10 Amazing Cheapest Travel Destinations Under 1000$

by | Last updated Jul 19, 2022

Have you decided where to go when you are broken? Well, probably this is the time to decide. Travelling should not be expensive, and the world has plenty of cheap travel destinations. It would be best if you simply had some time to dig in to find the ones that suit your budget.

Amazing Cheapest Travel Destinations Under 1000$

Our experts compiled a list of the most amazing cheapest travel destinations you can visit for under 1000$ to enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank.

1. Fiji

You must be wondering about Fiji being on the list of cheap travel destinations. It is common to think of Fiji as having expensive resorts, food, or services. But that is not true. Fiji has a lot of comparatively cheap and affordable places. Although there are many expensive resorts, it is not a place to break your bank.

Fiji is comprised of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two main islands. And for some privacy, you can find more secluded places, for sure. Here you will find budget accommodation, and food with cheap flights. Another good thing about Fiji is that it is one of the best cheap travel destinations for honeymooners.

Another legit reason to visit Fiji is its safe and relaxed environment. But, like any other destination, be mindful of pickpocketing and be vigilant about your belongings, particularly at the beach. You will find people approaching you to sell marijuana or prostitutes, which are illegal. Simply decline them and walk away.

Also, avoid bad weather and cyclones and avoid visiting Fiji from November to April. The best thing you could do for your safety is to buy travel insurance. This will protect you from any loss, injury, illness, theft, or even cancellations.

If you want to have one of the most exciting water activities, pick Fiji. This place gives an excellent adventure-filled day. The waterfalls in Viti Levu are perfect for both professionals and beginners. Water rafting and Kayaking along the mangroves are some of the best water activities to do in Fiji. It is good to combine whitewater rafting and Kayaking to have an affordable deal.

2. Cambodia

Although you could think of the whole region, Cambodia is one of the favourite destinations among tourists coming to South East Asia. It is not only affordable but also beautiful. And people here are warm-hearted and welcoming.

The prices are surprisingly low, such as you can find a private and air conditioner room for just $20 whereas rooms in hostels, the prices begin from $4. Speaking of guesthouse rooms, you can get one for between $15 to $20. If you want to enjoy street food, you can get it for only $2! And the restaurants offering western food will cost you $5 to $15. To roam around the city, you can find a local ride for just a few dollars. 

Cambodia is also a safe place to travel. But petty theft is quite common here. Also, motorbike vendors can charge you a higher fare for damage to their bikes. You should be watchful of them, but this is a safe place overall. Stay away from people involved in drinking, sex tourism, or drugs. Otherwise, people are very friendly, so you will not be in trouble while getting around.

Always keep copies of your documents, like your ID and passport. And share your itinerary with your loved ones to let them know about your location. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance; it will save you.

3. Central America

Central America is recommended if you love exploring ancient ruins and jungle surf. Central America is between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean and comprises seven countries, i.e., Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Given the safety, beauty, history, and affordability, this region is one of the best cheap travel destinations among tourists.

The rainforests here are home to virgin wildlife and Mayan ruins for history lovers. The beaches here are best for surfing; the reefs are perfect for diving. The cheap accommodation, transport, food, and beautiful flora and fauna make it the top choice among travellers. Check our guide about how to travel for cheap to learn how to prepare for your next trip by avoiding extra charges and services you won’t use while travelling for less.

The roadside restaurants are cheap, and you should expect to spend nearly $5 for a meal. The affordable food option is to have empanadas, i.e., fried pastries with cheese, meat, or potatoes, for $0.50. Want to cook yourself? Shop at the local market and get groceries for the whole week for $15 to $20!

Although Central America is a safe place to spend vacations, you must take a few precautions. There are a few places that you should avoid visiting at night, particularly in big cities. To ensure your safety:

  1. Don’t go to isolated areas; avoid night buses that can be highly prone to robberies.
  2. Avoid wearing flashy items, and keep your belongings to you during public transit, especially on chicken buses. If your taxi driver or hotel seems shady, get out.
  3. Stay away from drugs.
  4. Buy travel insurance, keep copies of your documents, and let your loved ones know about your location.
cheap travel destinations to visit

4. China

Yes, you heard me right. China is one of the best cheap travel destinations in Asia. Although not super cheap, you will not have to go out of your budget while traveling to China. Although you can find some good affordable options in the cities, for an exciting and cheapest visit, make sure you get off the beaten path and go deeper inside China.

China has a distinct culture as well as the home of many contrasts. It will offer you growing metropolises such as Shanghai. Beijing, or Hong Kong. On the other hand, the beautiful mountain ranges, rivers, valleys, and unending plains will leave you mesmerized. This country offers cheap travel options and is rich in history, cultures, ethnicities, and cuisines.

Basic hotel room accommodation, prices will start from 75 CNY a night in smaller cities. A good thing about budgeted hotels is they include heat or AC, a bathroom, TV (Chinese stations only), and a kettle with Chinese breakfast. Remember, Airbnb is less common in rural or interior China but common in big cities costing between 175 to 750 CNY. The cost varies per accommodation type and city.

