Tired of Working Quickly? Here Are 7 Reasons Why

by | Last updated May 18, 2022

Are you tired of your job? Do you sometimes feel like quitting your work? Well, you are not the only one who feels that way. Work is an essential part of one’s life; even people get irritated by the mundane work routine at one point in their lives. That can also happen more than once, though.

Whatever the nature of your job is, it has the potential to leave you exhausted and tired. It is not important to have a physical activity to be fatigued from your work. Sitting in front of your laptop screen can also make your mind weary and unable to respond. Several things are going on in one’s life that can trigger the downfall of your mental level.

Tired of Working Quickly? Here Are 7 Reasons Why

You loved your work. So, what might have come in the way to make you tired of something you love? Do not blame yourself for not being able to feel your hundred percent. Let us try and explore the reasons why you get tired of working quickly. Furthermore, we will elaborate on why work is important and how you be happy at work?

1. Fewer Sleep Hours

You are tired and drained most of the time because you are not getting enough sleep. The sleep patterns are supposed to be finely scheduled according to your work. A night of normal 8-hour sleep is very important for every individual. Where eight hours of uninterrupted sleep can do wonders for your routine, it can also change your whole mood. If you do not get enough sleep before starting your work, you will not be fresh, and your work will be affected the most.

2. Productive Curve

All of us have a series of feelings going on throughout the day. You must be hyperactive in the afternoon and a little low in the morning when you reach work. Before you leave the office, you might be out of hand with your emotions. There is a ‘Productivity curve’ in all of us; we have a time of the day at which we work our best. Figure out the time when you are most productive is an excellent way to stay active in your work.

If you are working against that period, you are pushing yourself towards significant problems. This inappropriate use of your productive time will cause you to be irritated and tired. It is just like doing the right thing at the wrong time. Try and don’t push yourself towards a delinquent.

Why am I tired of working

3. Fewer Breaks

There are usually some office pressures that do not allow you to get up from your seat for an unlimited time. One of the reasons you are tired of your work is that you do not take enough breaks during your work time. The period of almost 9 hours in the office with only one break can take the energy out of your bones.

Get up and grab a coffee. Walk yourself to the next aisle and do a little chit-chat with your witty colleague. Go downstairs and check your car parked. It would help if you had little breaks now and then while at work. This tip will keep your mind fresh and will effectively make your work in a better way. You can also take breaks to have short naps. It is proved that taking little naps allows you to make the best decisions, as they keep your mind fresh with little interval breaks.

4. No Motivation

Sometimes, when you do the same work every day, it makes you less interested overall. Hence, making you feel like there is no motivation at all. You see no growth in your position while working is a significant demotivation. When you are not appreciated for your work at any point in time, you automatically lose hope and be discouraged. Motivation cannot come walking to you just like that, but you can build your motivation for yourself by changing your routine.

Make a well-settled time for your work, and set timings for your tasks. This activity will help you work on a specific job within time. Minor changes in your everyday routine can also help you be motivated. Clean up your workspace, assign things to yourself and compare your work with others. These all points shall benefit you in motivation.

5. Lack of Meditation And Exercise

Exercise is almost the solution to every possible problem in the world today. If you are tired of work, you are physically not very fresh or face a mental stress problem. But if we see closely, the body and the brain are connected in a powerful bond and work as a pair. A routine exercise and meditation early morning will help you keep your body and brain fresh for the whole day.

If you are not making yourself active and give zero connectivity to your brain, you will likely fall tired for the rest of the day. You will wake up tired, get ready tired, and hence be tired at work. Meditation will enable you to deal with a bad boss smoothly because it teaches you patience, positivity, and endurance.

Adding a little activity will change the scenario of your work routine. Being active in the morning is also very good for your night’s sleep. If you are physically active during the day, you will fall asleep quickly and uninterrupted. You are subsequently waking up fresh for the next day.

6. You Are Not Being Offered What You Do

Sometimes you are unable to present your self-worth in front of the office. At the same time, the office officials do not understand your work style. In this type of confusion, you are handed over tasks, not of your interest or stature. You get to work on things that make significantly less or no sense to you. Doing this kind of work is just too exhausting because you do the tasks you do not want to do and hence, get tired from work.

