New Mexico is a sparsely populated State of the United States of America. The history of this State is much older than that of the US itself. Many years ago, it was part of Mexico before being a territory under United States. Located in the mountainous Southwest part of America, this State is vast and full of wonder. It’s notable for UFO sightings and astronomers who flock to study the universe. Apart from this, there is more about this State than the common eye sees.

New Mexico is inhabited by diverse kinds of people. This state has experience vigorous changes over the years. Different races exist and from Europeans, White settlers, Spanish to indigenous people, The Land of Enchantment has a rich social and cultural set-up. The local tribes consist of the Pueblo and Navajo people. Historians argue that its one of the oldest inhabited State in the whole of the US.

But what’s all the fuss about this state? First, there many aspects that make New Mexico a perfect destination for people seeking to relocate. But before considering moving to this Southwest American State, it’s wise to scan it in detail. How is the education system? How are the housing conditions? Are the native people friendly?
These are some of the questions you ought to take into account before relocating.

Best Reasons to Move Living In New Mexico

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered by providing this easy-to-read and factual guide. In this guide, we are going to detail reasons why it’s great to live in New Mexico and we will provide useful tips to help you move here with no hassles. Let’s get started mate:

1.Culture and Religious Diversity

Diversity defines New Mexico and over the years, this region has experienced a rapid cultural, society and economic changes. New societies have been built after many years of interaction between the indigenous people and immigrants from Europe and America. This has created a diverse mixture of different cultures and ethnicities throughout the state. Cities like Santa Fe are a true testimony to the diversity of culture across this magnificent state.

There are over 70 different ethnicities in this State. Notables’ ethnicities found here are the Latinos, African Americans, Red Indians, and other indigenous communities. This mixture of cultures is one of the main reasons why people like traveling to this Wild West State. When visiting for the first time, you will luckily encounter people sharing a similar culture. Most people view New Mexico as a global village with all kinds of people.

Rural areas are characterized by high poverty levels. Hispanic and Native Americans reside in these areas. Lack of education and extreme levels of unemployment among the youths can be felt across most communities in these regions. Crime and drug addiction are red-lights and affect these areas vastly. Tourists shun away from visiting underdeveloped areas in fear of their life.

The state experiences mixed religious affiliations. Christianity is the most popular religion and more so the Catholics. Other religions like Islam and traditional religions are well represented in some areas of the State. No major offensive has been witnessed between different religions and that’s a welcoming thing. Regardless of your religion, New Mexico is a great place to worship and practice your religion.

The Land of Enchantment is a haven for many tourists or people permanently wanting to live there. The metropolitan area is much suitable for city revelers and the young generation. All necessary amenities are availed in major cities of the State. For a more thrilling adventure, rural areas are great since they have Native ethnicities. There’s no reason you shouldn’t consider residing in this magnificent state.

2.Great Infrastructure

New Mexico is on par with most states in the US as it’s rapidly developing. The infrastructure in the State is first class with nice and expansive highways. Although traffic jams are prevalent like other cities, most roads are large and enable smooth passage of traffic. Airports are available in major cities across the state and link with others in the US and Canada. Most tourists visiting this place come from Canada and other USA states.

Moving from one county to another is convenient thanks to the continuous improvement and maintenance of the infrastructure. If for example, you work outside the State, going to work and returning home is as easy as A, B, C, and D. In terms of communication, this region has both 4G and 3G phone services. Many services and business brands in other US states and Canada are found here. This makes life easier for people transiting to the new environment.

Healthcare is vital in this southern part of the United States. Response to emergencies is fast and contacts for service providers can be found in the local directory. Medical health centers are easy to access. The response to disasters like fire is fast as the local authorities try to make this warm region attractive for investors. Investment opportunities go along with improvement of social, health, and community amenities and in New Mexico, this isn’t exceptional.

