Many companies currently provide several possibilities for free website creation. Almost all novice website owners utilize free hosting to launch their initial online businesses. Creating a free website and maintaining it without spending thousands of dollars is alluring. Everything sounds fantastic, and it is not as it appears. 

Free Web Hosting Disadvantages You Should Know

Remember, you’re receiving what you paid for, and nothing you can do about it. Anything advertised as “free” on the internet has a cost. You don’t receive a free product, and if you don’t cover the costs, you are a resource. Some details are not readily apparent in glitzy advertising. Let’s look at what free web hosting comprises and what the disadvantages bring to the table.

1.Annoying Advertisements

When you sign up for free hosting, your website and personal email will be flooded with advertisements. Hosting companies would invest millions into servers networks, thousands of engineers, and purchasing software. If they don’t receive all of the cash straight from you, they will have to make things happen. Among the most effective methods is to display advertising on your website. If people press an advertisement on your website, your network operator makes money.

If you are looking to start a professional website on a budget and still confused about which hosting to pick, you are in the right hands. We advise you to choose Cloudways managed web hosting, and they offer a three-day free trial (for a good performance, it is better to use digital ocean servers managed by Cloudways).

2.Minimal Options

For your web hosting requirements, there are certain limitations. Certain free plans restrict the number of complimentary web pages per subscriber. The hosting provider will only provide you with a few web pages to utilize for your needs. After you’ve gone through those few web pages, you’ll be given a choice to upgrade for a cheap amount.

For this package, your connection is still limited. The monthly capacity is the maximum amount of visits allowed on your website. If you use more traffic than you have been given, many web hosts will demand you to purchase a premium subscription. Furthermore, there is a restriction to the download speeds, and it signifies that the site may be sluggish due to pooling the cloud with others.

You can’t expect the most up-to-date and essential software from a free web hosting option. This system usually includes feature-limited modules, making solving problems the most straightforward task. Many suppliers will not enable you to create a downloadable archive record, and if the supplier provides FTP information, you must do this manually via FTP. It’s also possible to limit it to a web-based database server.

Many firms that provide free services on the web do so to get consumers to register with the expectation of later upgrading to a paid plan. By limiting the capabilities available in the free version, you may realize that you favor one of several membership packages against the one you began with over a period and want to stay with your website services business.

3.Irreversible Loss of Data

Experienced storage server companies usually have a restoration system to keep any recoverable datasets on their computers, making it easier for customers to retrieve information in a data loss. Consumers also require their security to ensure that they do. Whenever a user wishes to make alterations to, maintain, or enhance their site’s webpage, they can create a copy, duplicate it in the database checkpoints locally or remotely, and then publish it to the website’s domain controller until the objectives are put in place.

When an update fails, the customer does not have to wait for the firm to recover it from archives. The fact is that most internet plans offer copies in response to customer demands for modifications that have occurred. However, with free hosting, the client will not share the same consequences since, even if the system fails to restore, there would probably be no backup remedy.

You must know that your website is not safe with free web hosting, and you should never believe the commercial ads. If there is a system failure and you have not finished your copies, you will have to say goodbye to your website and your internet business. Free hosting companies’ stipulations usually give them complete safeguards.

They are also allowed to utilize your belongings. Whether you’re a musician or a director, they can convert your photos into intellectual material. To avoid this, read the tiny print to keep your information confidential. Due to their lack of protection, inexpensive web pages might be exposed to cybercriminals, and it may require a long time to restore your essential data and papers. Dangerous viruses on your website, in addition to cybersecurity threats, can severely ruin your career.

disadvantages of free web hosting

4.Shoddy Branding

Free options do not include an actual web address. You are given the sub-domain address that provides for your identity in the web address. Let’s pretend for a moment that you’ve created a website. In the web address for your domain, you’ll use “WordPress”: for instance, It’s more challenging to communicate a simple, strong message to visitors than commercials. This can be deceptive for users who have trouble remembering the web address, making it even more difficult to regard the company with a separate personality.

One major disadvantage of free web hosting is that some providers refuse to allow them, forcing them to utilize a sub-domain name service to utilize their address. A lengthy name is challenging to remember. Clients or customers to your webpage will learn that you are using a basic website, which can take a toll on your reputation.

Many people will get the impression that your internet business is unimportant, and this will cause you to lose revenue, demonstrating that “cheap is expensive.” With a competent and excellent membership website, you may get your site with your web address and switch your website services company at any moment without modifying the domain of your webpage.

5.Consistent Downtimes

When support is delivered for free, more individuals are likely to participate. Cybercriminals who want the network to be free to transmit spam, distribute unlicensed apps, overwhelm records, and launch DDoS assaults are among those who wish to develop their network. It is easy for one customer to deem the server unsafe, causing all sites to be offline, resulting in extended unplanned outages. Whether it’s a corporation, a venture, or a presentation, your website will be influenced by this.

Among the most critical components of a good web server is a high level of availability. This refers to how long you can expect your webpage to be accessible to guests if unfamiliar with the term.