7. Office Politics

Last but not least, the office environment matters a lot for a person who is working there. If people around are letting you down all the time, you will be mentally stressed and exhausted all the time. An individual also has personal or family issues and problems. Moreover, if office politics bothers you, it will make you mentally tired to have absolutely no focus on your work.

Remember that you are not alone; 43% of workers in the united states are sleep-deprived, according to NSC. If you feel a little tired at work, this means some things are bothering you, and you need to change the little things you do at the workspace. If you make minor changes in your daily routine, you will notice significant changes in your mood and behavior at work.

How to Have a Happy Day at Work?

Staying happy at the workplace is as important as giving your good performance. Happiness will make you joyful and let your colleagues collaborate with you in a better way. Let’s check the best strategies to keep yourself motivated and have a happy day at work.

After a bad day at work

Always be a step ahead

Use your ‘today’ to prepare yourself for the next day. Complete all your office-related tasks at night and keep nothing for the next day. Keep your dresses ready for the next day so that you do not have to rush in the morning to see what you need to wear. The decision itself takes plenty of time, let alone the preparation of the dress.

If you are a person who does not eat out, prepare your lunchbox at night and grab it in the morning to take it along. Wake up a little early in the morning to adjust your timings with all the chores you need to do. Staying a step ahead in these little things will keep you contented and not frustrated. Hence you will be a happy person at work.

Do A Little Physical Activity

Go out for a light walk or jog the early morning before the office. If you have a gym membership, avail of it and make yourself a little active in the morning. This slight exertion in the morning will keep you mentally and physically fresh the whole day. You will be able to make the best possible decisions, and even your eating habits will flourish throughout the entire day.

Pick Something Lively While On Your Travel

We all listen to music on our way to work and make sure it’s not those sentimental songs that make you sad thinking about someone. You should also avoid news that offers zero value to your morale. Make sure you listen to some ecstatic songs or some motivational poetry. You can even listen to some interesting podcasts. Listening to good things will automatically make your mood better. Keep up the happy spirit and take a good attitude to the office.

Important Stuff Comes First

At reaching your workplace, try and start doing all the important tasks of the day—the large ones, the tough ones, and so on. If you finish or half finish these tasks in the first 2 to 3 hours of the day, you will not have to whine about it the whole day. Instead of panicking and feeling tired, you will have your time to relax and be content in the other half of the day.

Help Someone

There are many colleagues you have at your office. Do not think twice if someone is looking forward to you for help. Do your best to help that person in need. Make them understand stuff or do what they cannot do. Helping the other person makes you feel a little higher. Apart from that feeling, it is blissful to help someone in need. Being someone whom others trust is an unparalleled feeling.

Look at The Positive Side

Several things happen at the office like your boss has a bad mood, your best work partner is on leave, or the task is not completed in time. All these things and many more will keep counting in to make your day a pretty bad one. What you need to do in these situations is to look at the positive side of the scenario. Think and handle things such that it does not affect your mood and mental peace. You can resolve everything. If you fight back to the situation, you might end up having a bad week instead of a bad day.

Ask Yourself Why

After all, you are not an angel to be positive all the time. There will be a time when you want to shout your heart out, or you will feel so stressed that your eyes go wet. But even in that time, ask yourself a single question, WHY? Why are you doing this job? Find out why you are not quitting the job and hanging on to it. Keep the answers running in your mind and see yourself in a better position after a while.


Getting tired and exhausted in your job is a natural thing, so You should not be too harsh on yourself for feeling something that you can’t handle at the moment. But yes, you can do some little fluctuations in your routine (as mentioned above) to make yourself better. You mainly need to give yourself some time, understand your problems and shortcomings, and deal with them accordingly.

Work has stimulated development in humans—a place where they are psychologically, socially, and culturally emerging. A person who can work today is a lucky person with many learning and growing opportunities. Make the most of your work, and do not lose hope if something goes wrong. However, if you still do not have a job/work, go out and search for something you can do and enjoy at the same time.

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