, digital marketing is one of the top passive income ideas. You can start with lower risks & high profits if you learn it the right way (content writing is the hardest part for any digital entrepreneur).


  • Work from Anywhere
  • Work Anytime
  • Can Set Your Own Rate
  • Your Own Boss
  • Choose Your Own Clients


  • Inconsistent Work
  • Odd Hours
  • Maximum Competition
  • Getting Started is Hard

5.Freelance Accountant

For individuals and corporations, accountants study and file financial statements and records. They can offer strategic guidance to guarantee that an organization is financially viable depending on the budget and operating costs. In entry-level and senior roles, accountants can work from home and have a high capacity for advancement. Accounting is a safe and lucrative career for persons trained in critical thinking, statistics, and tax law.

Some employers favor applicants who already hold a Master’s degree. Accounting standards, accounting technology, corporate communications, and business law are related coursework. Certain organizations still prefer Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification candidates. To excel in their jobs, accountants require a mix of a variety of hard and soft skills, including:

  • Communication skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time management skills
  • Computer skills
  • Accounting skills

Usually, accountants are full-time, salaried workers. Accountants’ wages differ based on their level of qualifications, related employment experience, the geographical area of the position, the scale of the business, and the company’s market. In the U.S., the average wage is $53,545 a year. In comparison, certain earnings vary from $14,000-$120,000 a year.


  • Clear Career Path
  • Strong Demand
  • Good Job Security
  • Good Earning Potential
  • Massive Remote Work Options


  • Continuous Learning
  • Dull Jobs
  • Busy Seasons Near Tax Filing Time
  • Stressful

6.Operations Manager

Human resources and other important corporate roles, such as quality assurance and recruiting programs, are supervised by operations managers. Many of these experts work remotely inside a corporation to build and manage organizations. Operations managers are associated in all divisions of an organization, so results-oriented and outstanding at time management are the right applicants for this job.

best high paying remote jobs

Employers expect operations managers to hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in management or a similar area. In these systems, there is a heavy emphasis on the simulation of numbers, which offers operations managers a comprehensive view of the financial aspect of the organization, including budgeting and cash flow control. An operations manager must have the following abilities:

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Financial management

Usually, operations managers work paid days, and the pay level also depends on their employer’s position and sector. It can also depend on the expertise and the employee’s credentials. $61,105 a year is the most typical wage in the U.S. Any earnings vary from $20,000 a year to $146,000.


  • Good salary potential
  • Decision-Making Abilities
  • Choice of Companies and Industries
  • Comfortable Environment


  • High-Pressure Job
  • Long and Odd Hours
  • Emergency Situations

7.Sales Consultant

Sales advisors evaluate the sales strategies of an organization to offer recommendations for change, ranging from designing sales reps’ preparation plans to developing a strategy for identifying new buyers. Many businesses employ remote sales advisors, especially if they operate in a niche market that needs specific expertise.

Generally, sales consultants are expected to have amassed a certain volume and level of sales, advertisement, or publicity work experience. To obtain the requisite expertise, often sales consultants begin in entry-level support or managerial roles.
In this position, sales consultants use several hard and soft abilities. These particular talents include:

  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Public speaking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Technical skills

Sales consultants also work with consultancy companies full-time, while some work as contractual consultants directly for businesses. Depending on the individual level of qualifications, expertise, and experience and the scale, location, and form of the employer, wages for sales consultants can differ. The median wage is $67,703 a year, and some wages vary from $23,000 a year to $173,000.


  • Flexibility
  • Decent Earning Potential
  • Meet Different People
  • Transferrable Skills
  • Maximum Opportunities
  • Potential for Enjoyable Interactions


  • Inconsistent Income
  • Demanding Expectations
  • Odd Work Schedule
  • Constant Pressure

8.Remote Registered Nurse

Registered nurses may offer professional advice over the telephone or through video applications for telemedicine, check patients, establish health plans and prescribe medication. Thanks to internet connectivity, what could only be done in the past through in-person meetings with nurses and other care professionals can now be done online with patients.

A good nurse requires schooling, experience, preparation, and specialized skills. High school graduation is the first step towards being a registered nurse. A registered nurse requires several years of theoretical and clinical preparation before taking the test instead of a certified practical nurse (LPN), who has fewer educational responsibilities and who only has to graduate from a one-year program before taking the course. The required skills that are most important include:

  • Calmness Under Pressure
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Logical Thinking
  • Physical Fitness

Most registered nurses operate full-time jobs at hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, or home health systems. Salaries rely on many variables for registered nurses, such as work experience, position, employer, type of occupation in nursing, and geographical location. $33.79 per hour is the most typical wage in the U.S, and some incomes vary from $11.75 to $66.80 per hour.


  • Multiple Specialties
  • Saving Lives
  • Appreciation


  • Long Shifts
  • Dealing with Fluids
  • Immense Pressure

9.Project Manager

In every sector, project managers may work to organize the individual activities and procedures associated with achieving an objective. Web meetings and planning technologies are also used to delegate duties, mentor personnel, record success, and review the outcomes of their team’s efforts. With development potential, they have high degrees of accountability and freedom.

To serve as a project manager, applicants must fulfill strict educational criteria and need further qualifications and credentials to work on such projects. In business administration or marketing, most project managers hold a bachelor’s degree. Certain companies can expect project managers to have a professional degree in areas like information management. Below are some key skills used in the management of projects.

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Risk Management

Salaries for project managers differ based on the area in which the project management functions, their level of experience, and the geographic position of the contractor. In the U.S., the median wage is $79,784 a year. Certain wages vary from $22,000 a year to $173,000.


  • Visibility with higher management
  • Maximum exposure to technology
  • Improved people management
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Highly Paid and Respected Jobs


  • Travel
  • Stressful
  • Odd Timings

10.Software Engineering

Software developers build software based on customer requirements, ranging from computer games to communication networks. It is possible to advance their abilities further to use computer science to solve problems and raise their pay.

Certain software engineers may gain jobs with a high school diploma and ten or more years of related experience. A master’s degree in computer science or a similar subject may require certain businesses. This degree of education will extend your opportunities for jobs and improve your opportunity for earning. When you wish to work in science, a doctorate will be required. There is a mixture of technological and personal expertise in a successful software developer, such as:

  • Programming
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to Detail
  • Good Mathematics Knowledge

Your salary can vary as a software developer, depending on whether you build apps or systems. Typically, software engineers who design systems earn higher pay than those who build apps. Other variables, including the location of the corporation and the nature of the industry, can influence your pay. Usually, software engineers are full-time or contract workers, while some can retain part-time positions. In the U.S., the ordinary income for software engineers is $105,323 a year. Some wages vary from $29,000 a year to $228,000.


  • High Demand
  • Freelancing Options
  • Infinite Earning Potential
  • Business Options
  • Working Abroad Options


  • Continuous Learning
  • Long Hours
  • Getting Stuck
  • Competitive Marketplace
  • Minimal Work-Life Balance

Final Verdict

Inevitably, some of the best remote jobs available are mentioned above, and some can be profitable without usually needing a lot of schooling. These jobs have the potential to become safe remote professions in many situations, helping you to gain a steady income from your home’s comfort.

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