China is a whole surveillance country and safe to visit and travel to. Petty theft is rare in China, but travel precautions are always there to take. Secure your valuables in hidden pockets. Petty thefts occur only when travelers are not mindful of their belongings. 

Ensure you know your price estimates before going to a market. Local markets or stores might charge you high, so knowing prices beforehand is necessary. Also, scams are prevalent here, especially those who ask to practice English with you.

You will find traffic a bit challenging here. While crossing, it looks both ways. Make sure you use marked taxis with fixed prices and stay away from illegal taxis! Moreover, avoiding drugs here as punishment for drugs is very severe in China.

5. India

India has always gained one of the best cheap travel destinations globally. Although an affordable destination, India is rich in history and culture and has tremendous religious diversity. The people here are helpful and friendly. Here you will find countless options of dramatic landscapes, delicious cuisine, and adventure without breaking your bank.

India is incredibly cheap unless you decide to spend money luxuriously and book five-star hotels and prefer eating Western meals only. It is easy to spend your day at $30 in India if you stay in cheap hotels and avoid Western food. Since accommodation is reasonable here, you can spend a night for as low as $1. To spend a night in a guesthouse in Delhi will cost you around $38, whereas $23 a night in Agra is a homestay.

Transportation is also incredibly cheap in India. Uber (and other local versions of Uber) will cost you around $7 an hour to drive across Delhi, and most of the rides will cost you one or two dollars. You should expect to spend $13 a day on average on transportation. Food is also diverse and a good value for money, and you can pay around $3 to $4 per meal.

India is undoubtedly a safe country. Violent crimes against foreigners don’t exist, but petty thefts do exist. You can expect pickpocketing in highly crowded places such as bus stands or train stations. So, keep your belongings with you tightly and be vigilant.

6. Portugal

Not entire Europe is expensive or equal when it comes to budget travelling. That being said, Portugal is one of the best cheap travel destinations in Europe. Its beautiful beaches, incredible cliffs, tasty food, wine, and stunning historic architecture attract tourists. Although Lisbon has become more populated recently, it retains its natural beauty and charm.

The accommodation in Portugal is quite affordable, particularly in hotels. Most of the dorm rooms will cost you 10 EUR a night, whereas, for private hostel rooms, you need to pay 40 EUR. A double room in a two-star hotel will cost you 35 EUR, and if you want to pick a shared space, it will cost you 15 EUR through Airbnb. You can also consider staying at family-run inns for a super cheap accommodation option.

Food in Portugal is also cheap. Snacks and bakeries are only for 2 EUR, and sandwiches, fast food, and light meals will cost you 7 EUR. Even a dine-in meal with drinks is affordable for around 18 to 20 EUR. Always travel with these recommended cheap European airlines for low ticket fares and save extra cash you can spend on memories and food.

Many tourists shop for groceries for 30 to 35 EUR a week and prefer cooking themselves to save extra money. You can get vegetables, chicken, or other essential food items. Not only food and transportation but activities are also very affordable. Visiting museums and UNESCO world heritage sites will cost you nearly 6 to 11 EUR as entrance fees. And if you want wine tours, you need to pay 50 EUR for an entire day tour.

Whether solo traveller or with a group, Portugal is a safe country to visit, the worst thing that can happen is petty theft, like pickpocketing. Violent crimes or attacks are not common here. While being on busy streets, on buses, or using a metro, be careful about your belongings. Travel insurance is a wise step; it will protect you from loss, injury, or cancellations. And again, keep copies of your travel documents.

7. Australia

Although Australia is famous for being an expensive destination, it can be one of the cheap travel destinations if you know a few tips and tricks. Several work exchange options, Couchsurfing hosts, or cheap groceries make this country an inexpensive travel destination. White sand beaches, rainforests, and the Great Barrier Reef are essential for Australia’s experience. Moreover, the Opera House and Sydney’s Harbor Bridge are man-made icons that attract tourists worldwide. Above all, Australia is not relatively high-end to visit.

The stay at hostels in Australia begins at 20 AUD a night, and the prices, in big coastal cities can go up to 40 AUD. Share rooms with double beds can cost you 80 to 100 AUD, and big chain hotels charge you around 200 AUD. Many tourists opt for camping (their tents), a super cheap option that costs nearly 15 to 30 AUD a night. If you want to stay in a private room with Airbnb, it will cost you 85 AUD a night.

In general, the food is not very cheap here. A typical restaurant will cost you 20 AUD, and Indian and Asian restaurants offer the best value meals under 10 AUD. You can eat a filling meal at very affordable rates. Activities here are a bit pricy, though. As you can adjust the accommodation and food, set a big chunk of your budget for activities. 

As the accommodations are expensive, going to Couchsurfing hosts is an excellent money-saving option. In this option, along with having a place to stay, a local host will tell you which places to visit. Speaking of exchange options, many hostels allow travellers to work for their room. For instance, they need to clean for a few hours a day to sleep for free. We suggest checking our guide about the easiest to save money while travelling, which will teach you how to save extra cash with easy hacks.