In terms of education, there are ongoing efforts to improve the system. This past Mexican territory isn’t on par with most US states in the education sector. All in all, there are many recognized learning institutions. Notable higher learning are highly rated and a good place to major further in case you end up relocating to New Mexico.

3.Language Isn’t An Issue

Before relocating to a new place, language is a vital consideration to take into account. Being proficient in a language the local people understand is important. Here, Spanish used to be the official language but over the years English has been adopted. The migration of Europeans and Americans over the years has helped spread English. For tourism purposes, the local people require to learn English to communicate with tourists.

The population of English-speaking people in the State is great and at a good level. Universities and lower learning institutions are adopting foreign languages in their curriculum. Learning the local known Spanish language is a wise decision too. Spanish isn’t difficult to learn and within two years of learning, you should be able to communicate.

To fit well with people, try making new friends and the young generation are a good place to start. People aged around 18-40 years are more educated and thus can converse in another language apart from Spanish. Try tuning on the radio or television to get info on what is happening around the State after arriving. A good recommendation is to learn Spanish when you arrive in this part of USA.

4.Improved Opportunities

New Mexico is a fast-growing state in the US and there are vast opportunities for young people. The state is undergoing rigorous economic changes as more investors try to unearth its gems. Un-developed land in this county is vast attracting interests from rich investors all over the US and Canada. That’s why you will find many product brands from other US states and Canada here. Walmart is a notable franchise with branches in different State cities.

Improved investment opportunities create job opportunities. Most people relocating to New Mexico come from neighboring California State. As jobs lack in already developed states, many people are opting moving to less and sparsely populated areas. New Mexico has a blend of all the factors conducive for attracting new homeowners. People started to leave California because it’s become so expensive, so most of them move to Texas or New Mexico to started a new life on budget.

The Cost of living in New Mexico is affordable and even when on a strict budget, surviving in this part of the United States is super easy. The current migration boom from people of other States is an indication of endless opportunities unearthed here. Regardless of your age, it’s never late to relocate and start a new life. After all, who knows, The Land of Enchantment might the missing puzzle in your life!

5.Experience All Four Seasons

The climate experienced in New Mexico is characterized by cool and dry conditions. The sunlight shines most days of the year. For people troubled by ailments resulting from cold weather conditions, this place is a haven. During winter times in North America, people from there flock this sunny region to enjoy the lacking sunlight in the North. Cool and dry weather is the ideal condition for biking and if you are one, there is no better place to thrill yourself than this state.

All four seasons are experienced in this state with summer being the longest. During the winter, temperatures can fall as low as minus forty degrees. Annually, New Mexico experiences an average of 60 rainy days and that why it’s termed as a semi-arid region. So, if you are an adventurer or tired living in the big city, there is a place hidden in the south. Experience what the world has to offer in the south-west United States by visiting New Mexico.

6.Improved Security

The United States has faced diverse issues regarding security. From acts of terrorism to gun control issues, security is a major concern. New Mexico has experienced past wars and they haven’t been forgotten either. Beneath the dust of this state lies blood shed by its founders. Monuments depicting past struggles and achievements can be found across the State’s different city streets.

The state has a military base and different security agencies departments situated in it. It’s favored by a lot of military and security retirees. Overall, the state is calm but incidences of crime happen once in a while. Lately, there has been a deployment of more security forces to beef up security. Both the national, Federal and other important security agencies offices are easy to access across the State.

For people migrating to this southern part of the US, security isn’t that bad. If you are a person of integrity, there is no reason to worry about relocating. Make the right friends and importantly recognize the security offices in your suitable location. In case anything happens, contact the concerned security agencies and get prompt help. Enjoy a splendid and safe stay by booking a ticket to New Mexico!

7.Wonderful Capital City

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico and is rich in Mexican culture. This city is ideal for people who Love keeping dogs as pets. The cuisine here is phenomenal and the cost of living is quite affordable. The city has over the years been inspired by different people. From artists, writers, business persons, and others, Santa Fe is rich in diverse life forms. Learning institutions in this city are on par with the best in schools in the country.