Most businesses will have to handle it at some point, and some may face operational challenges due to mistakes. However, reputable content management providers may often provide a much longer service life than free ones. Creating a business website or generating money from your blog with marketing or affiliate connections will cost you money every second. With free plans, those seconds pile up.

Free web hosting is usually associated with reduced dependability, outage, and website instability. The provider will disappear from the website without explanation if the proprietors are not vigilant and have funds. Because it is a networking subdirectory, you can potentially put your web address in danger.

6.No Promises

Everybody understands that cheap is expensive. A product that is not compensated for without receiving an invoice or proof is a business that does not guarantee or allow you to inquire about any value-added item or purchase.

Thousands of web pages would be offline, and thousands of businesses would suffer due to one such provider disappearing overnight. There are various reasons behind this, including an untenable operation or a complete lack of thematic approach without a comprehensive data policy response for those who must continue. It’s pointless to have a company website on one of these services if the domain will be online tomorrow or merely inaccessible, and it’s not a good decision.

Clients that are dissatisfied with free services migrate to premium web hosting like. Unfortunately, there are no options accessible for free website conversion services. You have two options: either discard your stuff or hire someone to transfer it for you. You will also be unable to remove it from hosting once you have switched to the new place, and you must actively keep it on your servers to earn from your material. Our website NomadsMD has been hosted by Cloudways for two years, and we have never faced any problems.

7.Poor Support

With a free subscription, you should anticipate limited access to customer assistance. Several hosting providers claim to offer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Take the statement with a dose of skepticism, though.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t obtain help if you’d like! However, your free platform is not their principal focus. Customer support was designed for the benefit of the paying member. Premium users are recognized for web page issues right away, albeit you may have to wait longer to fix problems.

The support representative will not assist you in resolving minor issues that are quickly resolved and related to the online system. Only a few organizations that appreciate appropriate hosting by tracking their clients are often better able to help themselves in these situations.

8.Minimal Space and Bandwidth

Although a few hosting companies still provide unconstrained plans with unlimited network bandwidth, most of them are too limited, providing insufficient storage capacity and quarterly data usage to operate the website. The mailboxes and their website archives are typically the focus of a shared membership hosting solution for additional storage. If you surpass the space limitation, the firm may remove your website and refuse to update it until upgrading to a paid hosting solution.

You’ll quickly come across a service company to switch to, which is usually a task that requires some care, research, and patience. If your website needs an immediate relocation service due to a regular traffic limit, the same thing happens.

Given quarterly computing power surpassing, many such website hosting services frequently do not activate the service agreement by suggesting reimbursements “Terms of Service – ToS” in which traffic exceeds quarterly, and these values are usually outrageously high. The facility will be greater than average if little attention is given to customers.

9.No Indexing or SERP Assistance

Unfortunately, optimizing a free site is a challenging task. Many aspects of Google’s categorization system ensure that web pages are ranked first. Website performance, mobile friendliness, reliability, web address, and other factors all play a part. With a free platform, none of this is feasible even more. Check our guide about the best SEO keyword research tools to understand how you can scale your organic traffic from search engines.

Search engines consider free websites less valuable and give them lower attention. You can’t modify the website since you don’t have permission from the admin. Such subdomains may be punished if they have many malware-infected sites. This is because free websites are more prone to spyware, preventing Google from processing them. Search engine crawlers favor paid hosting websites to free hosting services for these and other reasons. 

10.No Database, PHP, or Email Account Support

Several of these free websites lack email accounts, implying you won’t create an email address using the domain [email protected], for example, will be your email address. You can’t put the email on your business cards. When you send an email to,, and, you’ll notice that it’s still a free service that isn’t worth it unless the company wants to market itself. You may create your mailboxes and domain names using a trustworthy web provider, including [email protected]

Most website hosting companies supply HTML files as a backup, making it impossible to create complicated websites with SQL and application linkages. The addition of PHP and MySQL functionality to a website is straightforward. Still, the innovations significantly increase the capacity used on each hosting company account, reducing the number of regular website hosting companies. Also, free hosting operators will never give your website a pro SSL certificate and provide only cheap shared options.

Hosting companies usually specify the highest number of accounts per server at 250 workstations per system. However, in systems that enable PHP and MySQL, this number may be boosted by 2,000 to 3,000 websites per domain without marketing these techniques because HTML sites do not utilize a system asset to build their syntax, unlike PHP sites. With solely HTML assets, your website will be incredibly sluggish and will not interact with the client very well, resulting in a website with little usefulness and basic information.

What Is the Takeaway Here?

If you must pay for a hosting package, be aware of the distinction. Evaluate what you’d like to accomplish with your site before deciding on an approach. You will achieve your objectives with a premium hosting solution. To conclude, you must include hosting monthly in your SEO budget and be ready for any traffic spike.

If you don’t anticipate a lot of visitors, don’t worry about the lack of customization, don’t worry about advertisements, and don’t worry about the subdomain; everything will be great! You should invest in paid plans and stay away from free ones if you’re a company or a brand.

Whether you’re constructing a significant company page or merely a fandom community, we recommend that you pick a web hosting company with focus and concern. If you’re a newbie who doesn’t want to spend loads of money, you can choose a more straightforward paid plan and stay away from free options to scale up your website in the future.