The booking tour package makes Australia one of the best cheap travel destinations. Many activities and tours eat a large chunk of your budget. It is advisable to book your tour in packaged deals to have discounts. To save money on food items, you can shop for groceries from the cheapest market and cook yourself. Whereas for transportation, consider car share.

Australia is also very safe for solo and group travellers. Even as a female solo traveller, this destination is very safe. You won’t experience any violent attacks, and the people here are friendly and helpful. While travelling to big cities, take standard safety measures as you would take anywhere.

8. Thailand

Our list of the best cheap travel destinations is incomplete without mentioning Thailand. It is the heart of budget travelling destinations in Southeast Asia, and you can quickly get around for $25 to $30. Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia for many legitimate reasons, such as beaches, jungles, beauty, and food. Here you can find private rooms and excellent food at affordable prices. Everything in Thailand is easy and convenient.

Accommodation in Thailand is very cheap; the northern side is way more affordable than the southern islands and Bangkok. The cheap guesthouses offer 300 THB a night and 200 THB on the rural side. If you want to get a nice air-conditioned room, it will cost you 600 THB a night. Dorm rooms in Thailand are not very expensive and will cost you around 100 to 150 THB a night. Moreover, you can also take advantage of Airbnb for cheaper accommodation.

Speaking of food, it is cheap. For as low as 20 THB, you can have excellent and filling street food. And if you stick to the street food, in one day, you will spend around 130 to 170 THB. Western food is expensive and will cost you from 170 to 340 THB. Given the super cheap food, travellers usually don’t do grocery shopping.

Like other destinations on the list, Thailand is also a pretty safe country for tourists. Here too, you will not find violent attacks. But bag snatching and petty theft are common. You can expect some common scams, such as unmetered taxis; however, it is a safe place for the most part. You should stay away from drugs and drinking and from shady taxis, drivers, and hotels. Share your itinerary with your family, buy travel insurance and keep copies of your travel documents.

9. Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful country which offers far more affordable rates than Western Europe for a good travel experience. It is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, buildings, and fewer crowds. T People are good here, so you enjoy your time exploring nearly every corner of Ukraine!

Ukraine offers quite affordable rates when it comes to accommodation. Hotel rates for a six to ten-bed dorm typically start from 170 to 340 UAH, $ 6 to $12. You will find free Wi-Fi and a kitchen in most of the hostels. At the same time, a private room starts at 560 UAH.

Food is also cheap and tasty! In traditional cuisines, you should expect the maximum cost of around 145 UAH. While a three-course conventional meal will cost you around 300 UAH. Fast food will cost nearly 100 UAH per meal.

Ukraine is a safe country to visit as it is less crowded. Petty theft and crimes are not expected. As long as you protect your belongings in crowded places or on public transport, you won’t experience any issues. After the current war, maybe a lot of things will gonna changed, so keep looking for updated reviews and feedback about Ukraine.

Beware of credit card scams and use only ATMs in banks, not random ones. While renting a car, be very careful and follow the traffic rules. Don’t forget to wear seat belts and drive within speed limits. Also, avoid going alone during the night. Take other necessary precautions as you would do in any place, such as buying travel insurance and keeping your loved ones informed about your location.

10. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is another one of the best cheap travel destinations in Europe. Many travellers overlook this country. Here you will find fewer crowds and inexpensive tourist activities. Bulgaria is home to ancient settlements of the Neolithic period. Most of the churches in Bulgaria display minute details of religious artwork inside their buildings.

Staying in a four- to the six-bedroom hostel will cost you around 17 to 23 BGN a night. For a private single room, you must pay 39 BGN and double private rooms for 44 BGN. However, if you wish to stay in a resort, expect to spend 70 BGN during the summers.

Airbnb options are available for around 21 BGN nights in a shared room. At the same time, a private room through Airbnb will cost you around 56 BGN. A big plus? Camping is legal, so you can stay in your camp anywhere free of cost other than private properties. Usually, tens sites charge 27 BGN for two people.

Food is also very cheap in Bulgaria. Traditional street foods such as bananas, i.e., cheese, butter, and dough, will cost you as low as 1.50 BGN. You can eat shopska (a Greek salad) or kebabs for 5 BGN; fast food at McDonald’s will cost you around 8BGN. Not only street food but restaurants are also cheap here. You can eat in a mid-range restaurant for about 10 BGN, whereas an upscale restaurant will charge you 20 BGN.

Bulgaria is a safe country. The only danger you will expect is pickpocketing. Taxi drivers can scam you by telling you that the meter is broken and then charge you a high fare. So make sure you travel in a taxi with a fixed meter or set the fare upfront. Overall, this is a safe place to visit. Just make sure you take standard travel safety measures to prevent any bad experience.


It takes some research initially, and if you are a savvy nomad, you know how to make the most out of the least of your money. People usually think finding the best cheap travel destinations is challenging, mainly because they don’t set their traveling aims right. Happy traveling! If you like our guide or have suggestions, leave a comment, and our team will respond in less than 24 hours.

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