Santa Fe is breathtaking and has vast diversity in culture, current amenities, and other life aspects. Being a city in an arid area means there is less snow and rainfall throughout the year. This though shouldn’t deter anyone from living in the capital of New Mexico. All four seasons do happen and there are many reasons you should live in Santa Fe. Let’s look at the main reasons why it’s great to live in Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico………

Good thriving business

Doing business in the capital of New Mexico is wise since many businesses are situated there. Recently, there have been efforts to improve the film industry around the town. This means business and of course more job opportunities plus money. You can find immense job opportunities around Santa Fe and other surrounding towns by checking online.

For people wishing to relocate with families, education, improved job opportunities and thriving business are notable benefits. With the ever expanding economy, there is no better place to start a new business than Santa Fe. Also, the wages here are above average while taxes are low compared to major cities in the US. More people are relocating to New Mexico and particularly its capital due to the thriving economy.

Cool-weather and location

Santa Fe is recognized for its vast recreational activities experienced throughout the year. The cool and warm weather favors outdoor activities like hiking and bicycle riding. In each season, there are a variety of outdoor activities one can enjoy and the community around doesn’t shy away from practicing. Most tourists visit this city during the summer period. Longer daylight hours allow visitors to travel around the city enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The city of Santa Fe is famous for entertainment, business, and many other great activities. For thriving of businesses, having conducive weather is a must. By being dry most times of the year, businesses thrive much better since winter is short. Beware! Sand storms are prevalent in some areas.

Great recreational and outdoor activities

Who doesn’t like to spend free and leisure time outdoors with friends? Recreational and outdoor activities are great for harnessing friendship bonds and a way of spending free time. This city has a lot that one can enjoy. Check online for local fun places to visit when in Santa Fe. Hiking is a thrilling activity to undertake with a couple of friends in this vast and undeveloped region.

Great accommodation

When visiting and relocating to New Mexico, the city of Santa Fe should be your first destination and this why. The city offers affordable accommodation and it’s easy to find the best home here. People of different races live here and you can’t miss a similar person like you. To find a suitable home, just contact the local housing agent.

The local authorities charge fair taxes compared to other cities around the US. Also, the wage rate is above average thanks to collaborative efforts between local authorities and the State. Since the town is surrounded by breathtaking landscape, every morning will look like you are in paradise. Kick start your day by enjoying magnificent sceneries on your apartment balcony when in Santa Fe.

Incredible neighborhoods of New Mexico

In Santa Fe, both small and large neighborhoods exist. In this city, you will find enormous outdoor centers. A notable recreational center are the dog parks. People here love dogs and that’s why there are many such centers. Studying here is not a problem as the state offers many and great access points to learning. Public libraries are many and support students fully.

To find a home, contact the local real estate agent and find a suitable home to relocate. Importantly, neighborhoods and great housing are notable reasons to relocate to New Mexico. Look for a suitable and affordable house by comparing different home agent’s offers. There is always a house waiting for someone wishing to visit Santa Fe and become a resident.

8.Great cities

New Mexico has some nice places where someone can relocate. The most popular place is Santa Fe the capital city of this vast state. Next are smaller cities across New Mexico and are fairly safe and attractive to live. For people looking to start new beginnings, this American Southern State has some cool and warm places to comfortably live. Let’s look at some of best places to live in New Mexico.


Albuquerque is the capital of New Mexico and is an awesome place to start a family or relocate. But first, what makes this part of the United States a great? Albuquerque receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year with rain falling for about 90 days a year. Rain and snow are common weather conditions experienced although not in great.

Each year, New Mexico colors the sky by releasing thousands of hot air balloons in an international competition. You will find all sought of colorful hot air balloon enthusiasts competing in this annual fiesta. If you love hot air balloons, this is the right place to relocate. This special day is one of many times annual festivals are held in the Wild West.

Fiestas are worldwide famous for connecting people of different cultures. People all over the world attend this ceremony a remarkable thing realized in New Mexico. This state can be described as global village since people of all life walks visit. Albuquerque is a hub for fiestas as their play a vital role in the life of people. Notable festivals conducted include the UFO festival, Rodeo, and many others.


Located in El Paso and is one of the most visited places by tourists in Southern America. Most amenities are above average and over 65% of people are permanent residents. Retirees and students make most of the population here and all races are represented. Shops and restaurants affiliate to the Mexican culture. The only concern is un-employment but if you are seeking fun or setting up a business, there is no reason to not try your luck in Mesilla.


Alamogordo is a small city with a lot of military presence. This means less crime here. The Holloman Air Force Base is located next to this town and that’s why there is a lot of military personnel presence. 60% of people own permanent homes while the educational levels are average.

For people seeking to start a family in a serene environment, this is the place. The living conditions are quite affordable and on weekends, residents can enjoy time by visiting different attractions. Also, if you are a retired army officer, Alamogordo is a safe haven. Relocating here is the best thing to do after retirement.

Las Cruces

This town is the most populous in New Mexico with over 100K residents. It is famous for its rich agricultural lands and mountain ranges. Farming has made the city an economic hub in New Mexico. Several space and military centers are set in this part of the United States. A warm and cool climate characterizes Las Cruces with most days of the year experiencing sunshine. To taste cultural diversity, downtown is the place to visit. Las Cruces houses one of the best Universities in the state, the New Mexico State University.

9.Magnificent landscapes

New Mexico offers breathtaking landscapes. Magnificent scenes and awesome sunsets are some great views visitors enjoy in this part. Albuquerque provides the best landscapes as we have seen earlier on. Tourists visit the sunny city every year to view and learn more about different natural forms. Escaping away from the busy city life helps refresh our bodies and mind. New Mexico is a free remedy for improving our spirits

Notable places to visit in New Mexico are the White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, and Chaco Culture parks. Plants and animals are diverse since long-ago New Mexico was inhabited by cattle barons. Although most animals are small in size, some are rarely found elsewhere apart from this State. Scientists often visit to conduct research on different life aspects. A NASA station has already been set-up for study of the universe. Visit New Mexico today and view some of the most amazing star constellations.

On weekends, you can enjoy some great time by visiting these attractive places. One thing certain, these places are crowded with visitors and new home owners. Hanging out in these places helps someone find similar people while adjusting to new life. People relocating to new surroundings like spending time with friendly and open-minded people. For new couples, this can be the perfect destination to ease the mind and relax. Visit New Mexico and enjoy some of the rarest landscapes.

10.Amazing Living Experiences

New Mexico is a gem waiting to be unearthed. There are endless opportunities in this region which makes it conducive for people to relocate. The number of immigrants rises day by day as people try to seek better opportunities in the State. A vast number of amenities are being built to maintain the development level and ensure the State is on par with other States.

With vast areas still unoccupied, setting up a home here is super easy. Like earlier on said, the people in this region are welcoming. Importantly, you can buy an SUV and start your home there if you are short of cash to build. The process of owning property is easy if you have the right documentation. New Mexico is a magnificent, diverse and State full of endless opportunities for all people. Relocate in this State and you will never regret it!


New Mexico is a state full of endless thrills and opportunities for people of all kinds. It’s one of the oldest US States with a lot of history to boast. Although not developed like the middle and Northern States, it has immense untapped opportunities. Recently, the state has faced a surge in arrivals as more people escape from the crowded developed cities. The state cities have all major amenities conducive for living.

With diverse cultural representations, New Mexico is a great place to start a home or new life. For tourists, there are a lot of scenery and historical places that mesmerize. With the potential to grow by over 5% in the next 10 years, this region is the place to be. If you want to live permanently or visit, there is no reason you shouldn’t. We hope you are wise and enlighten on why it’s great to live in The Land of Enchantment.

All the Luck Mate!

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